Best Dating Tips for Men

Time is changing! Back in the day where the roles were defined for both men and women, in recent times gender equality and goals have come up with the new trend. As far as dating is a concern, both the genders are growing socially now, and courting has become too intricate.

Hooking up and intimate sessions have completely replaced the traditional affairs. SEX has become a common thing, and potential partners are actively jumping in the sack.

But dating can be a little bit tricky! Did she say yes? Now, what’s next? Are you ready for your first date? No, Not now! Then here are some effective tips and reminders to make your first date a huge success.

Plan the Date

Not just the lunch or dinner, instead plan a proper date. Right from the time, you will pick her up at the time you will drop her back. Try planning something unique and not just merely a dinner. You can take her off to the beach or may be at some spontaneous place where you both will have a lovey-dovey time. It could be karting, star gazing, long walks and much more. Explore the web and list out the things in your city and make sure you don’t tell everything to her, just tell her that you have planned something more than that a regular date and surprised her.

Be the Real You!

The first dating tip is to be the real you. Women are surprised to meet a man who is real about himself. Represent same as you are in front and behind the camera. Talk openly who you are, what are your thoughts and beliefs, love, etc. start with being honest and let her decide if the real you is correct for her.  The first impression is always important, but that doesn’t mean that you have to completely dressed up in a tuxedo, be simple and put on something suitable to have a good start.

Be Confident

If you are little shy, better you prepare yourself for the things you don’t know. Women always value confidence than any silly long conversations. While on the date start talking about the subject that you are most eager for like games or hobby. If you are short heighted, you might feel shy of 5’5, but it’s more impressive to women that you quite relax and confident in your skin.  Stay in your comfort zone and talk easily about the common topics that you share. This will increase your confidence making the conversation more long and handy.

No Touching Policy

If you are thinking that touching her a lot on the date would hint that you are desperately into her, then you are completely messed up. Better you keep your hands to yourself and make a conversation. It would be completely fine if you put your hand on her back to help her out through a crowded place, but don’t get excited and drape her in your arms the entire time.

Girls Always Remember the Good Scent

There is not a single woman who would not like to breathe in the man’s shirt, especially when she kisses you or wraps you in her arms. The smell is the first kiss. Women always remember that fragrance. Keep a perfume bottle in your car so that you can quickly spray on your shirt before the date starts. Make sure that all your body area is fresh and all clean that can include your hairs, body, and teeth too,

Complementary Tip: Your perfume should be manly, and most importantly women approved!

Don’t be Cheap

If you are planning for a date, start saving. A perfect date is always expensive? No, not every time. Be creative! The easiest way to plan a romantic and successful date is to plan date yourself. Take her to the places where you know that you can easily afford her menu.

Creative tip: An adventurous trip or simply a hiking is more fun than any regular lunch or dinner, and even it doesn’t cost much. But don’t show off that you don’t have enough money for her food.

Prepare Few Questions

Awkward silence will risk your romantic date. Have 4-5 questions prepared in your mind so that it can serve as the starters? Avoid in-depth conversation like why you don’t like a job or any other personal issues. Try to keep the conversation fun and enjoyable. You can simply ask the questions that lead you somewhere. Pull out another set of prepared questions only when it needs a springboard to continue the flow.

Keep Your Eyes Straight into Her Eye

Warning – Do not check out every other girl passing you.

Nothing looks more classy and sexy than a man paying his attention only to her girl. Don’t even accidentally watch out other girl sitting behind you. This will not only ruin your date, but you will also lose the chance of asking her second time for a date. Women love bad guys but showing off doesn’t make you a hero. Stay away from your phone during the date. So turn off this habit at least for few hours.

It’s Not Bad asking Your Friends

If this is your first date or you are clueless about how you are looking and if you are on the right track don’t be shy to have some dating tips from your friends. At least know what they think of your outfit and your plans. It might help you get extra points on the date. Dating tips from friends never disappoint you, and instead, they make your first date a beautiful memory with your love.

Complementary tip: Friends are always right!!!

Have two Side Conversation

You feel annoyed when one person continuously talks about himself. If you are the same, then stop IMMEDIATELY! You are on a date with someone, and she would feel comfortable only when you will give her chance to speak and would ask more about her. Listen to her answers and follow up her question she would be curious to tell everything about her.

Single sided conversation is always boring. Open up with your choices and let her continue the topic. In this way, you both will get the chance to know each other. If you are not showing interest in her, it can be assumed that you are only waiting for the time to be over so that you can catch her on the bed. Find out what will attract her more than only discussing about your achievements.

Don’t let your first date a bad memory, with the above dating tips you can make any woman fall for you. Just stay confident, REAL and a guy with a good sense of humor.