How to Cold Approach a Girl

Man is a social being. You can never be complete without that particular person in your life. Love is the main driving force in life. It gives you strength to fly and run miles you never thought you would. Love also gives you a chance to live a fun-filled life.

To get that one person who will give you the real meaning of love, you need to learn the art of reaching them. The cold approach has become one of the best ways of approaching a girl. It also produces long-lasting results.

A woman feels safe with someone who has the confidence of expressing their feelings openly. Such kind of a relationship is prone to survive longer and might end up in marriage. Below are a few steps to follow when cold approaching a girl?

Understand Women

Many say a woman is the most complicated being. However, for you to approach her effectively, it is important to understand her. We have all heard the story of trying and failing to please a stranger that you desire to know.

For you to cold approach a woman effectively and experience a smooth progress, it’s important to understand her beforehand. Although there is no way of generalizing women, they have a few things in common. These include:

  • Many women prefer long-term relations over hookups. They can easily tell the kind of a relationship you are interested in. If you approach a lady solely for sexual purposes, chances are, she will know what you are up to.
  • Be humble and being your real self will go a long way. Many women are attracted to men who are concerned about other people’s feelings. They also have a way of telling if you are faking masculinity.
  • Women are often emotion-based. Therefore, for you to have a smooth rapport with her, it is important to be sensitive. Put yourself in her shoes and try to be gentle with her.
  • Although many women desire to find a life-partner, they usually prefer friendships first. It is wise to approach a lady with the intention of making a friend and not getting a date.

Sharpen Your Social Skills

While it is necessary to sharpen your social skills, before meeting a new person, you must be more careful with women. A woman picks on some finer social nuances that men don’t even notice.

Women love to be respected. It will be effortless to win a woman’s heart if you show her you are approaching her for more than just her looks.

Below are a few things to remember when conversing with a girl;

  • Avoid calling women terms like; “sluts,” “bitches” or “whores.” Avoid swearing as well. This in turns many women away.
  • Do not comment on her body. It is only allowed in a club while both of you are drunk. You will scare her out if you try to discuss her body in your opening lines.
  • There is a thin line between sexual harassment and If a woman looks uncomfortable with your sexual advances, chances are, she might be feeling sexually harassed.
  • Show respect. Treating anyone like they are lesser than you will drive many girls away.

Be Confident

It is very essential that you are optimistic. Confidence does not only give you the courage to carry out a dialogue with a lady you just met, but it is also attractive. Thinking negatively and blaming yourself for past mistakes doesn’t do you any good.

Use your experiences as a learning ground to prepare yourself for the present. Let this girl know you are confident in what you are doing and have no doubt of yourself. Women love men who are confident with themselves.

Don’t Worry What others will Think of You

Some people will disagree with you and what you do. A big way of proving your confidence is living your life the way you want whether people agree with it or not. When you stop concentrating so much on other people’s views even the girls you are approaching, you become happier and more confident.

  • However, it is good to listen to your friends who have valid concerns. If your family members or female friends are giving you red lights, take note and heed them.

 Know that You are Taking a Risk

Be aware that approaching a stranger is not an easy task. If you are anxious about cold approaching a lady, you may meditate about “what-ifs.” However always remember that you cannot read her mind.

You will never be able to tell how she feels about you if you don’t take the risk of conveying your feelings to her. Once you kick-off, you will be able to know how valid your “what-ifs” were or whether it was just anxiety.

Keep Your Eyes the Price

Cod approaching a girl is a technique that is out of the ordinary and might be scary. However, its benefits are great. Think about it. This method helps you overcome fear and gives you a profound inner confidence. This in return sets a platform for you to be a more confident man who can easily move forward.

On the other hand, if all goes well, you get a new friend who might even become your girlfriend.

Be Contented with Your Skin

Yes, you have negative characters- but so does everyone else. Mulling over your flaws or picking yourself apart does not do you any good. A girl who is worth dating or befriending will accept you just as you are.

Even though this girl is a stranger to you, if she is the right partner for you, she will accept you with all your weaknesses.

  • This, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change what is in your control. Your grooming habit is totally in your control no woman will be delighted to talk to a man who hasn’t showered for days. Keeping yourself clean builds your self-confidence.
  • Take a bath, brush your teeth, keep your hair short and change your clothes regularly. Make yourself presentable.