Bible Verses for Faith in Hard Times

There are times when things seem so hard. We try to take a step, but our feet are too heavy to move. We look from within us, and we realize there is no hope left. This, however, is not new and before Jesus ascended to heaven he warned his disciples of the pain and suffering they will go through in this world.

It is not because God has not been able to fight for us but just because that is natural and it has to take its course for use to get to the next level.

We should however rejoice and be glad because God has promised to be with us in those trying moments. All you need is to put your faith in Him and He will make a way for you. Jesus overcame the world because He knew the secret of trusting the father and so should we. There is no other way to making it during those difficult moments than running to His word and claiming His promises.

Below I have listed a number of Bible verses that will positively lift your spirit and encourage you during that difficult moments. You can as well send it to a friend who has lost hope in life and be a source of hope.

Deuteronomy 31:6-8

[7] At that time, Moses beckoned unto Joshua in the presence of all the Israelites and warned him against being a coward. He ordered him to be strong and courageous for he was the one responsible for taking the Israelites to the land God had promised to their ancestors. Joshua was also told to make sure the Israelites inherited the Promised Land.

[8] Moses told Joshua that the Lord who has been walking with them would be with Him. He promised him that the Lord his God who has always been with him will not leave or abandon him until he gets to his destination.

Psalm 46:1-3

When we are weak and are in trouble, God is our immediate help. [2] We should therefore not fear. Even if they removed the earth, and carried all the mountains to the middle of the sea, we should be strong in the Lord. [3] Although sometimes the waters of the sea roar and are troubled to make the mountains to tremble, we should stand strong.

Isaiah 26:1-4

There will come a day when a new song will be heard in Judah’s habitat saying they have a mighty city. At that time, God will rescue their walls and bulwarks. [2] All the nations shall be ordered to open the gates for the righteous nation of Israel to come in.

[3] The Lord has promised to keep anyone who trusts in Him and who has his mind focused on him in great peace. [4] In the Lord there is an everlasting strength, therefore put your trust in Him.

Isaiah 41:10-20

You have no reason of living in fear or distress for Lord is your God. He will strengthen you and defend you with His virtuous right hand. [11] He will make sure he shames those who had gathered against you. He will reduce them to nothing. Those who stood to fight against you will be obliterated.

[12]You shall stand to look for those who stood to contend with you and none shall be found. Those who fight against you shall be totally destroyed and reduced to nothing. They will be a thing of the past. [13] Because the Lord your God will get hold of your right hand and will say unto you, “Do not fear for I am going to help you.”

[14]The Lord is the redeemer of the descendants of Israel and He will always be their help and hence have no reason to fear. He is also known as “The virtuous one of Israel.”

[15]The Lord is going to make a new and sharp threshing toll for his righteous that they can use to thresh and strike down all the mountains. [16] They shall destroy the hills and fan them. They shall be carried away by the wind and scattered by the whirlwind. After all this is done, you shall have a reason to rejoice in your God and magnify the Sacred One of Israel.

[17] The Lord has promised to listen to the needy when they seek water and do not find any. The Lord is the Lord God of the poor and needy and will never forsake them. When their tongues fail for thirst, He will be with them.

[18] The Lord will release rivers in the high places springs will flow from the valley. He will make pools of water in the wilderness and fountains will flow from the dry land.

[19] God has promised to plant the cedar, myrtle, Shittah and the oil tree in the wilderness and they will all grow together.  In the desert, the Lord will set in the fir tree, the pine and the box tree. [20] After this is done, all the nations will see, consider, know and all together understand that is the doing of the Almighty and the creation of the righteous God.

John 14:26-27

The Holy Spirit and the Comforter of God’s children have been sent to them by God the father in Christ’s name to teach them everything they need to know and to act as a reminder of everything Christ has taught them.

[27] No disciple of Christ should be troubled because Christ left has released peace unto them. Great and unique peace that can never be compared with what is present in the world did He leave to his disciples. They, therefore, have no reason for being afraid.

Proaverbs 3:5-6

We are all ordered to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and not to lean on any of our understanding. [6] We should also acknowledge him and allow him to direct our paths.

Psalm 34:17-20

The Lord is very keenly listening to the cry of the righteous, and he swiftly delivers them from any trouble they find themselves in. [18] The Lord is pleased by anyone who has a broken heart, and he remains close to them. He takes delight in a man of a contrite spirit, and he saves him.

[19] Although the righteous people go through so many afflictions. The Lord is always keen to deliver them from them all. [20] The Lord protects the righteous, and none of their bones shall be broken.

Nehemiah 8:10

Then he said to them, Go your way, drink the sweet, and eat the fat. Send portions to those who have something: for this is a holy day to our Lord: do not be sorry; because the joy of your God is your strength.

1 Peter 4:7-8

The end of everything is finally here: you should, therefore, be sober, and keep watch in prayers. [8] Above everything else show mercy and fervent charity among yourselves. Nothing is more important in any relationship than love because it covers many sins.

Hebrews 12:1-3

Brethren always remember that many witnesses surround you. Therefore, let us be keen and let go anything that is not Godly and any sin which besets us without our knowledge. Be vigilant and run the race set before you with patience.

[2]. Focus unto Jesus because He alone is the beginning and the end of your faith. He endured the cross for the victory that set before him. He detested the shame of the cross and for that reason was set on God’s throne at His right hand. [3] Regard him who endured such opposition of sinners against him, in case you feel worn out and faint in your hearts.

1 Peter 4:12-13

My loved ones consider it not odd concerning the fiery trials which come your way as if some weird thing happened to you. [13] Instead, rejoice, for this makes you partakers of Christ’s sufferings. Also, remember that you will enjoy with great joy when his splendor shall be revealed.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Although our physical bodies perish, our inner self is strengthened day by day. For that reason, we shall always stand strong.  [17] Our light physical affliction which lasts for just a short time works for us a far better everlasting weight of glory.

Isaiah 40:28-31

Haven’t any of you understood? Hasn’t it getting into your ears? The everlasting God the Lord who formed the earth and all there is in it does not grow weary, and neither does he faint. No one can comprehend his wisdom.

[29] The Lord Almighty grants power to the weak and increases strength to those who have no might. [30] It is possible for the youth to be weary and faint and for the young men to utterly fall. [31] But the Lord will renew the strength of those who wait upon Him. Although they run, they will not get tired and they who have put their hope in Christ walk, they will not faint.