Bible Verses About Love & Marriage

Love is not just an abstract feeling in a Christian’s Life instead it is the basis of their very Faith in God. The life of Jesus Christ becomes the example for every believer in Christ to live a life of love and faith. The verse “God is Love” explains in itself that those who believe in Him should love one another and hatred has no place in their life. When God is in your life, you have got love in your life and love abundantly.

While the Bible further speaks of Brotherly love, sisterly love, parental love, it all comes from the Godly love, which should be fundamental in every marriage. A Christian marriage is the happiest marriage that takes place on this earth. Unlike other marriages, a Christian married life is not just built on love, but it is the welcoming of God in their marriage. A Christian wedding is the representation of the impending wedding of the believers with Christ, our Bridegroom on that Wedding Day.

Many people fail to understand the beauty and meaning of marriage and fail to abide by their vows. Let us look at the following verses and find out what exactly the Bible says about Love and Marriage:

Genesis 2: 24

Genesis 2-24

This verse is taken as the model for a Christian married family life. One must understand that marriage is the transition of the man and woman from their own families into a new covenant that they will make with God as their witness. Now that the new covenant has brought them together as one, and so they are no longer living for themselves, but they are living for each other.

The verse says that the man is “attached” to his wife. Therefore, the marriage is not a one-way relationship. It is a two-way relationship of giving and taking with God’s love as the central part of their life. The fact that God created the humanity as male and female as companions for each other is the significant message for Christians in the present times. It is precisely focusing on a heterosexual relationship, and any justification otherwise merely is not Biblical!

Why is marriage recommended as necessary? The answer is in the next verse:

Ecclesiastes 4:9

Ecclesiastes 4-9

The wise among the wise and the wisest of all on the earth, King Solomon himself says this verse that it is better to have a companion and life partner than to live alone. In sickness, or in health, it is your partner who stands by you. The person who finds a companion who will be there for you in thick and thin finds a treasure worth precious jewels that money can’t buy. What would one gain if he is alone at the end of the day? Further, Solomon emphasizes on the marital love and its significance in the marriage. He asks the rhetoric that how can one keep oneself warm if they are alone!

So, the next question that arises is- Do two compatible people have everything in their marriage? If so, what is the reason that many marriages fail and break apart?

Ecclesiastes 4:12

Ecclesiastes 4-12

What many believers fail to understand is that marriage is the covenant made by God, and without God, the marriage is no longer the beautiful institution that you envisioned. The reason why there has been an increase in many Christian marriages failing in the recent years is that most believers leave God at the altar itself after their “I Dos.”

Solomon in all his wisdom understood that the utmost important entity in your marriage should be the presence of God. A marriage where God is present is like the threefold cord (Husband, wife, and God). And the strength of the threefold cord is that when it undergoes a lot of tension and pulling, it withstands the pressure applied to it and is not quickly broken.

A Christian marriage on the earth represents the union of the Trinity God in oneness, and that is why a threefold cord is all the more significant. If your wedding has not given the place to the third entity God, it is time you invite Jesus into your marriage and open the door to Him.

Can the married couples live separately?

Matthew 19:6

Matthew 19-6

This verse is one of the best answers that Jesus gave to the Sadducees and Pharisees. The law provided by Moses has commandments on how to deal with the cases of divorce. But, Jesus Christ explains most simply and straightforwardly that there is no place for the word ‘Divorce’ in a Christian marriage.

The two main things that should be noted is that-

  • For a marriage to be successful, it needs to be joined by God. Many people in the blunder or façade of love fail to acknowledge God and ask for the guidance from the Almighty God in making one of the most severe decisions of their life.
  • If it is God who has joined you as ‘one flesh’ then there is nothing on this earth that shall separate you from one another. Learn to compromise and love each other, and the rest will be taken care of by God.

What is the role of Husband in marriage?

Ephesians 5:25

Ephesians 5-25

It is Apostle Paul who draws parallel to Christ regarding the marriage and explains it in simpler terms. The relationship between a married couple is assumed to be like that of the relationship between Christ & the Church. The love of Jesus Christ for us was so exponential that it was a sacrificial love for us. He gave his life away on the Cross to redeem us.

The apostle Paul says that Husbands are the Head of their family and so should they love their wives with everything they have. Christ is our example in marriage. Love is the strong bond that unites the two as ‘one flesh.’

What is the role of Wife in marriage?

Ephesians 5:22

Ephesians 5-22

While many would say that wives are supposed to be diligent, supporting, loving, etc., the most important of all is to submit to husbands. Now, in a post-modern world, the word ‘submit’ has several connotations and none of them optimistic, the Bible speaks clearly on the role of wives.

A wife is not to be of submissive nature but to ‘submit’ to her Husband who is her Flesh now. Just like any body part listens to the Brain/Head, the body functions smoothly fulfilling each other. A wife is to ‘submit’ to a sacrificially loving Husband who loves you like the love of Christ for His Church. It wouldn’t work if one is compromising and the other is adamant. Understand one another and live to please each other, and the rest is upon Christ who is the head of your marriage.

What does the Bible say about finding perfect partners? Let us look at the next two verses:

Proverbs 18:22

Proverbs 18-22

It is Solomon who again advises in his proverbial wisdom that it is essential that you find a good wife for yourself. Such men are fortunate because they have discovered the priceless treasure for themselves in their wives. The grace of God is upon them because they look upon their wives for their family life. And, this is the reason it is said that behind every successful man’s life is a woman who stands by them through thick and thin supporting them.

Proverbs 31:10-31

Proverbs 31-10-31

This epilogue defines the characteristics of the virtuous wife whose worth is priceless and cannot be bought. Such woman is the light of her family who looks upon her for guidance and support. She holds her family together, and without her, they are bereft and left with a gaping void. She is the loving mother, a supporting wife, and a fierce individual. A noble wife provides for her family and is a wise business woman.

Such couples become tremendous and exemplary parents for their children. Find your true love and let God in your marriage and find out how God leads you both.

If love is fundamental in marriage then what is the power of Love? The following two verses explain Love best like never before in the world.

Song of Songs 8:7

Song of Songs 8-7

King Solomon explains the love like never before. The power of love is so intense and fiery that it cannot be ever quenched. It is so fulfilling and flowing in each other’s life that floods can not drench it. It sustains you and leads you. God is love, and when love is in your marriage, nothing can break you apart, separate you from each other and be an obstacle in your way.

The Christian marriage vows are the promising vows that explain your marriage entirely and uniquely. Rather than writing your vows, understand the significance of the original promises: “In sickness, and in Health.” Learn to lean on one another. “For richer and poorer”– learn to trust one another.

1 Corinthians 4:2

1 Corinthians 4:2

Paul speaks of the power of love in the best definitive way, and it should encourage you and help you in building your marriage. Life without Love is nothing and love is the ingredient to a patient and kind soul. It helps you to understand your partner and be patient with their shortcomings. The unfailing love helps you to love your partner’s weakness and encourage their strengths. A loving marriage is not built on lies somewhat it is forgiving and compassionate like our God’s love for us. Love is trustworthy and not envious of your partner, and it shapes the family to be enduring of one another. Finally, love will never leave you and fail you. Your love for your partner will bind you together “till death does apart.”

Sexual immorality in marriage is sinful!

Hebrew 13:4

Hebrew 13:4

There are innumerable verses in the Holy Bible that speak distinctly and openly of sexual immorality. Jesus Christ spoke of adultery as the very act of thinking of any woman indifferently in a sexual way other than your wife is committing an adulterous sin. A Christian marriage is a monogamous relationship, and it does not support anything that is not Biblical. Unlike the popular mass culture across Europe and America, the Bible calls sexual relations outside of the marriage or before marriage as sin.

The sexual immorality and fornication are sinful acts, and the Believers of Christ beware of such things. He who is in love follow the example of Jacob and ask the girl’s father for her hand even if it requires seven years of patience and hard work. All because marriage is an honorable act, unlike the modern notions.

1 Peter 4:8

1 Peter 48

The verse speaks of the power of forgiving love in any relationship. When it comes to your marriage, you better be prepared to face the difficult times as well with love, like the right times. For you are in it “for better and for worse,” and therefore your forgiving attitude in your marriage will help you in the long haul. With God by your side, He is your help and guide. And so, live a blessed life for your partner and your children.

God bless you in your marriage and fulfill all your desires!!!