Learn How to Satisfy the Woman in Bed?

11 Magical Ways to Satisfy the Woman in Bed

Every guy wants a sweet, loveable and a sexy girlfriend/wife. But do you think all the men in the world can satisfy their particular woman? Well, the answer is “NO.” It has been seen by numerous studies that woman takes a bit longer time to get provoked for sex as compared to man, but once they come into full action, they can be the best treat that you can ever get in your life.

Every man has his world of fantasies and gets aroused, but are you able to satisfy your women? If your answer is no, then you can watch down the list that is mentioned in the article below. After going through this article, you will come across several new facts that women have been hiding since ages. Now, Let us move on the list of top 11 tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed.

Start Your Journey with Kiss and more Kiss

Many people have the misconception that Kiss is only related to foreplay, but the fact is kiss is a stepping stone to satisfy a woman. By kissing you create an emotional bond with a lady who helps the woman to get ahead with the other sexual act. If you start off your sexual journey without a kiss, you are most likely to end up without satisfying your woman. You should vary your positions while kissing so that it can lead to more excitement and a woman would witness more orgasm. Try to apply a lip balm before kissing and avoid eating food items such as onions that can turn a lady down. Furthermore, try to tickle a woman while kissing so that woman can be more excited.

Try Out Oral Sex

Many men feel that the only thing that is associated with sex is intercourse. But the matter of fact is many things are more than just intercourse. Try oral sex once a week and feel the intensity in it. You can start off oral sex after a session of foreplay so that the journey is much more exciting. To begin oral sex, you can start off with giving a sensation of touch to the pelvis. After this step, you need to place a pillow underneath her pelvis and try to spread her legs as much as possible. You can use your tongue to lick her pussy and assume that you have an ice cream. In a matter of few minutes, she would get her orgasm, and she will feel the excitement that she had never achieved before.

Play with Her Breasts

We are very well aware that the boobs of the woman are quite sensitive and it is very soft to touch. Breasts play an essential role in the process of foreplay and further in achieving smooth sex. Try to focus on her breasts and see the magic you would come across with. Most of the men are focused on licking, kissing, biting the nipples of the breasts, but they tend to forget the most important area of the breast i.e. underside of the breast area which has a lot of nerve endings. If you focus on this particular area, then your woman is going to achieve a lot of pleasure from you. Furthermore, you can whisper hard when you are licking her nipples. Make sure the process is slow and steady so that the process turns out to be exciting. After specified interval of time, you might see her areolas darkening. This is the perfect stage for you to give your best sucking shot while massaging the other breast around.

Focus on Her Clitoris

Do you want to satisfy your woman in bed? If, yes then focusing on the clitoris is the best attempt to satisfy your woman. Clitoris is located outside the vagina in the woman. You would need to find Clitoris in the woman so that you can play with it and help achieve your woman the orgasm she wanted all her life. The stimulation of the clitoris is quite easy to make, and it can occur within a matter of a few minutes. You can try out various sex positions such as a girl on top, doggy style, and spooning if you want to stimulate the clitoris of the woman. Also, you would have to vary the way you massage the clitoris as the technique can range from a woman to woman.

Try out Sexual Foods

Do you want to get your woman aroused? If, yes then you should try out these sensual foods that are quite beneficial to turn your woman on. A woman loves foods such as chocolate sauce and oysters, and you can spread these foods on the body of your woman. These foods will tempt your woman to have the kind of sex she ever wanted which would help in satisfying her.

Try Out Sex at New Places

If you want to please your woman, then you should try out the sex at new places. Try to make your woman feel that she is highly irresistible and you are turned on by just a mere kiss or smell of her hair. Try out new places such as a car, a bathroom or a floor to have sex rather than the bed where she might not get aroused. Kiss her slowly and smoothly and don’t completely undress her. Try to use a lubricant so that the sex journey is not painful. She would start feeling the pleasure, and within a matter of few minutes, she would achieve the best stimulation of her life.

Understand the Requirement of Your Woman

Most of the men think that all the women are same and must be having the same sexual need. But, the matter of fact is every woman has a different need and can vary from person to person. Try to find out the ways by which your woman can be turned on and in fact also look out for the things that can turn her off. Take time to understand her requirement, and you would indeed be quite benefited from the facts that would be revealed. Every woman has various techniques by which they get turned on such as mild liquor, facial hair of men, soft romantic music and perhaps by the smell of the men’s perfume. The matter of fact is you need to capitalize in her deepest fantasy and then look out for the ways to satisfy them.

Take a Bit Dirty with Her

You can relive the moment if you start talking a bit sexual stuff with her. You can start off by telling what you feel about her, the size of the boobs that she has and in fact how you would satisfy her when you would have a sexual encounter with her. You can add more climax to this by having an atmosphere that is favorable for a sexual encounter. If you feel that you are hesitant, then you can try out some mild liquor and then all your hesitation would be eased.

Gently Lick Her Ear and Neck

Are you still doing the old school boring sexual activities? If, yes, then stop it and try out this method to sexually arouse your woman. In this method, all you have to do is gently lick her neck and ear and then softly whisper in her ears. You would come across the magic that you have never thought about. Your woman would be begging for more, and you can drive her crazy with your sexual acts. This can indeed satisfy your woman that you wanted in your life.

Try Out Foreplay Before Sex

We are very well aware that the anticipation of having sex is far better than actually having it. Many men fail to give their women the kind of orgasm that they ever wanted, simply because they are very quick in the journey. They directly jump into sex without the need of the hour of having a foreplay that can lead to better sex. Next time, when you are going to have sex start off with some intimate foreplay, which could help your woman actually to feel the occasion and thereby come into the action. In the foreplay action, you could try out a lot of kisses, licking, sucking. This will make your woman feel immense pleasure and thus will get her ready for the next step.

Try Out Different Sex Positions

There is a much-known fact that if we keep on doing the same thing every day, then it can indeed turn on to be boring. The same applies in context with sex positions. If you keep on performing the same sex position every day, then your woman is most likely going to get bored. Try out different sex positions every day such as spooning, doggy style, girl on top to name a few. These sex positions will make your girl happy and will make her scream in pleasure.


After going through the article above, you must have known about how to satisfy a woman in bed. Try out all these methods on your woman and experience the changes in her. She would be driving in pleasure, and she would receive the best stimulation of her life. If you are in love with this article, then kindly do share it with your connection. Your feedback would be deeply appreciated.