15 Topics to Talk About in a Happy Relationship

Communication is a key to a successful relationship. The couple who openly share their feelings with their partner not only tends to maintain their relationship healthy but they also save their commitment from getting dull and repetitive. When two people desperately love each other, they feel that they would never fall short of words.

But indeed, there comes a time when even the most romantic couple may begin to look for the topics to talk with their partner.  It was a stressful situation when you didn’t get any topics to discuss your love. After all, the conversation is the only way that brings you two closer and nourishes your bond. Spend your time talking about different topics to bloom together as a couple.

  1. Share Embarrassing Moments

If you and your partner are sharing every romantic or emotional moment together, then sharing embarrassing and the awkward moments should also be the part of your conversation. May be his stories and records are hilarious than yours.

  1. Talk About Budget

If you are damn serious about each other, then sharing the budgeted talks don’t make you miser. Discuss on the things how will you save, spend, your monthly budget and strategies to achieve your goals.

  1. Fears and Insecurities

Talk about concerns, what worries you? Why do you want to take the risk? What do you want to make yourself better? Why do you feel insecure? Share each and everything about your insecurities with your partner, this way the other person can help you out of the fears and you can improve your connection.

  1. Focus on Individual Goals

Being in a relationship advises you to follow a common goal, but that doesn’t mean that you should forget your personal goals. Targeting for individual goals is healthy. It may be a morning walk, learning cooking or lose weight. Discuss your individual goals with a partner. Seriously, exchanging the personal goals will make your conversation better.

  1. Talk About Your Past

Detailing everything about your past can help you in many ways. Past means not your relationship with the ex and why did you break up. Instead, you can share your childhood moments, how much you have changed over the years, how you have overcome the obstacles in your way, etc.. Bring back your childhood memories tell more about the past; surely you will find some funny moments to share.

  1. Food

Where there is food, there is a way! Food is another important discussion topic that you can never get tired of. Talk about the one food, which you can’t resist, your favorite restaurant, food that can cheer you up. Plan up for your next dinner date at the same restaurant. Talk about the new restaurant nearby you, places you will visit together, schedule the lunch date for the coming weekend.

  1. Going Intimate

Ignoring physical issues is never a good idea. Talk about going intimate and what problems or awkwardness you face. Romance is all way good but sometimes going too intimate may delve you into problems. Talk about your sexual desires and what turns you ON, your sensitive spots, etc. So, better clear it out.

  1. Favorite Movies and Tv Shows

Movies and TV series is an interesting topic to talk about. You get the idea about each other choices and nevertheless, you get knowledge of what’s going on the screens. Share about your movie choices –romantic, action, rom-com, which movie or tv series you want to watch together.

  1. Families

If you are in a serious relationship, knowing each other’s family makes you comfortable at the first meeting.  Sharing interests, behavior and gossips about a family member not only increases your conversation time but also makes it easy to know them personally.

  1. Daily Activities

Spend time understanding each other’s daily activities, the time they woke up, what your partner have planned for lunch, is there any meeting for the office work, all these conversations help your partner understand the emotions when you are apart.

  1. Your Feelings

Communication plays a key role in making any relationship stronger. Be free to share your exciting moments, what makes you feel sad, angry, when you get hurt, disappointed, get nervous, etc.

  1. Honest Opinion

If you truly love your partner, then their opinions should not oppose you in any matter. Standing up with them in difficult situations strengthens your love affair while seeing your partner making wrong decisions is the biggest mistake that can harm your relationship. Give your honest opinion about their wrong and good doings; they will always appreciate your decision.

  1. Future Decisions

This topic can help you know your partner’s view of the future. What changes you want to make to grow up financially in the upcoming five years. This way you will get to know more about his plans, dreams, aspirations. Never pressurize your partner to talk about marriage and kids, just keep an eye if they are seriously involved in you.

  1. Travel

If you both love traveling, then conversing about the places you want to can spark something new into your love affair. Make a note of the places you want to visit; it may be your old home, or grandfather’s place, a trip to cruise, etc. Vacations are the best time for a couple. May be you both were looking for some exciting and refreshing time together, and a trip together can renew your love life.

  1. Complimenting Each Other

Don’t wait for a specific time or occasion to compliment your bae. If you like something compliment your partner at that moment. Be it a new shirt, new hairdo, smile, etc., praise them for their looks and personality, these sweet remarks nourishes your connection.

May be you are a new into a relationship, or you want to make your relationship stronger over time, you need to focus on the things where you can make your love affair refreshing to have a happy conversation.