Happy Birthday Wish Messages for Brother

#1. Hello there brother. Right from the moment I looked into your cradle and saw you gaze up at me with your eyes too big and a smile so innocent, I knew I had found myself a best friend for life. Happy Birthday!

#2. Today marks the celebration of yet another year of being together through thick and thin- no matter how many times you pull my hair or trip me when I walk. I love you for being there for me. Happy Birthday to you and may you have so many more such wonderful ones.

#3. Here is to all the fights for the TV remote we have ever had. Here is to the wrestling matches mom so did not want us to have. Here is to breaking the glass vase and blaming it on the maid. Here is wishing you a pleased birthday!

#4. Here is to every moment we have spent with our eyes glued to the comic books that we safeguarded so well. Here is to all the chocolates ‘shared’ equally and here is to every memory, good and bad. Happiest of birthdays to you brother, without you my life would have as much meaning as a song without words.

#5. I was once asked to list a few of my favorite things in the world. After much thought, I realized they were all things that belonged to you. Your super cool bike that you would let me ride once in a while under your strict supervision. Your game boy that I could play with only when you did your homework. I love you brother and Happy Birthday to you!

#6. Your computer where you created an account for me to log in and play whenever I was sad and records that you used to play aloud in the evenings that sometimes we all loved and sometimes made mom really mad are some of my best memories. Brother, you are always what I have wanted to be like because you’re the best person I know. Happy Birthday, bro!

#7.For every sunshine, there is to come, and for every sunset, there is to pass, thank you for being the warmth that I seek, for being the light that I need and for being the ultimate comfort of which they speak. No words can assemble in the right way to tell you exactly how important you are to me, wish you a long life brother Happy Birthday!

#8. You are my compass when I cannot find my way, my comrade, and partner anytime, any day. Happiest of all the birthdays to you brother. Without you, I’d be the equivalent of a desert without a speckle of sand.

#9. Happy birthday to the boy that you are when you yell at the TV when your team disappoints you. Happy Birthday to the knight that you suddenly become when a pretty girl is in trouble somewhere. Happy Birthday to the ultra nerd you become when Luke Skywalker opens his mouth. Happy Birthday, bro!

#10. Happy Birthday to the Good Samaritan you are when an old man needs help in crossing a road. But most importantly, Happy Birthday to the fantastic friend you are whenever I had needed you and my only source of comfort when things got beyond control. Thank you for being the best brother one can hope to have.

#11. You showed me the true meaning of being a family. You showered me with love whenever I needed it. You told me off whenever I deserved it. You set a path for me to follow, a path for me to walk by and a path for me to stick to when things got confusing and complicated. Happy birthday, brother!

#12. The whole world would tell me I was not good enough while you would hold my hand and tell me to focus on ignoring such people. You set a path so unique and wonderful that by following you I have found nothing but happiness. Happy Birthday, brother, I haven’t known a better person than you, and I doubt I ever will.

#13. Dear brother, do you remember that one summer we said we would plant trees and save the environment by making it so green and beautiful? We then sowed seeds, not of plants but of a future so full of potential of growing and reaching heights together, of a future filled with the hope of flourish and rightful glory. Here is wishing you a Happy Birthday!

#14. I seek a future with you to cherish and uphold all the values our family has blessed us with. I love you and no matter where you are and what you do, I will always love you and be your comrade in need. Happy Birthday brother.

#15. Time has flown a lot since we last sat together and talked about our dreams and wishes since we laughed our hearts off recollecting the day’s events and since we ran as far as we could to get away from the owner of the house whose window we just broke. I miss you and want to wish you a wonderful birthday!

#16. It has been long since we played with every dog in the street and played hide and seek near the tallest of bushes. The memories that have been created with you are not just irreplaceable but also something I wouldn’t trade for every single diamond in the world. Happy Birthday, bro!

#17. Together we stood against the world and grew up to be so different yet so alike. On your birthday this year, I wish you more than the best of the years to come. I love you brother. Happy Birthday to you!

#18. Happy birthday to the only person in the world who can make me laugh till I cry by saying the stupidest of things in the times when I’m sad just to make me laugh. You are more than just a brother; you are a partner in crime, a comrade in need and a shoulder to cry on.

#19. No one knows me better than you. Friends come and go, lovers come and go but family is the one constant that has stood the test of time in my life, and you are my family, my soul mate and my best friend. Happy B’day, brother!

#20. Thank you for teaching me to stand up for myself; thank you for my childhood and thank you for being simply I will always love you bro Happy Birthday!

#21. Did you know that every time you got in trouble with mom or dad I would laugh, but when I saw you cry, so would I? Did you know that if anyone asked me to point to my best friend in the whole world I would point to you? Here is me wishing you the best on your birthday brother!

#22. Did you know that the times your name was called out in praise, my heart leaped in joy? I may not tell you this often so today, along with wishing you the happiest of birthdays.

#23. I also want to tell you that I love you so much and that you really are the best gift that life has ever given me. Happy Birthday again brother- may you live long and happily.

#24. You used to tell me that fairy tales weren’t real. You used to say to me that it was silly of me to think that I would ever meet someone who would do anything to make me happy and protect me whenever I needed someone to be there. But you didn’t seem to notice that I didn’t need anyone else to protect me when I had my soldier and superhero, my brother. Happy Birthday to you!

#25. From making me laugh to making me cry, you always believed it was only your right to do so. You would fight with me, and for me, you still do- my best friend and lifeline. Thank you for everything brother- I will always love you. Happy Birthday, loving bro.

#26. Happy Birthday dear brother. You have always been mom and dad’s favorite and I the troublemaker. I remember continually annoying you and then running for life when I finally succeeded in doing so. To all the fights we have ever had, and to all the good memories we will forever have, I raise a toast.

#27. I cannot imagine having a life without you. You made me who I am and whatever I do is an imitation of you hoping one day to be as awesome as the one person I secretly look up to- you. Happy Birthday my dear brother.

#28. I love you, and I love our parents for giving me you. May you have plenty of returns on this wonderful day Happy Birthday brother.

#29. Growing up, I never imagined that one day we would really be living separate lives miles away from each other and dealing with our own We may not now live in the same room, fight for the same toys or play with the same Lego set but we will always love each other and be there for each other Happy Birthday my dear brother a gift of God to me.

#30. Thank you for making me believe that family is indeed forever, especially when your brother is also your best friend. Happy Birthday, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to grow up with, to steal chocolates from or to learn how to be a good person from.