Good Night Messages for Him

A relationship is like a flower which blossoms when nurtured well. Relationships need time, effort, commitments, sacrifices and much more but yet there’s always something missing. The growing hollowness between you and your soulmate can be fixed with a heartwarming text message. A good night message heals all the wounds strengthening your relationship bond. Here are the most heart-melting good night text messages you’ll ever find.

Lets have a look to some sweet & romantic good night text messages for him:-

#1. Your presence fills the emptiness in my life. I want to cuddle my love for eternity, good night!

#2. A night with a brightened moon and sparkling stars wished you good night accompanied by sweet dreams.

#3. I hope a good night song lands you in my fantasy world where we can relive every precious moment we spent together.

#4. Roses are red, the sky is blue, and I remember you every full moon.

#5. Yesterday midnight, a nightingale whispered your name melodiously, but it missed Goodnight.

#6. Today’s good night sleep will help you to get rid of insomnia.

#7. Good night! Now sleep peacefully, and stop brooding over the past.

#8. The passing of this night will bring a new dawn in your life. Good night!

#9. Just like the shining stars in the dark sky, you will always shine in my heart.

#10. Half of the world’s sleeping and half of the worlds awake but my other half is busing reading this message. Good night!

Half of the world's sleeping and half of the worlds awake.

#11. You make my day shine, and stars make my night bright. Good night to my dearest one.

#12. They say nights are longer in winters but for me, every night is longer without you. Good Night!

#13. Nights are shorter in summers but every night gets short when I dream of you.

#14. If it’s possible, please stay in my heart forever. I hope you have a good night sleep.

#15. Every night, your love sparkles in the dark ahead of me.

#16. I wish you were here for me to fell asleep in your arms like a baby feeling the warmth.

#17. Your love is like an investment which grows every night. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

#18. Your Scent gets the best out of me, every night. Goodnight!

#19. I hope this night to be the sweetest as its time for you to be asleep.

#20. I hope your sweetest dream turn reality. Good night, sweet dreams!

I hope your sweetest dream turn reality. Good night, sweet dreams!

#21. Being tired of the good night and sweet dream messages. I wish you smile for me before going to bed.

#22. My heart feels you shine brighter than the moon. Please never fade away from my life.

#23. The night is a time where we remember all the sweet things and sweet person in life. I hope I’m one among them. Good night!

#24. Laugh and half of the world laugh with you. Snore and half of the world sleep with you.

#25. The day was perfect but the night isn’t. I wish to cuddle you, my love. Good night!

#26. I wonder what we will do together if I were in your dream. Let us fall asleep to find out

#27. Every night I find a reason to fall in love with you. Have a great night ahead.

#28. On the coldest night, all I want is your body warmth.

#29. Every day, I wish to wake up next to you. Bye, it’s time to sleep.

#30. At night, I can’t stop myself thinking about you.

At night, I can't stop myself thinking about you.

#31. I want you in my bed, tonight, Love you dear.

#32. You taste sweeter than my dessert.

#33. I wish to sleep on your lap at this wonderful night and feel the pleasure of having you.

#34. I’m alone tonight. Come over and make my bed shake.

#35. Good night and don’t let other girls bite

#36. My morning started with a kiss. I hope my night could have ended the same way.

#37. When I wish good night, I meant you to be a GOOD boy at night. Don’t think about other women except me

#38. At night, nobody loves you but I am the one who do.

#39. Good night and sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

#40. Last night, I hugged my pillow and dreamed of you. Tonight, I will hug you and dream about my pillow. Good night.

Last night, I hugged my pillow and dreamed of you.

#41. The most handsome guy deserves a forehead kiss from a beautiful girl, so here is the kiss from a beautiful girl. You aren’t the handsome guy, but you are a cute guy.

#42. The advantage of being your girlfriend is to have the world’s softest pillow every night.

#43. I can never fall asleep because I’m awake thinking about you.

#44. Your thoughts never let me sleep. Good night!

#45. A person has stolen my heart and right now, he is reading this message. Good night husband.

#46. I will dream about you if you dream about me. Deal?

#47. Called my room service for dinner but sadly you aren’t there on the menu.

#48. I believe in breakfast in bed only if you are on the menu.

#49. I feel shivers down the spine whenever I think of you.

#50. Good night because it is time to meet you in the morning.

Good night because it is time to meet you in the morning.

#51. Good night! Do miss me until morning.

#52. Hurry up and sleep tight. We need to enter dreamland.

#53. Here is the list of things I want to sleep well. A soft pillow, a cozy blanket, and you. Good night!

#54. As long as you are on my side, the scariest of the nightmare can never bother me.

#55. In my fantasy world, the night ends with a sweet cuddle and morning starts with a gentle kiss on my forehead.

#56. I hope you dream of all the romantic things doing together. Good night!

#57. Dreaming is what gets you closer to my heart.

#58. I love you every morning, noon and night.

#59. We are in a long distance relationship, but I always find you closer to my thoughts, dreams, and heart.

#60. Candles cannot burn without light. The moon cannot shine without night. I cannot sleep without you tonight.

Candles cannot burn without light.

#61. I wish you were here, or I was there, or we were together. But I can’t change the fate. Still, goodnight.

#62. Every night, I sleep with a smile on my face because, at dawn, I’ll love you the most.

#63. I love sleeping by your side because of the warmth of your cuddle.

#64. Good night but your dream will always be incomplete without me

#65. Neither you nor I am happy being away from each other. Let us cuddle each other to death, tonight.

#66.  I don’t need the sun or the moon or stars to brighten my life. I have you to enlighten me when it’s dark.

#67. Every night, I sleep with a picture we took together hoping that you’ll wake up next to me.

#68. Insomnia does not fear me but losing you, does. Good night!

#69. It is hard to fall asleep without you but anyway, goodnight sweetheart.

#70. Every time, I close my eyes, I see you in my thoughts.

#71. Good night because I don’t want you to get dark circles.

#72. I love the view when you sleep by my side.

#73. Good night to a person who is the whole world for me.

#74. Good night my sweetheart, I love you a lot then anyone can do.