Get Well Soon Quotes

Nothing matters more to your sick friends and family than a sweet and loving message to show them you care about them. These words are strong enough to quicken their recovery. As much as the doctor’s care is needed, patients recover well in an environment where they are showered with love and considerable attention.

Your love and support to them are as important as the doctor’s contribution. For that reason always do as much as you can to give moral and emotional support to your sick family member or friend. Below is a list of several ‘get well soon’ messages that you can send to encourage them.

#1. I want to wish you God’s speed in your healing. May your health be fully restored

#2. Your sense of humor is being missed by everyone here. Get well soon and join the fun.

#3. Hospital ceilings look boring that is why am praying for your speedy recovery. May healing be your portion.

#4. There is a lot of fun life has to offer outside those hospital walls. How I wish you get well fast for you to experience all the fun and delights out here.

#5. May your strength grows stronger every day, as positive energy is gradually restored in your veins, may you become healthier and happier.

#6. Don’t worry about your current health situation too much. You have an army of martial arts friends who are here trying to kick out that condition for you. We are praying for you.

#7. I believe there is always time for everything, and that is why your body has decided it’s time to take a rest. Rest well as you recover.

#8. Everyone here is eagerly waiting for your return. Your kindness and hospitality are dearly missed by everyone here. Get well fast.

#9. When I was in a similar condition that you are, I remember how you used to crack jokes besides my hospital jokes. May you smile your way to full recovery.

when I was in a similar condition that you are

#10. Life is not about driving big cars or living in big mansions; instead, it’s about being in perfect health and enjoying life to the fullest. Quick recovery is what I wish you as you join us in enjoying this life.

#11. I know you as a fighter, a person who doesn’t go down without a fight. I know you will fight your way out of this situation. Good health is my wish for you today.

#12. If I am asked for a brave and strong person, I will not hesitate to choose you. Your strong will and bravely will see you out of this. Get well fast.

#13. Even though today you feel crummy after the operation, it’s a matter of days before you get to your full self. The jovial, young person is full of life. May your recovery be 100%.

#14. My love is with you during this trying moment. I know you will recover and get back your full self soon.

#15. I don’t know you as a good listener, but I do hope you are listening to your doctor’s advice. May you recover well.

#16. Don’t worry being in that hospital bed for days; it’s a matter of days before you get back on your feet.

#17. I have not only brought these flowers to brighten your room but to brighten your heart as well. You will be well soon.

#18. I know you have so many “get well soon” messages with you, my message for you is “get well now.”

#19. May every morning find you getting better and better.

May every morning find you getting better and better.

#20. During this difficult moment, my thoughts of good health are with you. I can’t wait to see you back on your feet.

#21. Our healing thoughts and prayers are with you today.

#22. Though your usual smile is not with you today, I believe a brighter tomorrow is coming your way. When sickness will be in your history books.

#23. Use these days to rest and recharge yourself. Your best days are ahead of you.

#24. If there is anything that I can do to help you get well soon, please don’t hesitate to let me know. It will be my pleasure.

#25. The flowers with me represent my thoughts of good health to you. Smell your victory to good health.

#26. If there is something I hate in this life, it sees you in your blue feelings. Get well quickly.

#28. I had started to ask questions why you are taking too long to recover only from realizing, on the contrary; it’s me who is missing you so much. Get well now my dear.

#29. With all the prayers that we have offered to you today, no disease can keep you down anymore. We believe in your healing.

with all the prayers that we have offered to you today

#30. When the angel of good health passes by tonight, may he raise you to your feet again. Our prayers are with you in this trying moment.

#31. Your family loves you so much, so is your friends. We all miss you and can’t wait for you to be on your feet again.

#32. If today am a magician, I could have made you fit and healthy again by just waving my wand.

#33. As the sun rises in the morning, may you rise from that sick bed you are in. My wish I for you to be whole again.

#34. Always remember you are not alone in this, in a short time, you will be back to yourself. May you bounce back better and stronger than you were.

#35. The same way this is hard to you, so is it to me. Your physical healing will heal my soul as well. You are loved.

#36. Your absence is being felt at home by everyone; anyone can’t fill the part you play in changing lives.

#37. Every time I close my eyes to pray, I always whisper a simple prayer to God for your quick recovery. I have a feeling my prayer is about to be answered. Your recovery is coming soon.

#38. If you can look outside through your window, you will notice the sun is brightly shining telling you that you need to get well soon.

#39. You look like a lazy boy lying in that hospital bed; you don’t deserve that status so get well soon.

you look like a lazy boy lying in that hospital bed

#40. Every time you are not at home, it means more work for me, the longer your stay in that hospital, the more the work for me. Come back home quickly stronger and more energized.

#41. I pledge my loyalty to be with you as you fight this battle till you win. The warrior in you will see you through this.

#42. If you don’t lose heart, am so sure that you will win this battle and that’s why my prayers are with you today. Quick recovery champs.

#43. We are all here waiting for your recovery news to start celebrations. We miss you.

#44. Special people like you don’t deserve to fall sick that’s why seeing you in that bed beats me. Get well now buddy.

#45. Every night I burn candles paying for you. I don’t plan to stop till the light is back in your life. You will be well soon.

#46. What happened to you doesn’t matter. What I know is that you are a strong woman and very soon you are going to get out of that dark room and enjoy the sunshine again.

#47. How I miss our silly gossips that I have no one else to share with. Get out of that bed quickly and let us enjoy the beauty of life.

#48. I have always told you how sweet and loved you are, and you never believed me. Now we can all agree after the virus and bacteria infestation as they have fallen for these charms as well.

#49. We both know that the only bank I qualify for a loan is you. How do you expect me to survive without you around? Get well soon and approve my next credit, please.

#50. Although they say being sick is as well as house arrest, some criminals cannot qualify for this. It’s time for you to break those chains and enjoy the beauty of life once again.

#51. Heard you’ve been a victim of the weather, hope you overcome the challenge soon.

#52. You look so dull and weak when you are sick. All your beauty has faded away. For how long will you allow this to continue? Get well soon and show the world you are the champion.

#53. Although I told you, I will always be by your side I didn’t mean you break your leg so that I can carry you around. Just kidding. Get well soon dear.

#54. When going through your prescription, I noticed the doctor had forgotten to include the essential curative drug- a warm hug from a true friend.

#55. There is always a moment of being loved and pampered and today is your day. Get well soon friend.

there is always a moment of being loved

#56. Life is not only about living; it is all about living well. So get well more quickly and shine with beauty.

#57. They say health and humor are like a bright lamp in a dark room. It brings out all the difference. Get well soon and let’s celebrate life together.

#58. You look so odd on that sick bed because it wasn’t meant for influential people like you.

#59. Get well soon and show them what you are made of.

#60. The doctors have done a perfect job in treating you; now it’s time for you to rise and kiss the beauty of good health.

#61. The house looks so empty without you. Get well soon dear.