How Smoking Affects Sexual Life.?

Does Smoking Affect Sexual Life?

The Answer is yes it affects not only sexual life, although it has quite an adverse effect on our body. With the growth of media, it has been made a taboo and youngsters assume it cool while they intake cigarette. Smoking is an awful habit, smoking not only has a terrible effect on lungs but it has on the sexual life as well. It affects sexual performance, sex drive, and fertility as well in both men and women. You should quit smoking for a better healthy lifestyle. Now, let us have a sneak peek to the top 6 ways smoking severely affects the sex life

Low Sexual Performance

It has been seen that the people who smoke on an everyday basis tend to have a low sexual performance with the partner. They are low on stamina, and their muscles cannot resist for a prolonged period during sexual activity. Also, they are unable to breathe in and out faster causing them to slow down in the sexual act.

Chances of Becoming a Mother Drops Down

Smoking can cause a lot of health as well as sex-related problems such as heart attack, Irregularity in the menstrual cycle, Early menopause to name a few. Effect of smoking cigarette doubles if contraceptive pills are taken along. It can leave an effect such as a blockage in the fallopian tube, damage to the developing fetus.

Less Blood Flow Leading to Genitals

Smoking can cause erectile dysfunction as blood fails to reach the penis at a pace which it used to have achieved. Female also suffer improper lubrication in the vulva regions making sexual intercourse a challenging task as smoking restricts the flow of blood to the genital area due to the clogging of arteries.

Losing Interest in Having Sex

Smoking has a very adverse effect on the levels of testosterone in both females as well as males. Smoking leads to increase in testosterone level and thus in the downfall of libido. Thus, it leads to losing interest in having sex with a partner.

Clitoris Inflammation

The clitoris is one of the sensitive regions in the female which helps in achieving orgasm. Inflammation can be caused in women due to the smoking of the cigarette. It causes swelling in clitoris leading to losing of sensitivity and thus losing interest in having sex.

Less sexual Intercourse Time

Surveys have indicated that the ejaculation time in females and males reduces due to regular smoking and particularly males are more bound to ejaculate early and faster. It also severely affects the sexual arousal in females.

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