Encouraging Bible Verses About Stress & Anxiety

The Word of God is specific and enlightening in all phases of one’s life. While the world has all its philosophies centered on making life easy and living life avoiding pain and sorrows. The Bible alerts the believers to be pragmatic about life. Life can be complex and complicated for everyone one of us and much of it can scare us, but the children of God should not worry about their future and live an anxious and stressful life. Rather, we should look upon the face of the Almighty God in times of our troubles, grief, and pain and fear not anything that life throws our way.

For this life is short and not our goal but we look forward to meeting our Savior for eternity. Therefore, nothing on this earth should dampen our spirits and depress our beings. It could be your exams, or fear of job choices, or decisions on future, or your marriage that is making you stressful and worried. But, the fact is that the phrase “Fear not” is written in the Bible 365 times. It is the daily reminder to us that the God above all is there for us always.

Let us look at some scripture words of the verses in the Bible on how to cope with the stress in life:

Peter 5:7

Peter 5:7

All that burden you carry in your heart, about your life, your children, your family, your marriage, it is a lot for one to worry about in this lifetime. Is not your God the Creator of all that is? Is anything impossible to Him? The answer is yes and No respectively. So, “Fear not” and put your trust in Him. For this verse further says that our God cares for us. It is as simple as that!

Philippians 4:16

Philippians 4-16

It is Apostle Paul who writes to the Churches commanding them to not be anxious about anything. Against life’s problems, persecution, and grief, put your eyes on Jesus and worship His Holy name. A thankful heart to God makes the devil fear you, for you are under the protection of God. He watches over you and lives in you. So next time you feel depressed, put your trust in God and do not be worried. Pray to God and He will surely answer you and listen to His voice and be in peace.

Luke 1:37

Luke 1-37

That is one of the most powerful verse in the Bible that the believers should remember at all times. Throughout the Bible, God has shown His Glory and power to His people against all odds. The Love of God knows no bounds and whatever His children need, He provide it for them. If your prayers are taking time to be answered, do not stress yourself on it. God has an appointed time for you and He is preparing you for His purpose. When He blesses you, He opens the windows of Heaven and it is beyond your expectations. But, first, remember the significance of this verse always and praise Him.

Psalms 18:29

Psalms 18-29

When the devil makes you doubt yourself, and tries to belittle your confidence in your talents, skills and makes you second guess, speak this verse to the devil and rebuke him in Jesus name. The Psalmist speaks of His Faith in God in this verse that when He has God with Him, He can run against the armies of the world. Further he says, that with God there is no wall that he can climb over. In a nutshell, there is nothing in this world that you cannot overcome when the Grace of God is shining upon you. For the armies of the devil will fall at your sides but they shall not strike you, nor come near your dwelling. That is the promise of God unto His children.

Romans 8:31

Romans 8-31

Everyone should remember this verse and ask oneself, whenever you are feeling stressed and anxious about things. When you have tasted the goodness of God, and have known of His excellence and majestic glory, and power, there is nothing that can douse your Faith in Him. Apostle Paul reminds us that the powers of death, strife or hunger or of anything that is in this world can never separate us from the God and His generous and forgiving love for us. That is because we know that when the Almighty God is on our side, who can ever be against us! This verse is found both in Old and New Testament for a reason to remind us never to second guess ourselves.

Matthew 11:28

Matthew 11: 28

It is Jesus Christ who speaks in this verse to all those people in the multitude who follow Him that to not become burdened and anxious of many things, and afflictions that you are facing. When you are in trouble, you will find yourself alone and your friend’s comfort words are also filled with pity and hopelessness. But, Jesus calls us to lay our burdens on Him and make Him our Focus. The verse further explains that our gentle God and Christ shall give us rest and comfort from our anxiety.

From now on, put your burden on Jesus and work for the eternal Kingdom of God, and He shall take care of everything that we need and require of Him at the right time and abundantly.

Matthew 6:34

Matthew 6:34

No one in this world understands mankind better than God Himself and no one in this world advises and counsels us better than Jesus Himself. The teachings of Jesus are par excellence than any other philosophical or otherwise teachers, scribes or nations. His teachings are simple, easy and peace-giving to all those who come to Him. He says in this verse to not worry about tomorrow. Live your life to the fullest today and God will take care of you and provide for you tomorrow.

What is life, if you worry today and not see tomorrow? What is life, if you saved your earnings for tomorrow and forgot to help the needy today and yourself not breath tomorrow? You have enough on your plate daily, so rather than being stressed about it, look upon Jesus and be thankful for all you have today. Tomorrow will be taken care of!

Isaiah 41:10

Isaiah 41:10

The utmost important verse that has always provided strength and comfort to believers all over the world over the generations! This verse speaks to our fear that dwells in the core of our heart and calms us down when we are battling the storms and waves in our lives. The Lord of Hosts speaks through the prophet to not just Israel but to every child of God that “Fear not”! He has promised us that He will never forsake us as the Forever God shall be with us always. It is the covenant that God has made unto us. But, are we really obedient to that Lord?

Kings 19:4

Kings 19:4

We all know that the prophet Elijah was one of the God-fearing men of God and the spirit that God had given him is likened to the Holy Spirit. He worked fearlessly and challenged the idolaters like no other servant in the Bible and established many wonders and miracles of God like no other servant of God. Yet, when he faces life-threatening challenges and persecution at the hands of the queen or government, he requests God for death. “It is enough!” ‑ that he can’t take any more of the burden and fear.

But, God gives him strength do things that many cannot even think about. He prepares Elijah in his loneliness and fear to conquer a nation and turn their hearts to God. The life of Elijah teaches us lessons in times of fears.

Psalms 27:1

Psalms 27: 1

This verse gives us courage, confidence and comfort that the majesty of God makes us fear nothing. The verse declares unto us that the glory and strength of God redeem us and makes us fear no one. Come hell, fire, or water, nothing can shake our Faith and trust in Him. Believe in Him, commit your works to Him and obey Him. he loves you and your family.

Accept Him today in your life as your Savior and He will take care of you not just in this life but even in eternity. God bless you all!