Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Loved Ones

Have access to some beautiful birthday wishes quotes or text messages. Wishing Happy Birthday has never been easy without wonderful words. So fogut.com have prepared some best b’day wishes for your dear ones or friends.

A friend is someone who understands you better than anyone else. Who never leaves your side when everything around you seems to fall apart. They are an essential part of our lives. Friendship is merely the most beautiful thing in the whole world. They keep our lives moving and always know what to say to cheer us up.

No relationship is stronger than that of a friend. A friend can be a brother, a sister or even a spouse. Any relationship based on friendship stands the test of time. Therefore it is always important to remember your loved one on their special occasion like a birthday. Below are exclusive birthday messages for your loved ones.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend & Dear Ones

#1) Happy birthday to my loving friend. May your life be painted with all the bright colors to add taste to it and may you always have a reason to smile. Stay blessed.

#2) True happiness comes from the heart and is expressed with a bright smile. May your beautiful smile change the world around you. Happy birthday to you. Have fun.

#3) When nothing seems to work out in my life, I run to you. You have become my anchor in time of need. Happy birthday.

#4) Nothing makes more sense to me than seeing you smile and spending joyous moments with you. May this day surpass all the days you have lived so far. Happy birthday friend and much love.

#5) A friend is your guardian angel who stands by your side in good and bad times. Happy birthday friend and always know you have a friend in me who will always be by your side.

#6) Friendship is not about finding a perfect person; it is all about embracing their imperfections without losing them as friends. Happy birthday,

#7) The best gift I can give you is not gold or silver, but it is the ability to see yourself through our eyes to know how special you are to us. Happy birthday,

#8) We grew up doing all the crazy things in the world together, and now we have another opportunity of doing bigger ones. Happy birthday,

#9) Happy birthday, dear, I pray that this day marks an exceptional opportunity of being happy in life and may it always come back with a thousand more years.

#10) Having a friend like you is a privilege not only to me but many others. Happy birthday, You are precious.

a friend like you is a privilege

#11) As long as I am alive, you will never be alone. I promise to always be there for you in all your fixes. Happy birthday.

#12) Happy birthdays to a unique friend who is always eagerly waiting for her birthday like a four-year child every day. The day you have been waiting for is finally here. Have fun.

#13) Happy birthday, Your parents must be a proud couple for having a son like you. Keep working hard dear. We all love you.

#14) Happy birthday to my friend who has always been there for me as a guiding light. Stay blessed.

#15) People come and go, some leave marks of love while others leave painful memories, but true friends are always there to keep you going. Happy birthday,

#16) I am one lucky champ who gets to celebrate two birthdays in a year. Your birthday is as unique to me as it is to you. Happy birthday, dear, Let us celebrate this together.

#17) You taught me the meaning of true love and friendship when you came into my life. Happy birthday my friend. I’ll always be there for you.

#18) My life would be so empty without you by my side. Always know you are special to me. Happy birthday,

#19) It’s your day! Go, swim, fly and live a life beyond expectations. Make unconventional happen. I wish you a great and fun-filled day.

#20) This is a unique and special milestone in this journey called life. I pray that God will make this milestone peaceful and full of happiness and joy beyond measure.

#21) It comes only once in a year, you’ve guessed it right; I’m talking about this special day. Let’s, therefore, make it significant and memorable by celebrating it in style. Happy birthday my good friend.

#22) A birthday simply means a day of your reborn. It’s the best day of starting your life afresh and making new resolutions in life. Write down your goals for the next 365 days of your life, but most important of all don’t forget to celebrate it. Wish you a promising future.

#23) Happy birthday to the sweetest person on earth. A girl with a golden heart and a pure smile that shines through the darkest night. Your love is more than I had bargained for. Happy birthday my sweet friend feeling lucky to have you as a friend.

#24) Don’t ever change because you are complete just the way you are. Happy birthday my sweet and unique partner in crime.

Don’t ever change because you are complete just the way you are. Happy birthday my sweet and unique partner in crime

#25) Adding one more year to your life means one more level of wisdom and new revelation of life. Don’t count the years instead, count the blessings that come with this new day and you will have a reason to celebrate.

#26) Your birthday always reminds me how loving God is to have gifted us with a precious gift like. I wouldn’t ask for anything more than one more day with you.

#27) Another year has passed, and our friendship gets better every day. I am always grateful to God for giving me such a beautiful friend. Memories of our beautiful moments make my life worth living. Happy birthday dear friend.

#28) Your smile still looks dazzling with the few teeth remaining. Wishing you happy moments.

#29) You are like premium wine, getting better with time. I can’t wait to see what awaits us for this New Year that has just begun. Happy birthday, champ!

#30) Let us cut cakes, light up the candles, and celebrate this special day in style. It is time to party. Happy birthday,

#31) Life is too short to dwell on the past. Enjoy the present and look forward to the future because that is what adds value to life. Happy birthday, love!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother

You grew up, sharing your childhood with your brother. It is now his birthday. What’s the best present to give him? Along with a valuable gift, wishing him an evocative (or funny) birthday is essential. In this article, there are a number of birthday messages for a brother!

Whether you are a sister seeking to wish her superman a blessed birthday or an elder brother giving his younger brother some tough love, you’ll get a message here for him.

#32) Even if the sun runs out of fuel one day, my love for you will remain forever. Happy, blessed birthday dear bro!

#33) I am always grateful to God for bringing you into my life. I want to take this opportunity to celebrate you on your birthday for being the finest brother anyone possibly will ever have. Happy birthday, kid bro!

#34) You are a great role model for all brothers in the universe. You are so caring, loving, protective, and supportive. I want to celebrate you on such a special day. An extraordinary happy birthday.

#35) Brother, do not give much thought to your past or your present. I believe in you, and I am certain you are designed to be great. As you celebrate your birthday, keep in mind that this is a revolving end in your life. Happy birthday!

#36) Though this is your birthday, this day is also special to me. It was many years ago a day like today when I received a wonderful brother and a new best buddy. Happy birthday little bro.

#37) You have been my hero right from the start. The truth is, I have always desired to be just like you. Wishing you a joyous and happy birthday!

You have been my hero right from the start.

#38) I cannot help but smile with happiness every time I reflect on As you celebrate your birthday, my every wish for you is happiness and joy now and every day to come. Happy Birthday.

#39) Let the fun start today as you celebrate your birthday. We’ll have birthday cakes decorated with gold, eat the most exclusive foods and bathe in champagne. There’s nothing wrong with wishing something extravagant to a spectacular brother like you.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sisters

It is your sister’s birthday! Whether you wrestle similar to cats and dogs or you are best friends, sending her a thoughtful message for such a day would be an ideal thing to do. Do not worry because we have you covered. Sending her one of our birthday messages will help her understand just how special she is to you.

#40) We offer you some general messages, for older, younger or even for a sister-in-law. Below are a few examples.

#41) Although we may quarrel now and then, you’ll always be the main significant being in my life. Dear sister, you mean a lot to me, more than words can explain. Happy birthday!

#42) It is great to know that in you, I have more than a sister. You are my best friend. Through thick and thin, whenever I need a shoulder to lean on, you have always been there for me. I will always be your guardian angel and your closest friend whenever you are in need. Happy birthday, sis.

#43) We are sisters by chance, but we’ve become best acquaintances by choice. Here is your birthday, sister! I wish you an extraordinary day!

#44) Thank you, sis, for always being my pillar in life. You’ve always offered me helpful advice since I was a little kid. Thank you because with you by my side, I’ve overcome some of life’s greatest obstacles. You are the best sis anyone could ever dream of. Happy birthday!

#45) I have so many things to thank God for, but in it all, you top the list. The love and care you’ve shown me throughout the years can compare to none. You have always been my greatest cheerleader. Happy birthday!

#46) Your birthday means more to me than it does to you. The desire to know why? Because twenty years ago, a day like today, I received the main valuable present in my life. Happy birthday, sis!

#47) This might be a normal day for everybody else, but it is the most significant day ever to me. Why? Because it is my sister’s birthday. I send you all the joy and love of the world!

It is the most significant day ever to me

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

No matter how old or young you are, your mom’s birthday is always a remarkable day. Mothers are angels and real gifts from God. They guide and protect their children even at old age. That is why they are worthy of our most amiable wishes and greetings.

Moms are worthy of the most heartwarming quotes and messages and the most tender hugs. Always remember the many tough situations she persevered and sacrifices she has made to see you happy. Congratulating her on such a special day is the least you can do for her.

Great birthday quotes and messages can make any mom’s eyes fill up with cries of joy. It is also the most straightforward way of putting a great smile on her countenance. Nothing gives a child more pleasure than watching her mom’s face light up with joy. Below are a few messages that will change your mom’s world for a moment.

Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Text Messages for Mom

#48) I’m here to wish you plenty of happiness, love, health and everything else your golden heart desires.

#49) Your love and hilarity fill everyone’s heart with a million flashes of joy. You are the best mom in the world. Happy birthday mom!

#50) Mom, we are all here today just for you. We wish to make this day as unforgettable and special just as you are. Happy birthday my precious gift!

#51) For all the years of my life, you have easily won the “Best Mom of the Year Award.” No one can come even close in your captivating ways. I wish you a fun-filled day full of love and peace. Much love mum!

#52) Thank you for your unconditional love. Even when everyone else gave up on me, you stood by my side. You loved me, had faith in me and brought out the best in me. This has made me a happier and better person. You are my champion mother, my heroine number one. Happy birthday, mumma.

#53) The older I get, the more I need you in my life. When the world has given me the cold shoulder, one warm hug from you makes everything alright again. Wishing you a great birthday as warm as your love!

#54) No words are enough to explain what an amazing mother you are. I count myself luckier than the luckiest sweep-stake winner. Happy birthday my loving mother.

No words are enough to explain what an amazing mother you are

#55) I have a wealth of family, friendship, love, respect, and honor because you invested much of your tender, loving care, your time and energy in me.  I am so grateful that you are my mother. Happy birthday, guardian angel!

Birthday Wishes for Father

Sending a sweet birthday wish to your daddy is the ideal way of expressing your love to him. It is also the best way of helping him realize how much meaning he has brought to your life. Today technology has given us a variety of ways of passing these messages to him. You can choose from Social media, texts or the good old-fashioned birthday cards.

These quotes and messages can tell stories, have daddy bursting into laughter or bring about fresh tears. Words are great tools, and if placed together correctly, they can be used to express love. The bond between fathers and their children is everlasting. Although words can’t capture the love fully, they can have the power to hold strong emotions.

A birthday is a great time of celebrating the joy of having a family member or friend brought into the world. Are you in search of wonderful birthday wishes for daddy? Below are a few examples.

#56) Since I was young, I have always admired your awards. Today, I will confess that you are worthy of the “Best Daddy Award” for all what you’ve been to me. You deserve the finest. Have a joyful birthday daddy!

since I was young, I have always admired your awards. Today, I will confess that you are worthy of the “Best Daddy Award” for all what you’ve been to me. You deserve the finest. Have a joyful birthday daddy!

#57) I know I was not the perfect child always, but you have and will always remain to be the perfect Thank you for always being there for me as I grew to be who I am today. You showed me how to write my own mistakes and how to fix the small things I broke. Have a fun filled birthday. I love you!

#58) I have always wanted to mature up and be exactly like you. Today I’m still trying to achieve that goal because you become better by day. You are my ideal example of love and strength. My hope and prayer are to be the matching kind of daddy to my kids. Happy birthday my hero!

#59) Thank kindness looks are genetic! I hope when I’ll be your age, I’ll look half as good. Have a great day and remember to stop by your mirror and celebrate the fact that you get better looking by day.

#60) People tend to name their fathers superheroes. Superheroes, however, tend to disappear, but super dads are always there for their children. Therefore, you are not a superhero to me but a super dad! Happy birthday!

#61) Your heart is precious, your soul is wholesome, and your wisdom is beyond belief. Happy birthday, dad!

#62) I have become the best I could ever be because you trained me to be persistent and to never give up in life. Happy birthday, dad!

#63) You have always stood by my side through thick and thin. It is my turn now to return the favor. Happy birthday my guardian angel!

You have always stood by my side through thick and thin

#64) You are every child’s dream of a father. I count myself lucky to have you in my life. You are my inspiration and the greatest gift God gave me. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Baby

Nothing is more fun and memorable than a small child’s birthday. Their enthusiastic admiration gives you warm memories of your childhood. This also helps you re-live it in a way. For baby’s birthdays, although the child may not understand what is happening and what those well-wishes mean at the moment, parents might archive them for future.

For Kids and especially toddlers, there is more dynamic participation on their birthday. The balloons, gifts, and cakes take center stage. However, those cards and notes are meant to set the attitude of the festivities.

Whether we are a favorite uncle or aunt, a parent or just a friend to the family, these messages add layers of joy in the celebration. Below are a few kids’ birthday wishes that you would love:

hey birthday kid! Since you are so wonderful, guess what you’re worth on your special day The most fun-filled, happiest birthday is overflowing with love. Happy birthday, champ!

#65) Hey birthday kid! Since you are so wonderful, guess what you’re worth on your special day? The most fun-filled, happiest birthday is overflowing with love. Happy birthday, champ!

#66) From the first day, I saw you; I knew my life had taken a positive turn. You opened a new chapter in my life and brought a new meaning to who I am. Happy birthday my angel!

#67) Balloons and candles, cake and more, you are the birthday champ that I adore. You are so charming; I have to confess. Have a super-awesome fun-filled special day!

#68) Happy birthday to the most fun and coolest kid I know. You are also the shortest best buddy I have. I love you with all of my heart!

#69) A tremendous kid is worthy of an incredible birthday celebration. Your birthday celebration should equal your awesomeness. This means it should be full of sweetness and fun – just Like YOU.

#70) Happy birthday to our super little hero. May you have a blessed day filled with plenty of gladness and laughter and nothing but fun times!

Happy birthday to our super little hero

#71) You are the supreme gift to your parents. Since you came into their lives, you changed it for good. I love you so much cutie; you are the best. Happy birthday, You deserve the best!

#72) You bring so much love and light to our home dear. Happy birthday to our beautiful little sunshine!