9 Hottest Ideas for An Outdoor Sex

Monotony and boredom are the most evil enemies of long lasting relationship. No matter how strong is your love and how hot is the flame between you; these feelings are easy to lose if you don’t put some efforts to brighten your sex life. You tried almost all possible poses but still have a desire to experiment? Then it’s high time for sex in public places. Check out this list and incarnate these ideas with your darling. Otherwise, you’ll have to find Ukrainian singles as they know how to have fun.

Fitting Room: How often do you go shopping with your significant one? Sometimes it may be quite exhausting and boring, so some couples do it alone or with their friends. But you definitely should try it together. Why? Sex in a fitting room is a nice source of excitement and unforgettable sensual experience. Imagine your darling need a hand to be undressed. Couldn’t ask for a better moment to get closer and discover new horizons. Furthermore, you can be easily busted!

A Beach or a Coast of a Water: Live a short way from the sea or even the ocean? Still have not try sex on beach? Come on, this is one of the most popular variants for making love. Take a warm blanket, a bottle of wine, and surrender to each other under the stars listening to the waves crash. You have only river or a lake nearby? Never mind, still a perfect idea to spend a few hours in private.

Playground: A play ground is created to have fun, isn’t it? So chose a nice one (better, if it is in a silent deserted area) and go there after dark. Use a swing for a little trip to the stars, if you know what we mean. But be careful with condoms, don’t leave them lying around. It’s a playground for kids, after all.

A Car: In general, sex in the car is one of the most desirable fantasy of both men and women.  Inconvenient, too tight, too risky to get sprains and strains but it worth it. Turn back time and feel yourself in a high school again, if you didn’t try it there.

On a Floating Boat: You are alone in the middle of the water. There’s not a sole to be seen dozens of miles around. The whole boat is at your disposal, so don’t miss a moment. This is completely different to making love near the water, believe us.

Anywhere in the Wild: Making love in a deserted field, or a forest, or at the foothills of a mountain is probably the one of the most romantic and hot ideas. It is widely shown in movies and women just get insane of this variant of outdoor sex. An obligatory element is a heavy rain or a mist, so check out a weather forecast and go wild!

A Parents’ House: It is thrilling to realize you can be caught. The temperature rises especially if your or your couple’s parents can bust you in their own house. Some experts’ advice to avoid sex when you spend a weekend at your parents’ house, but nothing prevents you from doing it a bit more silent than usual. If a bed is creaking, you always can move down on a floor.

 A Football Field: A playground seems a bit childish, or maybe you don’t want to desecrate a place where kids play? A local stadium or a football field can be a perfect place for sex. What would you chose: to give yourself to each other on the seats, under the tribunes or maybe right in the middle of the field? Depends on your courage and fantasy.

A Rooftop: Some houses’ roofs in your city are available to visit. Sometimes it can be illegal, sometimes not (if the roof is open for public), but it still worth trying. Investigate all the possible spots in your town or check out whether there is a party on a roof soon. Then you can have a really great time and soar above the ground… literally!