Best Friend Tag Questions

Having friends in your life is essential for every person. Even if you are not a very social person or you are introvert, you will always have a best friend in you. You may think that you know your best friend to the best of you in which you would also confirm through giving much all about of the friend than any other person.

Your best friend can range from your lover, wife, husband, or someone you grew up together. Using the best friend tag questions will be necessary for determining whether you know your friend. You can additionally use these tag questions to access whether your friends know you. It can get done in the form of a game by the use of the questions. Use these questions to make up your chats with friends at points of your meeting or get-togethers. It will make up your friendship more lively as well as you will know each other very well. Below are the best friend tag questions.

10 Common Best Friend Tag Questions

These are the most common best friend tag questions. If you are yet to have the answer to one question, it is necessary to have it as soon as possible. It is so since they are the primary facts you should know concerning your friends. They include;

#1. What is your favorite meal?

It is one of the most common tag questions you should know concerning your best friend. You need not seek it from her/him, but you can observe and have a conclusion. Does she/him take that type of meal repeatedly? Does he/she ask you to get her a specific meal? If this is so, then this would be the best and favorite meal of your best friend.

#2. What is her best color?

You need to know what your friend prefers the best color. It can get done by observing what color she mostly has on her clothes as well as everything she has such as nail polishes, necklace colors, etc.

#3. What is your best sporting activity?

It will mostly apply to the male best friends without exempting the female ones. In most cases, one will have a specific sporting activity he/she loves. Observe what the friend loves to watch as well as sports conversations. In addition to this, get to know the best player your best friend loves.

#4. When, where, and how did we first meet?

Memories are essential for friendships as they keep the relationship going. The first time you met will deepen your relationship and how you came to know each other. Get also to know the place you first met together. You can do this by asking each other and then expecting a similar answer for both of you.

#5. What are your best-visiting places?

In case you need to take her for a date or a visit, you need to know the best places she loves. In decisions on travels, you can additionally understand what the best places he/she like.

#6. What are the main memories of your best friend?

One of the key things in your partners is memories which they either had done a great thing or had extremely messed up with some key things. With this, it is necessary to know what are the memories and things they can never forget. You can inquire about this from them directly.

#7. Who is your crush?

It will be one of the most common questions to your girlfriends as girls are usually free to share their secrets. Get to know who their crush is either directly or indirectly asking them the question.

#8. What are the best things do you love about each other?

As best friends, there are things which have made you together as well as made your friendship lively. Seek to know what your best friend loves about you and let her know what you like about her. This will always encourage you to keep on loving each other.

#9. What are her main dislikes and likes?

Every person has significant dislikes and likes in the people they socialize with. If you are best friends, you should have known what she loves most and what she hates. You can as well ask her to define the likes and dislikes to you.

#10. What names does she love to be referred with?

Names speak much, especially to best friends. One will prefer to be referred to with a specific nickname. Know all the nicknames your friend has and which is the best among them. If she doesn’t have a nickname, get to know whether she loves to be referred to by the first name or the second name.

120 Specific Best Friend Tag Questions

#1. What is your birth date?

#2. What are you planning for your future career?

#3. Are you on the social network and what are your profiles such as the Facebook page, Instagram, etc.?

#4. Which is your best season in a year?

#5. Which is the talent you currently don’t use?

#6. When were you most happy and why were you happy?

#7. Which moment in your life is the most memorable and what was the primary cause of the remarkable time?

#8. Where did you study?

#9. Who do you miss right now?

#10. How many phone numbers do you know from your mind and whose are they?

#11. What is the craziest thing have you ever done?

#12. What time do you wake up each day?

#13. Do you always remember your dreams in the morning?

#14. Do you want to improve your abilities in a near future and what are they?

#15. What are your most fears while relating with people?

#16. What kind of people do you hate relating with?

#17. Who are your best friends in order of how close you are to each other?

#18. Which is your best pet?

#19. Do you have any secrets and can you open them up for me?

#20. Which kind of music do you love to listen to?

#21. Which song summarizes your personality and why do you think so?

#22. Do you love watching movies and which are your favorite series have you watched?

#23. When were you most heartbroken and what was the cause of the heartbreak?

#24. Have you ever undergone a surgery?

#25. Who are your mentors in the society?

#26. What types of job do you love to work on?

#27. If you were to have superpowers? Which would you prefer to have?

#28. Which is your best book?

#29. Are you an addict of social media? If yes, which one?

#30. When was your worst moment in life and what happened then?

#31. Where would you love to live?

#32. Which is your favorite type of car?

#33. What type of mansion do you love to live in?

#34. How do you spend your leisure time?

#35. What are your hobbies?

#36. Which is the unique mark in your body that easily differentiates you from others?

#37. Which were your best subjects in school?

#38. Who were your best teachers in school?

#39. Do you go to parties with friends?

#40. Do you love dancing especially while at a party?

#41. Which are your best television shows?

#42. Do you love watching the news?

#43. Where do you love watching football at: at a cinema or alone at your home place?

#44. Which was the most boring movie you have ever watched?

#45. Which person has you ever hurt the most and how did you do it?

#46. Where do you love to spend your holidays?

#47. What do you think would have surprised you the most?

#48. Have you ever been fooled? How did it happen?

#49. Do you love phone or PC gaming?

#50. What takes much of your time without the know-how of time consumption?

#51. What is your full name?

#52. Do you have nicknames? If yes, which are they?

#53. What are you addicted to and can’t live without?

#54. Which is your worst meal?

#55. What are your parent’s names?

#56. Are you planning to have a family? When to be specific?

#57. How many kids do you love to have?

#58. What is the size of your shoes?

#59. Which number do you love and why do you like it?

#60. Which is your best sports team?

#61. Have you ever taken a flight?

#62. What is the longest journey have you ever had?

#63. What have the enormous amount of cash you ever handled by yourself?

#64. What are your strengths and weaknesses in life?

#65. What is your current weight?

#66. What must you take every morning for breakfast?

#67. Have you ever worn a contest?

#68. Do you love concerts?

#69. Who do you love to see in a concert?

#70. How many languages do you speak in and how fluent can you speak them?

#71. Are you a fan of the soap operas and how consistent have you watched them?

#72. Are you comfortable with the use of lifts or do you prefer using stairs?

#73. Are you stubborn to other people?

#74. How many minutes do you spend in the shower?

#75. How many hours do you spend on your sleep?

#76. What was your last time you wrote a letter to a friend on paper?

#77. When was your first kiss?

#78. Which is your best drink?

#79. Which is your favorite movie?

#80. Do you love taking pictures on your own such as ‘selfies’?

#81. Have you ever stolen in your lifetime? If yes, when and what did you steal?

#82. Do you know how to swim and do you love it?

#83. When was your first time to know how to cycle a bicycle?

#84. Do you snore over your sleep?

#85. Which religion are you?

#86. Do you chew your pencils and pens?

#87. What gifts do you love for your birthdays?

#88. How do you spend your money or do you save it?

#89. Which was your best trip you have ever gone?

#90. How do you trim your nails; by biting them or by use of nail cutters?

#91. Are you allergic to any foods? If yes, which one?

#92. Have you ever been conned and how much did it cost you?

#93. Have you ever smoked before?

#94. Which is your best day in a week?

#95. Do you have any passion for music?

#96. Have you ever participated in any betting activity? Did it cost you or was it advantageous to you?

#97. When do you feel much insecure?

#98. For how long have been friends?

#99. What main things do you hate about me and would love them changed?

#100. What has made our love to be sustained?

#101. Which are you best color match?

#102. What is the size of your clothes?

#103. Which is your best soda type?

#104. Who did ever frustrate you the most and how did they do it?

#105. Which is your best month of the year?

#106. What impressed you with me the first time we met?

#107. Which is the best part of the world according to you?

#108. Which is your worst day in a week?

#109. Have you ever had chicken pox before?

#110. Which is the worst job have you ever done?

#111. Who is your best celebrity and why?

#112. Have you ever fought with anyone and who won?

#113. Which is the common phrase you use in your conversations?

#114. If you win a lottery? What will you do with the money?

#115. Are you an extrovert person or an introvert?

#116. Do you prefer using coffee or tea for your breakfast?

#117. Which is the worst job have you ever done previously?

#118. When did you be your time without doing anything?

#119. What do you love speaking about every time?

#120. What are you good at doing?

The above best friend tag questions indicate a few of some of the tag questions you can ask your friend. The use of these tag questions can make your friendship very exciting. You can use the above tag questions as a game and fun with your best friends. Besides, they will make your friendship deeper than it was before.