Happy Birthday Memes & Quotes

Birthday comes once in a year which makes them exciting and joyful. It could be the birthday of a favorite pal, a family member or someone who fasten your heartbeat. Everyone gets occupied to arrange a party, purchase a gift, and do something which could make the birthday memorable. But a birthday celebration gets worthless until a heartwarming birthday wish or text message isn’t sent to the special one. A birthday wish can bring a smile worth a sight of a shooting star and can set the foundation for a birthday celebration. Let us celebrate some birthday wishes, quotes, and text messages.

Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Text Messages

# This spectacular day will start a new chapter in your life. Happy birthday to the spectacular person.

# Enjoy the day until it lasts. Happy birthday!

# Light all the candles on the cake and let everyone know how old you have become. I wish you a heartwarming happy birthday.

# A special day in a special person’s life needs a special celebration. Happy birthday, pal.

# Your birthday is the day worth waiting for the year. I wish you an incredible birthday.

# Blow the candles and make your birthday wish come true.

# A lunatic friend needs a wobbly birthday party, Have an insane birthday ahead.

# Two things which intoxicate me by getting older and better are wine and you. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

# The life-changing lessons taught by you will always aid me in the worst situation of my life. Happy birthday to world’s best father.

# The limits and boundaries of your motherhood are untraceable. Happy birthday to the sweetest mother of the planet.

# Happy birthday to a friend who has become brother from another mother.

# If I were the president of our country, I would have declared a national holiday on your birthday.

#  Happy birthday to the wonder of the world for becoming part of my life.

# I wish on your birthday for our love to get stronger and eternal.

# I guess we were destined to meet each other to celebrate the most important day of your life, happy birthday!

# The fire brigade department is on their toes to stop you from lighting up the candles, Happy birthday.

# The special day is prosperous for rest of your life, happy birthday!

# It’s your birthday which needs an unstoppable and crazy celebration to match your personality.

# You are lucky to have a friend like me to celebrate your birthday.

# It is time to celebrate because you are getting old, happy birthday!

# As every birthday passes, you get mature. I wish you a successful life ahead.

# It is an unbelievable birthday fact. You still look young while getting old.

# A cool person like you needs an unforgettable birthday memory.

# It is your birthday, and I am jealous of you to see those gifts and cake.

# Every year, your birthday reminds me how incredible you are.

# On your birthday I would like to present myself as your best birthday gift.

# The common thing about our birthdays are you and me.

# Blow candles, unwrap those presents and eat cake to celebrate your birthday.

# Happy birthday! Every year you get closer to dress like a grandfather.

# Your birthday party is just another excuse to procrastinate my fitness goals.

# The birthday cake looks delicious, but It will look great on your face.

# With each birthday, I wish you get dumb, dumber, and dumbest.

# Roses are red, violets are blue, and I realized, I have a friend crazy AF like you.

# “OLD IS GOLD” was meant for you. Happy birthday!.

# Can’t understand whether it is your birthday or end of an era.

# The best advice on your birthday is to concentrate on your present because it is an expensive gift.

# It is getting older but better. Happy Birthday!.

# If your birthday was on every leap year, how old would you be?

# Don’t hide those wrinkles, let everybody wants to know your age on birthday.

# Those smiles around you show how much everyone loves you. Happy birthday.

# May this birthday take you on an adventure to explore places unknown.

# May the special day fill happiness and love in special one’s life.

# People like you are extinct and rare to find because scientists haven’t experimented on you. Happy birthday to the rarest one.

# Cheers to everyone in the country as it is birthday of the valuable asset of our country.

# Be happy because on this day you changed everyone’s life.

# I hope this birthday will fill your Facebook timeline with beautiful girls messages.

# Happy birthday. I hope you won’t choke yourself while eating the delicious cake.

# It is funny. When you were born, you didn’t utter a word, and now, nobody can’t stop you to utter a word.

# Happy birthday to the person whose birthday doesn’t need a Facebook reminder.

# Happy birthday to the cutest being on the planet.

# It is great to see you maintaining those chubby cheeks by birth. Happy birthday, fatso.

# Your birthday is the proof for Youth comes once in a lifetime.

# Congratulations for spending another year on earth with us.

# Today at 12 am-midnight, you won’t be the same person you were yesterday.

# You and your birthday are worth collecting photos. Happy birthday my loving friend.

# Happy birthday and now cut that delicious cake because I am feeling hungry.

# It is getting hot, let us call the fire department to blow those candles.

# I don’t need a sweater on this cold night because I can feel the warmth of those birthday cake candles.

# Eat your birthday cake until those teeth last.

# Let me inform the fire department that you are about to blow those candles.

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