Everything You Need to Know About Relationship & Women

When you talk about tricks to have sex with a woman, you can find a lot of matter over google and from unwanted advisors in your community around you, but what happens in real life is a bit different from such tricks. So, you may have read a lot of such tricks and ideas to make a woman love you, from which meager skills come to happen in reality.

Nowadays, men are losing humor to know women that what they wish for, knowing that exact thing about a woman makes you a real man. Now, let me introduce you the real agog that what you should do and don’t to make women tuck into you.

1. Never Share Sex Experience’s with Your Partner

When you come in contact with a girl you should never talk about the sexual experiences you had with other girls in your past because this make’s the girl unhappy and confused. Furthermore, then and only she would be able to make you feel her best of skin gratification and sometimes talking about good or bad past sex experience may lead the girl to scamper away or even dominate herself to the one who may have satisfied her before.

2. Never Force a Girl to Your Way

Asking a woman to play according to you is good, but forcing her to make up feel better is not the right thing. When a girl does something from her inner desire to make you feel hard, that’s a positive indication for you to be little aggressive and combative. Forcing her to do something that she doesn’t want to will make the girls unsatisfactory and desolated afterward.

3. First Feel Should Always Be Remembered

The first date is perhaps a golden opportunity for men’s.If you think you are little weak to stand long for her than make it corrected for this occasion, first sex for women is like a Big closed room of heaven from which she expects a lot, and she is super excited to enter in that and wish to make that entrance remarkable.So, sleeping for the first time with a woman shouldn’t be a night of sleep actually, this should be sensational, stunning, incredible for she should feel amazed by your effort and artistry.

4. Drive to the Bottom Line

Never set your limits in love making because when you forget your limits, you will never end it from your side.Do what she is moaning about, go through the curves of her body to reach the wetness. If she hadn’t cried out loud means she needs more, so never stop by thinking that this is enough.Be a man of her and make her nervous about what you are going to do next. Don’t allow her to relax if she cries for until she reaches her climax.

5. Watch Women What She Enjoys Most

One should not go blind and keep enjoying by himself, and you should even keep an eye on her sensual organs when they tighten up and releases grease because this is the moment you should remember which will be beneficial for next time.

There is a significant majority of such girls who only relax on certain points and positions, so you should always be that much alive that you may notice what she love’s most.

6. Be Shameless While Pushing Women Into Bed

Don’t forget to ask her “how is she feeling” when you immerse her in bed. When a woman is jumping in joy, you should always remember to ask that if she like’s it, this makes women feel more evident and appealing, This will make her unlatched to you, and she would tell everything she is willing to have.

7. Accolade Your Partner

When she performs to make you feel better than never forget to give compliments to her, this will make her push her limits, and surely you will feel the bottom lines bowled.

8. Be Oral in Action

Desires are never same. They keep on flowing like water. Sometimes women need you to be hard, and sometimes she wishes you to be gentle and soft. So, always watch what your partner is in need of, many times men forget to have a feel about his partner that what she wishes for and mostly it is oral sex.Oral sex is considered as safe as regular sex, but still, people think that it is unhygienic and awkward.Oral sex gives women more relaxation than any other kind of sex, so one should never be ashamed of licking her body parts and let her dive in the sea of heaven.

9. Never Let Women Get Tired

Always remember to take charge when your partner is tired of roll in the hay.

Women love to take charge and ride their men. But men should know when to take charge and make her feel relaxed by giving a perfect smooth souse. By this, she may not go unconscious and would be able to feel every inch inside her.

10. How to Start and End

Being funny is the best way to impress your partner or to encourage her for sexual attention. You should have a good sense of humor of cracking wild and sexy jokes to her. This may take her attention to you, and she may find you naughty which turns a lot of girls to nasty mood.

Uses of straps are quite well such as feathers and eye covers; this make arouses like warm earth waiting for rain.

During sex men should show his strength once, because this will make women realize that how powerful her man is, but showing strength doesn’t mean to hit her, it can be done by hugging her from back tightly or giving her a full immersion.

And talking about the end of love making, it should be caring; you should hug her tight to your chest so that she may feel that you are all of her, which will make your next episode much and more curious

Final Opinion

By following above theory, you can make feel your partner something she had never felt before and may increase affection and love in you relation