10 Surprising Benefits of Kissing You Need to Know

Getting exercise done, meditating, a proper diet and most importantly staying away from the social media is an excellent way to stay happy and healthy. But there’s one thing you might be ignoring. Did you know that engaging in a kiss with your partner have positive and genuine effects on your health?

Kissing is an expression that shows the highest emotion and affection with your friends, parents and particularly with your sweetheart. You will be surprised to know that apart from giving you happiness for a moment a few second kiss can do wonders to your health.  So get cozy and learn why kissing is one of best ways to do your body good.

Improves Immunity

Since a long time kissing is believed as an efficient manner that nourishes and strengthens the defenses of the body. One of the biological benefits of kissing is that it boosts the immune system. People who have sex frequently have higher levels of immunoglobulin. When you exchange a kiss, your body makes contact with the germs of other body producing antibodies against these germs leading to immunity.

In some cases, you may have to be cautious as a kiss with the exchange of saliva also exchanges different diseases and allergies that can be harmful.

Tones Facial Muscles

It is obvious to note that cellulite free thighs and well-toned abs sets first on your priorities list, but don’t misread the workout of your mouth during your love session. Do you know that a kiss involves 112 postural muscles and 34facial muscles? A passionate kiss completely shapes up the jaw line, double chin, and neck. It also increases the blood circulation and helps you keeping your cheeks tighter making you look younger. So Smooching keeps your muscles very tone and tight. One of the major benefits of kissing is that it enables you to live longer. The couple who kisses frequently lives longer than the couples who rarely do that.

Calorie Buster

Having a kiss for a minute can lose 8-10calories out of you. When you kiss your heart pumps fast, and when the heart beats at a faster rate it relieves adrenaline which is responsible for increasing the metabolism. To burn some calories, it is equally important that kissing should be very passionate and intense. Just in case if you are having a love time with your bae and have a kiss about 20 seconds you have burnt your 4calories. This is probably the easiest and the fun way to burn the calories. Next time when you are sprawling on the couch with your partner, turn yourself on with some passionate kisses.

Reduces Stress

Stress is the major cause of heart attack. But do you know that kissing again helps you in relieving your stress? Had a bad day? Get a kiss from your spouse, and you will have positive sentiments post kissing. In addition to the above benefits of kissing, a quick kiss lowers the level of cortisol (also called as stress hormone) making you feel happy and calm.

With the feeling of a kiss, the chemicals move from the body and heal emotional damage, but during a passionate kiss you only have a cool mind without any mix-ups of the world, and thus it releases stress away.

Fights with Cavities and Keeps Your Teeth White

If going to the dentist chill down your spine then kissing can help you. How? Because when you kiss your partner your mouth increases the production of saliva, and this helps in eliminating the cavities.  Saliva plays a crucial role in keeping bacteria away. Also, it neutralizes the acidic conditions that can cause damage. A good morning kiss can save you from plaque and tooth decay. Isn’t it interesting to note that having a kiss can help you in teeth problems? Therefore, kiss every day and enlighten the love with your spouse to get whiter and healthier teeth.

Kiss Relieves Pain

Why take a pain reliever if a simple kiss can act as a painkiller? After a tight schedule, it is natural to have a little back pain or a headache. Get a kiss!! And you will feel relax. Is that true?? Absolutely! The reason is kissing releases natural chemicals endorphins which are stronger than any narcotic morphine used in the painkiller. Instead of taking antidepressant and pain reliever start kissing your partner and stay happy forever.

So if you ever have pain, say like that “Bae I have a headache, kiss me now!”

Increases the Confidence

It is noted that men who get a morning kiss before leaving for the workers earn more. Also kissing had a positive effect in improving someone’s confidence. Kiss is not only a mood changer, but it also boosts the self-esteem of a person. It makes the mind clearer and thus increases self-confidence. Kissing helps you feel connected and increase the oxytocin levels. The oxytocin promotes bonding trust between individuals. That means a kiss makes a person happy, relax and more productive at work.

It Keeps your Heart Healthy

An average person spends more than 15000minutes of their life kissing. Kissing lowers the blood pressure and thus maintains the cholesterol levels. A kiss can make heart healthy and more vigorous by stabilizing the cardiovascular system. The frequency of kiss decreases the stress and increases the relationship satisfaction. Kissing releases the adrenaline hormone which improves the heart health by pumping more blood all over the body. Passionate kiss makes the heartbeat revived with a proper pattern and the controls the blood circulation.

Release Happy Hormones

Locking lips encourage intimacy and promote bonding. Besides lowering your cholesterol and maintaining blood circulation kissing also release happy hormones. Kissing stimulates the brain to produce hormones of good feelings that include dopamine and serotonin. These hormones not only make you happy but also it reinforces your connection. Kissing is an excellent way that links the brain to more sex drive and love. To be clear oxytocin is another hormone of love, and higher amount of oxytocin means the person have more feeling of love and attachment.

Braces the Sexual compatibility

While cheering you up, a simple kiss can surprise you in many ways. It is not astounding that a kiss can be a powerful tool of one’s impression to others and the initial kiss is the most discernment for women. They believe in kissing because they consider it as a means of starting to develop the relationship with their partners. A kiss is not just a kiss, but it is a potent tool to promote yourself who you are and what you want to receive.

To conclude, when exercise and diet are advised to reduce cholesterol it’s the time to kiss your partner. It is not just a feel of affection but an aid that relieves you from worries and tensions and does good to keep you healthy.

So why not give yourself happiness with a kiss??