Good Morning Messages for Wife

#1. There is a best to everything. You are my best view each day. Have a lovely morning my love.

#2. Good morning my love. You make getting up each day worthwhile.

#3. The only thing in this world that matters to me is that I have you beside me each morning.

#4. I could not pick a better person to spend each morning. Good morning my sweet love.

#5. You are my sunshine, my light, my life. Good morning sweet princess.

#6. When I wake up every morning, I realize how happy you make me. Good morning sweetheart.

#7. When I wake up and see you every morning, I cannot help but think how lucky I am to be with you.

#8. You make me want to be a better man than I am. Good morning love.

#9. When my eyes first spotted you, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life waking up with you each morning. Good morning my love.

#10. When I first laid eyes on you I knew I found my paradise. Good morning love.

#11. I didn’t know how lucky I was when you first said yes to my proposal. But when I started waking up to you each morning I knew I was the luckiest man on earth.

#12. The most beautiful memory I have is seeing you each morning. Rise and shine my sweetheart.

#13. Even on those bad mornings, I look over and see your angelic expression. I then thank God that I was allowed to marry the most beautiful angel. Good morning my one and only love.

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#14. The only mistake I ever made was waiting so long to marry you. Each day with you gets better and better. Time to get up sunshine.

#15. When you smile at me in the morning, all my cares fade away. I am energized and ready to meet the day’s challenges. I love you and good morning my love.

#16. Your smile each morning gives me the energy I need to meet the challenges that come our way. Good morning, love.

#17. Waking up next to you is how I picture paradise. Each morning with you is like being in heaven. Good morning my sweet princess.

#18. When I see you sleeping next to me each morning, the world fades away. You are my light and love. Good morning my dear.

#19. Your smile each morning is more beautiful than any sunrise. You are my inspiration, my love. Good morning.

#20. Those who criticize marriage have never woken up next to a beautiful woman like yourself. You make being married the greatest thing in the world. Good morning sweetheart.

those who criticize marriage have never woken up

#21. Those who avoid getting married rob themselves of the beauty a woman brings each morning. I have not been robbed but blessed to be with you. Good morning my love.

#22. Every morning I wake up, I am happy. That is because you are next to me. Good morning the sweetest person to walk this earth.

#23. When I see you in the morning I have realized I have all that my heart desires. Good morning my one and only.

#24. The younger generations think that love is found in a hashtag. I found love in your morning smile. Good morning sweetheart.

#25. Who needs twitter and facebook to communicate, when your smile sends me all the love I need. Good morning my love.

#26. No matter what troubles I face, your presence makes everything better. Good morning my inspiration.

#27. I wanted to be perfect once. But then I saw your beautiful eyes looking at me. I realized that I do not have to be perfect for you. I just have to be me. Good morning my love.

#28. Life may not be perfect but spending my life with you makes up for any imperfection in life. Good morning my dear.

#29. I have discovered that the best thing in life is waking up, turning over and seeing your beautiful face. Good morning my treasure.

#30. There is no hidden treasure with you. You display your beauty even in the mornings. Good morning to the one I love.

love quotes for wife 2

#31. I do not need a treasure map to find all the treasure you possess. Your smile and your eyes, send it to me every time I look at you. Good morning to the one who is more than beautiful.

#32. I can’t believe I was so lucky to be with you. Every morning you overwhelm me with love, beauty and kindness. This morning greeting does not do justice to what you give me each day. Good morning to such a beautiful spirit.

#33. I stand in awe at how beautiful you are and how much you give to me. This simple greeting is not enough to repay all that you have shared with me. Good morning to the one I love.

#34. My family told me I could do better. But they do not wake up each morning with you and see how beautiful you truly are. Good morning to the one who makes my life so much better.

#35. Sometimes I stand in the doorway and just watch you sleep. Your beauty transforms a common activity like sleep into something spiritual and moving. Good morning to the one who is my love.

#36. We were told growing up that beauty is only skin deep. You have proved them wrong each day. Your beauty extends to every part of you. I am lucky to be with you. Good morning to such a wonderful person.

#37. Why should I worry, I have you beside me. Your wit, charm, wisdom, intelligence help me make the right decisions each day. Good morning to the one who does more than her part.

#38. I am very grateful when you agreed to be my wife. I do not know where I would be without your beauty, intelligence, and love. Good morning to the one who makes life worth living.

#39. For those who say that there is no such thing as a perfect wife. I say they have not met you. Good morning to the perfect wife.

#40. All the beauty and fragrances of the all the flowers in the world. Do not compare to the beauty in your soul, the fragrance in your hair and the love in your heart. Good morning to the one that outshines the flowers.

#41. When I wake up and see you I think I am in heaven. You make our life feel like we are living in paradise. Good morning to the one who does it all for us.

#42. The best gift I have ever received is the gift of love presented to me by my wife each morning. Good morning to the most unselfish person I know.

#43. I did not know that when I married you every day would be like Christmas. I get the gift of beauty, love and kindness from you every day. Good morning to the one who shows me what marriage is all about.

#44. The only favorite activity I have are the ones we do together. Good morning to the one who makes all activities an act of beauty.

#45. I did not realize that I married an artist. You have made our marriage a work of art. Good morning to the one who puts the soul in our union.

#46. Even on raining days, I have sunshine when you are in the room with me. Good morning to my personal sun.

#47. Good morning to the one who lights up my life.

#48. My favorite morning exercise is when I open up my eyes and see your beauty. Good morning to the loveliest woman of them all.

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#49. I still cannot process the fact that I am the husband to the most beautiful woman in all the world. Good morning to the one who makes me feel so blessed.

#50. I am not a god, yet I have a goddess. I am not a king, yet I have a queen. I am not a knight, but I have the most beautiful woman on earth. Good morning my sweet princess.

#51. Counting my blessings is not that difficult. I look at you and see how blessed I am. Good morning to my one and only.

#52. I just need to hear your voice to know how luck I was to marry the most beautiful woman in the world. Good morning my princess.

#53. This card does not express how much you mean to me. It is a feeble attempt to let you know that you mean more to me than any earthly treasure or person. Good morning my love.

#54. Words fail me as I try to let you repay the love and everything else you have shown me. You do not realize the impact you have had on my life and I am forever grateful. Good morning to the one who makes my day even when she is sound asleep.

#55. I look at this card, then I look at you. This little gift is not worthy of a wonderful person such as you. I better live my life in such a way that I can be counted as worthy of your love. Good morning to the one who is deserving of all the stars in the sky.