How to Make Your Relationship Happier

What people know is that love is the prominent factors that begin a happy romantic relationship, but do you know that only love is not enough to maintain the connection. According, to the research more than 40% of new marriages have ended in divorce this means that being in a relationship is not at all easy.

There are some reasons you might be upset in your relationship, but if you are just finding the faults for no reason and fight there are plenty of ways you can take to get your romance back as it was during the initial period. Know the secret ways to make your relationship healthy and happier

Talk Openly

Communication is a key to a healthy relationship. Healthy couples don’t ignore the fights instead they communicate and deal with the situations. They make time to check each other on a regular basis. Try to spend some time together discussing some personal subjects to stay connected over the long term. Ask your partner about the things that meant to him/her. Ask about his/her strengths and achievements. Disagreements are just a part of a relationship, but communication style is the key that damages any relationship. So better be good to each other even when you have a fight.

Spend some ‘Me’ Time

It is quite true that we all need some ‘me’ time. This point is often overlooked but spending some time alone clears the mind and helps you out through the emotions you are experiencing. Keep a check whether you are taking enough care of yourself? Or you are just shouting and blaming your partner for the wrong attitude you had at work? Always do your best and respect the personal choices of spending alone time. If you are happy with yourself then definitely you will keep your partner happy to make your relationship more joyful and exciting.

Realistic Expectations

To make your relationship happy, first, forget all the lovey-dovey moments that you see in movies. To be honest, a happy relationship is not at all like that you see on television which has candle light dinners and never ending romance and a kiss on some exotic locations.

Real affairs always need commitment and efforts. A successful relationship doesn’t happen in a wink, but it requires that two people value each other. Love is another prospect, but respect and valuing each other is a key to happiness. Make realistic expectations for a stable and happy relationship. Understand that dark spots in an affair are just temporary, but love is a permanent fever.

Let Your Bae Know Your Feelings About Them

Instead of saying that you love him/her, show your partner how much you care about them. Openly express your feelings and have a deep understanding of what love and romance mean to your spouse. This is where a happy couple wins the race. Most people think that love your partner in the same way as you want to be loved, but the secret is that love them as they want to be loved. Leave little notes on the table expressing how much you are proud of your partner. Whether it’s a small gesture or the conceptual one just make sure that you are sincere and honest with your feelings.

Have Sex Everyday

Keep the sex HOT! That doesn’t mean it should always be serious, but it should be the fundamental goal. Sex not only reduces tension, anxiety and improves sleep but it also brings the partner closer to you. Intimacy is an essential element of the romantic relationship. Happy couples schedule sex in a day or two. It may not be impulsive but set time for a private session so that your physical and emotional demands are met. Affection is the battery that charges your love and joy. If not SEX at least hug and kiss your partner to feel connected. You can also plan regular date nights to stay amorous with each other.

Stop Being Negative All the Time

It is quite sure that when there’s a healthy competition in any affair, it always delivers good results. If both the parties have a positive approach towards any situation, then there’s no chance of losing the game. No one wants to feel like a less successful or weaker than their partner, nevertheless how much you love them. In case, if your partner is stuck in a situation try helping him/her out of the bad affair and encourage your partner that you will do your best in any way.

Never Cheat

Even if you are not doing something crazy or exciting in your relationship, never lie to your partner. Cheating is just a sign of laziness. Relationship sometimes creates differences, but a healthy couple doesn’t go and search for some another guy. Think then React! Your bae is just as sweet as he/she was at the time when you met them. You are just bored because you are too idle and lazy to make things exciting. Stay honest and sort out the differences first so that it doesn’t grow big in future.

Spend Some Time Together

To keep your relationship alive and exciting plan some romantic night date on your favorite spots. Go out for a movie or some restaurant. TBH, there’s no substitute ever found for the quality time you have spent together. When you make a point of spending some hours together without any outside world, you will form a strong bond that will help you out in your life’s rough patches. Share some common activities, play some fun game or just hold each other’s hand and have a long walk.

Be a Good Listener

Make a habit of listening to your partner. When you communicate to try to understand what he/she is saying, also feel the emotions in their words. Notice if your partner is confused, excited, frustrated or stressed. Pay close attention to the tonality and body language. Just ensure that you give your best when you are listening to your partner. Make an effort to look, not only wait to talk. Being a good listener will only level up your ability to perceive your partner making your relationship long lasting and happy.

Maintain Collective Goals

Though you have personal goals and a healthy approach to attain them, try to make some collective goals too to maintain a long lasting relationship. Make a note of your long term and short term targets and a list of mutual goals. When you are in a relationship, your mutual goals can be weekly date night, monthly savings or a day out, etc. Discuss all the steps how you will make them happen and about the adjustments if necessary.

Collective goals will not only make your relationship stronger, but it will make your vision more clear what you both want to have in your life.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship with your partner for so long or you know him/her for months. Every love affair has space for misunderstandings and imperfection. All it takes is a little effort and commitments to bring any failed relationship back to the romantic one. If you still face problems in your relationship then leave some things imaginary. Let only some fascinations and minds of you and your partner fill the gaps between you two.