Happy Anniversary Wishes

#1. I love the way you couldn’t spend the tiniest bit of time apart for all these years. May you never have to ever again. Happy Marriage Anniversary!

#2. May the elixir of love that you two share and receive never end, in the presence of true love, the time you spend. Happy Anniversary!

#3. May the bond you share last seven lifetimes, may you embark upon the eternal journey together- always and forever. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

#4. From laughter to tears, your love happened to grow each day for years. Wish you a lifetime of happiness and love. Happy Anniversary to my dearest friends!

#5. You took a long way, but you got there. When we see you, we know that we are indeed and sincerely in the presence of love. Wish you a very happy and prosperous anniversary!

#6. When I look at you too and how far you’ve come across your journey of love, I wish upon the shooting star to make it eternal. Happy anniversary!

#7. Reminisce your past, enjoy your present to the fullest, and embrace your joyous future together. Wish you both a very happy and lovable anniversary!

#8. May this anniversary bring you twice as joy as your love has brought over all these years. May your bond grow stronger every single day. Happy Anniversary!

#9. It’s time to celebrate your wonderful years of passion, joy, love, and compassion for each other. With a heart full of blessings I wish you a very happy anniversary!

#10. If after all these wonderful years, we are half as happy as you are, we will consider ourselves the luckiest people on Earth. Happy anniversary!

#11. It’s time to revive those sacred vows; it’s time to boost your everlasting love, it’s time to be grateful for the greatest gift of love. Happy anniversary!

#12. I know you’ve heard individual wishes all day, mine won’t compare. I just want to say that you guys made love look like a walk through a meadow. Thanks for reviving my faith. Happy anniversary!

#13. We’ve heard so much about love and how it is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Thanks for showing it to us in action. Wish you a very happy anniversary!

#14. I have known you separately, and I have known you together, but to know you as a couple means that we are truly in the presence of positivity. Happy anniversary.

#15. You two complete each other and together, you make one hell of an awesome person. Wish you a very happy anniversary!

#16. I didn’t believe that love is real until I saw it with my own eyes between the two of you. Stay blessed always, happy anniversary!

#17. You two together make a whole new definition of love that is based on reality. Be our guiding light towards love, always. Happy anniversary!

#18. Thank you for setting a marvelous example for those with severe commitment issues. Wherever you go, love follows, happy anniversary!

#19.  Circumstances came, situations arose, time passed by but love lived on! Thank you for showing us that love is above all. Wish you a very happy and joyous anniversary!

#20. Thank you for showing us that there is something bigger than your own ego and the need to win. Thanks for showing us the true meaning of commitment. Happy anniversary!

#21. You two stood together like rocks through thick and thin, through storm and rain, through joy and sorrow. You truly made it! Happy anniversary!

#22. The destination is not all that matters. The journey with the perfect travel companion is the best part. Congratulations on your successful journey of love. Happy anniversary!

#23. Just a suggestion, in your next life, find each other a little sooner. That way you can love each other even longer than the years you’ve stood by each other’s side. Happy anniversary!

#24. The moment she walked down the aisle, and you took her hand, I froze in awe and wished I have that someday. Happy anniversary! May your love grow over the coming years as it has grown over all this time.

#25. I found no satisfactory answer when I surfed what love is until I witnessed the brilliant example of the two of you. Stay happy always. Happy anniversary!

#26. Here I am, raising my glass to the best decision the two of you ever made. Cheers to all the upcoming stepping stones that will guide you towards more love and happiness. Happy anniversary!

#27. Happy Anniversary to the world’s greatest couple. You make others believe that there is someone out there waiting for them to celebrate love as you do!

#28. Freedom is the name of love, love without conditions, boundations or restrictions, love the two of you shared. Happy anniversary!

#29. When you two stand together in the embrace of love, we see that it wasn’t just a wedding. It was a marriage. Wish you both a very happy anniversary!

#30. From skipping a heartbeat when seeing each other in the hallways to waking up next to each other every day, you made it through. Happy anniversary.

#31. From dreaming together to fulfilling your dreams together, time flew by and love grew all along. For all those moments you held on to each other, happy anniversary!

#32. You’re each other’s sky; you’re each other’s sea; your bond means love to me. With all the blessings from above, happy anniversary to both of you!

#33. You have got what most people search for their entire life but do not even get close. To the miracles of nature and the glory of love, happy anniversary to both of you!

#34. Changing weather never affected you. The canopy of each other’s arms was always enough to get you through ups and downs of your life. Happy anniversary!

#35. You are there to catch each other when you fall. You can count on her, she can rely on you, and how you balance each other is just remarkable. Happy anniversary!

#36. In the scary night, you had your shining star; holding your hands through different phases of life. You made it seem so easy. Thanks for being the love gurus. Happy marriage anniversary!

#37. In the darkest times of life, be each other’s shining flame as you have been for all these magnificent years. We wish a very happy and blessed anniversary to both of you!

#38. Someday, out of nowhere you just find the one. That moment you don’t even know that you are going to meet your one true love and it will change the way you look at life. To the love that lasts between you two, happy anniversary!

#39. This very day, magic happened. Two souls united in the bonds of holy matrimony. That revived my faith in magic and it’s there ever since. Happy anniversary!

#40. It is so incredible and unbelievable how destiny binds two strangers in a bond so strong that they start to exist for each other. Wish you a happy anniversary!

#41. Your love is the picture every artist desires to make. Your bond is a rhythm every poet wishes to undertake. Wish you both a very happy anniversary!

#42. Even a drop of water is capable of turning into a mighty ocean just like your passion turned into love and consumed you with happiness. Happy anniversary!

#43. Knowing that a person is your best friend and your lover is the best thing that can ever happen to you. And you know what the best part is? You never know which side you wish to cherish the most. Happy anniversary to two soul lovers and best friends!

#44. You treasure each quality of your better half as you cherish this day celebrating all the amazing years to come. May your love continue to inspire others the same way it has inspired me. Happy anniversary to both of you!

#45. Attraction fades with time. Love grows with time. The passion of love leaves an indelible imprint in your mind, and nothing on this earth is powerful enough to erase its depth. Happy anniversary!

#46. I still wonder how it feels to hear your heart race in the embrace of togetherness. I wonder how your heart skips a beat out of utter devotion to another soul. I guess that’s what love is all about- devotion. Happy anniversary!

#47. After all these years both of you somehow managed to fall in love with each other every single day. Every day there is something brand new that makes you go crazy about each other in a different way each time. Happy anniversary!

#48. To all those years when a single smile made your day! To the time when a tight hold on the hand was the solution to all life’s problems. To the bond that made you hold on to each other for so many years, Happy anniversary!

#49. Pledging someone your undying love and dedication takes courage, at least that is what I used to think before I realized that there is something above our entire existence, and that is true love; the love that you give and receive every single day for the past so many years. Happy anniversary!

#50. Another year to discover each other, another year to make memories, another year to tie a knot that binds together for all eternity. Happy anniversary!

#51. May your anniversary be as unique as your love for each other; May your sorrows vanish, and joy seeps in, soaking every bit of your existence. Congratulations and wish #41. Your love is the picture every artist desires to make. Your bond is a rhythm every poet wishes to undertake. Wish you both a very happy anniversary!

#52. It is time to remember the promises you made to each other. It is time to be by each other’s side together. It is time to hold hands together just like you did when you tied the nuptial knot. Congratulations on such an auspicious day. Happy anniversary to both of you.

#53. May your love grow every second of the day! May this greeting add a little more to your joy you have shared with each other over all these amazing years. Congratulations to both of you for going through various phases of life together for so many years. Happy anniversary!

#54. Dancing becomes effortless when you find the right partner. You feel free, you feel like letting go of all your worries and give in to the serenity of life. That is precisely how love feels like. When the partner and the chemistry are right, there is nothing else left to look. Happy anniversary!

#55. A few years ago, two different souls bound together to form a single pious soul full of love and passion. May God bless you with a whole new stage of love till eternity. Happy anniversary!

#56. An anniversary is a day to reminisce about the old days and how you stood by each other during the roller coaster ride of life. Wish you a very Happy anniversary!

#57. Love is not about the number of years you spent together. It is about how you made that time count by loving each other more and more every single day! Happy anniversary!

#58. Raise your glass to celebrate another year of your commitment towards each other. May the fragrance of your garden of your love for each other last forever.

#59. You might think you are getting a little old to think about why you wanted the other person so passionately. You might not remember why you wanted the other person for. All you might remember is that love was always there and will be there until eternity!

#60. Your marriage shines like a star in every possible way. Stay bright, stay blessed! Congratulations on your special day and happy anniversary!

#61. You are different from all other couples out there in the way how they love each other. They admire looks; you admire a beautiful soul that is kinda in its way. Happy anniversary!