Birthday Wishes for Wife

One who has a wife has a good thing, a wise husband knows and understands the importance of a birthday wishes to his dear wife. Birthday is the opportunity for you to express your love and affection towards your lovely lady who took chances to take up the title of a wife. As the husband, we hope that you have made the opportunity to mark the date and remember that special day for your wife.

However it’s not only about marking and remembering the particular date; lovely and straightforward gestures will bring your wife closer, brighten her face and will want to hear more from you. Gifts and monetary value will not have any impact but a priceless gift of sincere, kind and lovely words will always ringer in her mind. Warm wishes will renew your love whether newly wedded or long in the marriage life; it makes the wife feel the husband’s support, love and unwavering love towards her. More prominently integrate a sense of humor to make her laugh and relief her from stress making it extra unique and spicy. It gives an expression of caring, love and romantic feeling in your lovely wife’s mind.

Here are some funny, romantic and thoughtful birthday wishes for your cute wife.

#1) Happy birthday dear, my goal is to make you smile I will never let it fade away, I’ll do whatever it takes to brighten your face.

#2) Growing old with you is one most important thing in life. Happy birthday my wife.

#3) Happy birthday my wife a good husband will remember your birthday but not your age.

#4) Am genuinely blessed having you in my life as the guardian angel. Have a wonderful birthday.

#5) Happy birthday my cute wife.I am glad we are counting a new year and not the grey hair on the head.

#6) Sweetheart, I am happy that you added one more year today and blowing your candles. I pray that you see many more years besides me. Wish you a very happy birthday.

Sweetheart, I am happy that you added one more year today and blowing your candles. I pray that you see many more years besides me. Wish you a very happy birthday.

#7) You are the bright light in my life, encourager motivator and a good instructor. Happy birthday my most excellent wife.

#8) Am nothing without you my love and; have become the great husband am today and in the future to come because of you. Happy birthday.

#9) Thank you for the many things you have impacted in my life. Being the mother of my kids, dropping your name and taking mine it quite a sacrifice. We will make this day with grand celebrations.

#10) To the only woman in my life, I hope you know how much I love and cherish you. Happy birthday.

#11) My love every year you become younger and not old. You should know that I love you more each year and always pray for you. Happy birthday dear!

#12) You make great memories in our home, life and in our children little hearts we always pray that you will see more of this day and make merry. Happy birthday my lady.

#13) Honey, may leave long like mother Teresa to see the great days to come. Just know that I cherish you so much and long to see all your grey hair. How about that dear happy birthday to you.

#14) Sweetheart as you’re getting older, you look gorgeous and younger than before. If growing more former is what it takes to be beautiful I pray to see you every day. Happy birthday, love.

#15) Happy birthday my love, even as we grow old and wrinkled. I want you to know that my lady I will love and cherish you. You are a precious gem in my life and hard to get the love you give me.

#16) I wonder what I did to deserve an angel like you. You are God sent and a blessing in my life I hope and wish to grow old with you my lovely wife. Happy birthday to the beautiful flower of my garden.

#17) My dear wife, my best birthday wishes are that we live long loving and caring for our love. I hope you have a good day and all your dreams come true.

#18) You deserve the best that life can offer, my biggest fears is ever losing you for you are my all breath and life. Happy birthday my doll.

#19) Beautiful, I look forward to celebrating your birthday every year that we live. I promise to be there to hold you and share all my riches bodily and material wise. I love You happy birthday

#20) Your beauty is irresistible and shines more than the morning star. I feel nothing but love towards you. Have a nice birthday.

#21) The queen of my life and amazing in every way, I call you my wife your natural beauty is the fuel to my heart and makes me live every day. Happy birthday my wife.

#22) What makes me wake up, at night is the thought that you are sleeping next to me. I watch your beauty as you relax and pray that this will never change, happy birthday my wife.

#23) My treasure my wife your best gift today is merely being a humble loving and comfortable with the little I bring, I love more and happy birthday.

My treasure my wife your best gift today is merely being a humble loving and comfortable with the little I bring, I love more and happy birthday.

#24) Happy birthday my wife, like a sweet-smelling rose, I adore you and wish to feel you near me each and every day and make you happy as you deserve.

#25) I wish you a lovely and enjoyable happy birthday that has many blessing.May you live to see many more.

#26) My wife, love comes freely as the same way you freely loved me with nothing or favor given for me to be called your husband. Happy birthday.

#27) You are my best friend, lifelong partner and a lover of my soul. Thank you for spending your time and life with me at no cost. Happy birthday

#28) I’ll never forget the first time I saw you the sparkle in your eyes and a smile that was brighter than the sun. It changes my life and has made me whom I am today. Happy birthday, dear.

#29) I am glad that I married a fantastic, beautiful sexy and loving woman like you, any man in this world would wish to have you. But you picked me, and therefore I wish you lots of birthday wishes.

#30) Sweetie! Let’s enjoy another year of love it is granted to us by God for me to take care and always be next to you and be your helper. Happy birthday.

#31) Happy birthday to you my wife, you’re the best thing that can happen in this world. I thank you, parents, for bringing you up to me in a humble and lovely way.I love you.

#32) With love and birthday wishes to celebrate your special day you the most pretty and beautiful lady I have ever seen.

#33) My life found a purpose when I met you, I have overcome all the situation with holding my hand at taking a step at a time.I feel so lucky to have a wife like you. Happy birthday.

#34) You put up with all my mistakes and weakness, and you have always hidden my flaws from my friends, so I wish you a happy birthday I will make you feel like a woman and give you a five-star experience.

#35) I hope this day has an impact in your as it is in my life you are my right-hand guard and I feel secure and assured that things are beautiful whenever you are around me. Happy birthday.

#36) You are a real inspiration and delight to be around. Happy birthday, babe.

#37) You the apple of my eye I can complain you came to complete my life and the man in me to a husband. I will make you happy that you never regret marrying me. Thanks for all that and have a happy birthday dear.

#38) To that woman in my life who multi-tasks shares her love with my children and me and always forgetting herself to please us. Happy birthday my wife.

to that woman in my life who multi-tasks shares her love

#39) You’re my paths light, and the key factor that I have a reach to this level your everyday silent prayers and worries have protected me through my way. Happy birthday my lovely wife.

#40) Happy birthday to the C.E.O of my house you are one in a million, and I fall in love with you because you get better and better every day. Love you, my wife.

#41) Congratulation my darling today is a unique day in the calendar that a beautiful baby girl was born and has grown to a precious and beautiful who is now my wife. Happy birthday.

#42) If asked, I will never let you go not even in the second world; you’re the reason why I work hard to ensure you have a smile on your face. Happy birthday.

#43) Please enjoy your day, let me take up your duties today it is a unique sweet and memorable day. My heart skips a beat when you are around me I can’t resist having you near me. Happy birthday my dear

#44) I wouldn’t ask for more, and I thank you for saying ‘yes’ and following me to this blind walk of life taking the up’s and down’s that come with marriage. Happy birthday my dearest wife I will love you and treasure you.