10 Advice to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

The relationship is obviously an essence of life, and it is no secret that nurturing a real connection demands hard work and efforts from both the parties. But, TBH maintaining long distance relationship is not at all easy.

It becomes hard to keep romance ON when a couple lives miles away from each other. Sometimes long distance relationship turns out to be painful, and those extra miles may break your connection.

The relationship only needs consistency and commitment. If you can bear these, you can make your long distance relationship alive and healthy. Though long distance affair sounds tough to maintain it has its excitement and surprises. Here’s how your Long Distance Relationship can work smoothly

Simple Good Morning and Good Night Message

Though communication is an integral part of the relationship, that doesn’t mean that you two have to communicate 10hrs a day to save your relationship. It doesn’t matter whether you are in long distance relationship or live in the same city a simple good morning and good night message makes everyone feel special. Keep in touch with your partner whenever possible and exchange regular updates about your life. Make use of the long distance smartphone apps that allow you to exchange videos, photos, text messages and much more. Unfortunately, only communication is not a replacement for real-time with him/her in person, therefore, plan some visits to meet personally.

Be Clear with Your Expectations

Expectations always hurt! Make sure that both of you are precise about your outlook and expectations. Just as important – you should have a hint if you both are on the same page? Because sometimes surprising expectations becomes the reason for the breakup. A successful long distance relationship ultimately relies on bond, commitments, and trust and clearing out the things at the initial level is the best way to make your relationship stronger with every passing day. Set some ground rules and be open to your commitment level.

Trust Each Other

Even the most secure relationships turn salty when it comes to trust. Don’t let yourself dig into the circumstances where you two might feel uncomfortable and annoying. Be honest with your communication. Let’s say if you went out to a party with some friends and you are hiding from your bae for fear that he/she would be jealous, you are impairing your long distance relationship. Be true where you were what you were doing, this would not only strengthen your bond, but it would also increase your trust level too.

Keep an Open Mind

If you expect to go into a love connection where everything would be fine, and there’s no scope for misunderstanding then probably your long distance relationship is in danger. Take your long distance relationship as an opportunity to prove your feelings for each other. Keep an open mind and make sure that you communicate about all the things related to your feelings, fear, and regrets. Take it as a test and try as much as you can to pass this test with good scores. Remember, if something gets messed up this is not the END…keeping your relationship alive depends on you and only efforts are required. If you both are too strong to do that you’ll be fine.

Always Stay Positive and Happy

How could you be happy if your lover doesn’t stay with you? Of course it is not possible when you are far away from your partner, but still, you both should support each other and remind yourself that everything’s going to be lovey-dovey and amorous that you have imagined. Only focus on the things that have made your long distance relationship stronger. Constantly inject yourself with the happy vibes to keep your relationship alive. Waiting for someone is surely painful but encourage yourself that the end will be beautiful as heaven.

Alone Time

Being in a relationship never mean that you two have to delve into each other every second. Make sure that your world not only fits best when your partner is with you. Instead of getting fixed with the memories get involved in a new hobby, watch your favorite TV shows, go shopping, spend your time with family and friends, go out to the gym, etc. There are some things that you can do without your partner. Remember knowing yourself is the best alternative way to invest in a strong relationship.

Special Names and Strong Bonding

Calling your bae with a sweet pet name is not only cute, but it also reminds them that they hold a special place in your heart.  It is advised to follow this particular name rule to keep your romance and love story going. Make plans of visiting each other very frequently; after all, you have been waiting so long to carry out your wish of kissing each other, hugging and walking holding hands…keep encouraging each other and believe that this long distance relationship experience is making your connection deep every day.

Talk Dirty

Sexual tension is probably one of the most prominent factors between couples. Sex is unbelievably a powerful tool, and it is something that you cannot do when you are far from each other…so, by all means, have a lot of sex when you are together.  Sexual desire is a strong adhesive that keeps a couple to stay happy and healthy. Sex is not only a biological need, but sometimes it is an emotional need too. Keep your naughtiness ON by exchanging teasing texts with sexual hints and flirting descriptions.

Know Each other Schedules

You can still make memories and share new experiences together even while you far away. Keep track of the happening and the upcoming events in each other’s lives, for example, job interview date, business meetings, exams, etc. Reminding them their important dates makes them feel how much you care about him/her time and career. Knowing each other schedules plays a major role in maintaining a long distance relationship. You must know when your bae will be free or busy so that you can make a video call at the right time.

Appreciate the Differences

No two persons can be the same. Every person has a different level of comfort and satisfaction. Learn to understand how he/she is and respect the differences. Understand each other and try to figure out the reasons behind your ego and dissimilarities. Set up healthy communication pattern, discuss how you will connect (text, skype, etc.) and for how long, likes and dislikes, targets, career, priorities, etc.

Lots of people say that long distance relationships never work, but they are wrong. Maybe they just have no idea of how to manage an LDR. There are some cases where long distance relationship worked out in the long run, and even many couples do credit this long separation for grounding them about valuable affair skills.

Just remember, you both have to work twice as hard as you did when you began your relationship to maintain the same feeling of love and romance even when you are far apart.