Jelqing Exercises Step By Step Guide for Beginners

After crossing the puberty every man face changes in the size of his penis. Possibly, the growth in the length and the width of the penis use to take place up to the age of 50 years. Mostly men after the age of 30, start searching the solutions for problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, curved penile, lesser girth, short size of the penis and much more similar to this issues. However, any of the mentioned issues cannot be called as a sexual disorder or problem, because this is just the consequences of not taking a balanced diet, improper exercise, wrong intake, consumption of different kinds of Drugs, stress, anxiety, the load of work, etc.

All of the problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, curved penile girth, short size of the penis can be treated without any medicines and doctor treatment.

So here we are going to let you know the incredible facts about such exercise or technique which can bring about inconceivable changes to your sexual life, which is Jelqing Exercise.

What Does Jelqing Exercise Mean

The predominantly trendy and used exercise to cure the curve in the penis. Jelqing exercise is mainly modified to enlarge the size of the penis and rectify the curve to have proper penis size. It helps to retain the hardness of the boner and helps to improve the penile strength to a great extent. Jelqing includes prolonging exercises which are performed by stretching the penis in a prescribed way. It helps to make tissues healthier, stronger and to increase the penile girth and length naturally.

How Does It Work?

The motion of stretching and pulling the penis in a proper way help to increase the flow of blood in your boner while having intercourse. Jelqing exercise increases the blood flow and capacity of blood in the vein of a penis. The right way to jelq is to stretch and pull your flaccid penis in the upward direction by holding the penis with the thumb and the index finger, laying on a bed facing towards the roof, means in upward position. It helps to recover from the damaged tissues and nerves of the penile canal and helps in increasing the penis length and girth. These exercises can be performed anywhere and at any time, when and where you are fit enough to play in a relaxed mood. Jelqing exercise can even be completed by your partner also. Using lubricants and essential oils is a good thing, which you must add while doing Jelqing exercises. Using lukewarm water for doing exercise is the best option. Jelquing demands lot of time and patience to give positive outputs or benefits. It is essential to set schedule of doing Jelqing exercise.

Step by Step Way to Jelq for Beginners

One must follow the below steps to gain better and faster results. If in case no results are seen then need to worry, it just shows that you haven’t performed the exercises in a better way or you must give another start to it:

  • Wash and dry your penis thoroughly before you start Jelqing exercise.
  • Use your fingertips smoothly and softly to wake your boner from laziness.
  • Lubricate your penis with the help of essential oil, like olive oil, baby oil, massage oil or any kind of lubricant or cream.
  • Hold your penis gently between the ring formed by the thumb and by the index finger.
  • Start moving up the ring formed by fingers in the upward direction with a gentle squeeze.
  • When one Jelq is completed by one hand then simultaneously use the other hand to give another stroke as like the first hand and keep on for 15 – 20 mins like in the image below.

how to jelq


Tips to Remember Before Performing Jelqing Exercise

Several information sources claim to increase your penis size if you play exercise according to their method. But there is no fixed method to perform Jelqing exercises. Only you should know what to avoid and when to do. Before you start to the rare jelqing regimen, it is necessary to know the dark and unseen part of it, because improper start can lead to disorders or unwanted results. Jelqing exercise is a proper home treatment, which can give unbelievable benefits if performed accurately.

Jelqing exercise must be undertaken or performed when your penis is semi-erected and can be squeezed well with soft hands. Exercising during soft penile erection can be very comfortable to perform. If you are performing the Jelqing exercise during fully erected penis, you can’t squeeze it properly. Thus penis won’t get many benefits. Below are the significant tips to remember while performing Jelqing exercise:

  • The first and significant suggestion to do Jelqing exercise is to meditate to control the erection.
  • You should never hurry while performing the exercise because it may lead to early ejaculation or discharge.
  • Don’t ever punch or squeeze your boner hard; it may lead you to tissue damage and penis fracture. So be gentle and soft while doing Jelqing exercise.
  • Use any kind of essential lubricants, oils or hot water can help to recover fast and cure in a better way.
  • You should be done after keeping a gap of three days.


  • Helps you to attain growth in inches, which can be from an inch to three inches.
  • Helps to gain a good girth and harder penis.
  • Nothing is required to perform this beneficial exercise, just discipline, and the patient is needed.
  • Being natural, it very safe with no side effects.
  • Can be very helpful for beginners who only attained out of their puberty and still have a curved and short penis.

Cessation with Ultimate Opinion

Hope you guys will like the proper manner explained in the above article with step by step action to take for beginners. Overall Jelqing exercises not some kind of magic trick that it would work or show benefits within days. It is time-consuming but naturally, heal your sexual weaknesses.