Bible Verses About Life

If one were to look up for philosophical quotes about ‘life,’ they will find many definitions about it. Some call life a road; some call it a race, some call it destiny, while some call it karma. Then we have those who come up with inspirational two-liners on how to face life when the going gets tough. We also have some pessimist philosophers who have figured out that living life is vanity since ‘life is absurd.’ Every religion, philosophers, psychoanalysts have their perspective on how to live life. But, the reality is that the practical life is not a fairytale that can be lived according to some methodological guidebook.

The Word of God in the Bible speaks not just about how to live a righteous life, but it explains as to what life exactly is. The life that is there in every living man is the ‘Breath of God’, in simple terms. The human life is unlike that of the animals and plants. Therefore, only the Bible explains the mystery of the natural composition of life. If human life could be figured out that easily in scientific and clinical terms, then we would have had human clones walking amidst us long ago!

Here are some of the verses from the Bible that gives us an understanding of life and its purpose:

John 3: 16

he gave his only begotten

How much is the price of your life? This verse is also known as the ‘Golden Key’ to the Gospel of Christ. It is the central verse to the Christian life and salvation. It speaks of the worth of the human life in the eyes of the Almighty God. His love for this world is so exponential that He allowed His only Son to become the ransom and sacrifice for our sins and curses. Jesus gave away His life for us to reconcile man with God, the Father. Do you know what it must have been like for God, the Father to look away when His Son was laid on the Cross- humiliated, broken, whipped, lashed, and stripped bare? He allowed His Son to face death so that we can conquer the death. He let His son become the sacrifice so that we may have salvation and eternal life!

Do not throw away your life in vain but understand its worth and live accordingly for the Glory of God.

John 14:6

The Way, The Truth and The Life

One of the reasons the teachings of Jesus are unique and emphatic for the human understanding because He was authoritative in His teachings. While the world is still trying to define what life could be, Jesus left everyone shocked when he outrightly called Himself as the LIFE. Jesus is the only way to heaven and Father. He left nothing in His teaching for further debate. He was crystal clear in every word that He uttered, be it to the disciples, or to the multitudes.

If you are wondering how Jesus can call Himself the LIFE, the next verse will give you a better understanding.

Genesis 2:7

god formed the man

The created man was formed of dust and imprinted in the image of God. But, that is not the only difference between man and the rest of the living creation. God breathed into Adam, the first man the ‘breath of life’ and the verse further says that the man became a living being. The word ‘breath’ in Hebrew is ‘reach’ which means the ‘spirit being’ in the physical man makes him different in his existence in this world. And Jesus is the Word of God and the Breath of Life since the beginning of time, or heavens and this earth. This is why Jesus calls Himself as the Life and the Way to God.

In short, you are not just a physical person for others to call you a nobody. You are essential to God, and your spirit being is witness to it. Look at your life from this view from today and take on the reins of your life in your hands.

Romans 6:23

gift of god is eternal

The apostle Paul explains this simple mystery about life. If you think life ends after death, then you need to look at this whole universe from a different perspective. Living life under sin is exhausting, depressing and bounding. The devil tempts you to sin until it becomes your breath and engulfs you in it. But, there is redemption in Christ, and we have eternal life in Him, to all those who believe in Jesus. This is the gift of God to all His children- the promise of life, not merely on earth but life after death.

John 10:10

john 10-10

Jesus makes a distinction here about life and the way of living it. Everyone has a choice in living the life the way they want. From some, this choice is taken away, while there are some who give up on this life halfway. Jesus explains that it is the devil who acts like a thief to destroy and steal. Sometimes, he might throw an incurable disease to claim your life or ruin your loved ones to succumb you to pain, misery, and loss. The ‘theft of life’ is the devil’s motive in your life, day in and day out. But, Jesus came to give you the life that does not end up on this earth but lives on in eternity. This hope is what makes every Christian sing sweetly with tears of joy in their eyes- “Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound!”

John 6:35

john 6-35

Once again Jesus speaks of ‘LIFE’ in first person addressing to Himself. It is straightforward to become a Christian, but it is challenging to be a follower of Christ and have a Christ-like mind in this world. While speaking to the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus spoke of water that quenches the thirst for eternity. Similarly, Jesus is referring to Himself as the ‘bread’ which is the Word of God that gives eternal life. Those who believe in Him have salvation in Him.

The Gospel of John begins with the revelation of Jesus being the ‘Word of God’ that created the universe even before the existence of ‘time.’ When Jesus taught His disciples that He is the ‘bread’ and those who eat Him shall only have life, many disciples were shocked at this bizarre analogy. They found His teachings harsh and unthinkable! They left Him and went their way.

There is no middle way for a believer of Christ- You either follow the WORD or follow the world!

John 8:12

Whoever follows me… will have the light of life

In the book of Genesis, we see that God spoke into existence for the light to come and there was light. During the ‘Sermon on the Mount’, Jesus taught the multitude- You are the Light of the World! In the book of Revelation, we see the eternal city of new Jerusalem and new heaven that has no light or night because God is the Light that shines there forever.

Jesus in this verse explains that those who follow Him are not the people of blind faith, beliefs, and superstitions. The devil has no hold on their lives, and their life is not in bondage and darkness. They walk in the light and lead others in the light as well.

On the other hand, the hypocrites and the ones who follow the lust and desires of the flesh and the world are like the blind men leading the way to their kinds unknowing of the path they are treading. They lead each other to the pit of darkness, sin, and death.

John 11:25

John 11-25

This is very significant concerning Jesus because this verse emphasizes the fact that Jesus alone gives life, in this world and even after death. When Jesus said this verse to Martha before raising the dead Lazarus to life, no one understood the importance of the relation of resurrection to Jesus. The Son of God came into this world and lived amidst the humans like a man and showed us how to live a righteous life. He foreknew of His death and chose to become a sacrifice for our sins. He died on the Cross, and He is only one who was raised to life after three days in the grave. He overcame over death, sin, sickness, and curses. He is the victorious king and our Resurrection! In Him, we have Life that lives on even after death!

1 John 5:12

1 John 5:12

Nothing more evident than that verse! The message of the Gospel, in short, is this verse. He who has Christ in his life has to fear no one and nothing, not even death. Jesus came for the salvation of those who are lost, thrown out of the society, called names and counted as worthless. When Christ becomes your anchor in your life, you become a blessing to all those who cursed you.

It’s about time you invited Jesus into your life before time passes away!