Top 60 Awkward Questions to Ask a Girl

No doubt, talking to a girl is a difficult task. Sometimes it is better to avoid the girl than to be getting ashamed in front of the girl who might not know who we are. Well, you don’t need to worry now as we have the list of 60 questions to ask a girl so that you don’t think much and start with your conversation. So, read on to find out.

#1. It seems that even your feet are cute just like your face. Aren’t they?

#2. Yes, I said I had a girlfriend but telling a lie is not bad if it is meant to grab your attention, right?

#3. Could you please tell how a person can clean theirs under part of fingernails?

#4. How often do you cut your toenails?

#5. Did you ever think that someday cat might kill all of us and take this world all over by themselves?

#6. Ever wondered how many people just died when you were wondering that how many of them passed away in a moment?

#7. Your mother and grandmother also might be attractive, or all of your looks you have got from your dad only?

#8. I can do anything just to stay with you. So, what you want me to do and what you want me to be?

#9. If we get along, till what time you think we would date until getting married and have children?

#10. You sure you want to drive a car in spite of knowing everything about women drivers?

#11. Umm, would you get mad at me if we go on a spaceship on some different planet and I wake you up thirty years before as we arrived because I wanted to hang out or would you get excited?

#12. Do you think men’s should also join nurses job or would you get offended that we are taking your job?

#13. I genuinely believe that all hairy men are beautiful, why don’t you like them?

#14. Do you think that women should own a dog because dogs are man’s best friend and not women?

#15. Don’t you get tired of putting that horrible makeup all day?

#16. I hope you are not feeling awkward as we are meeting for the first time and I am asking you so many questions. Are you?

#17. Well, you seem to be ignoring me all the time. Are you in love with me?

#18. Where are you planning to apply for college so that I can send my applications too?

#19. You don’t seem to be interested in me but you look like your mom. So, what do you think? Would your mother go on a date with me?

#20. If I was being terrorized by a dragon, would you ride on your horse and save me?

#21. Do you even know that I think about you every single second of every day?

#22. What you do in your pass time when no one is watching?

#23. Did you ever felt someone is watching you while home alone?

#24. If someone would kidnap you, what would you do to get out of that situation?

#25. We have never spoken before, but I still want to know that how many kids you want to have after our marriage in two months?

#26. Have you ever counted stars in the night and started all over again?

#27. With the feminists’ thing, do you think that no man will be having the severe situation than the women?

#28. So, do you think that man is the strongest gender overall?

#29. I always text and call you, why don’t you call or text me back?

#30. I don’t understand that why you never talked to me before. Do you think that we are not of the same league or something?

#31. Who do girls go for manicure if they want to grow them back in a week?

#32. Are you sure for this career that is of the man’s field?

#33. Have you ever looked at the moon the same way I look at you?

#34. Do you feel awkward about this that I am shorter than you?

#35. I don’t think you need the rest of the sandwich. Can I have it?

#36. If we would get out of here right now and run away, where would you want to go with me

#37. You, look gorgeous and fair. How you do that?

#38. I have never seen you with makeup. Do you also wake up this cute every day?

#39. Have you ever thought that how much your smile can brighten up this room?

#40. Would you like to tell me about your favorite dish and can I cook someday?

#41. So where would you like to go on our first date?

#42. Will you, please send me your picture, so that I can see you every time?

#43. How do you get your hair smell so nice all the time?

#44. You even make the sweatpants look good. How?

#45. Why would you go on a date with that guy when you just go with me?

#46. Would you mind grabbing a coffee so that we can know each other better?

#47. How come you are not famous and not living in Hollywood yet?

#48. What do you use in the morning to make your hair look so good and shiny?

#49. Have you ever thought that how funny I am than any other guy just to grab your attention?

#50. Do you know anything about politics, or you don’t like that at all?

#51. What are the reasons that keep you alive at night?

#52. When you were younger, what’d you thought to become when you grew up?

#53. Have you ever fell in love or do you think you could in future?

#54. What do you say about five greatest figures in history?

#55. Is there anyone religion that you believe in?

#56. If you were given an option to stuck on an island and that too with just one person, who would you choose to be with you and why?

#57. What was your favorite subject in school?

#58. Do you more care about money or pursuing happiness?

#59. Do you ever believe that we’ll have female president anytime in the future?

#60. Which is your dream car?