How to Tease

Teasing is a divine art which can let you have better and unforgettable sex experiences. It works as an intimation booster in men’s. So it is mandatory to keep the excitement always alive which will let you stay happy and satisfied.

Let Your Action Drive Him

Women should always remember not to reveal everything you have at once. Maintaining a little excitement is always good. It will lead your Dominant partner to extra eagerness which will explode new sensation in his veins. So remember to keep the last stroke to hit. It will always keep you man curious about the new surprises.

Don’t let Him Know Your Dependency

Even after spending a breathtaking and heavenly night never let your partner feel that it was the best you had or never be grateful for the satisfaction he vented you. Because it will set your partner mind on a limit and you won’t have better than that in future. So, to ensure him it was hot and sensational but let him never realize that it was best.

Change in Dressing

If you are fed of looking unattractive to your partner, then you must try new colors and designs which may bring the new heat in your relationship and if you are confused about how and what to wear to look attractive then directly choose his shirts only. Wearing Only his shirts with no inners and bare legs is the best way to try cross-dressing which will make him crazy for you.

Try Some Kinky Stuff

Ladies if you can be skinny then try to be kinky. Naughtiness always has been the best sensational way to create a hot environment between partners. Stop being usual to one pattern and try something different, including some kinky stuff like sexy stocking, shades, masks, horns, rabbit ears, bunny tail, etc.

Trying to be a submissive is one of the most sensual tricks to arouse your partner. Be his slave and let him drive you in his way. Treat your partner like he is the Bose and has rights even to torture you.

Being wild and talking about the pre-performances is another kinky activity which will make your partner cum in his pants.

Put on Seducing Lingerie

I think every lady is aware of the trick. You have just to put on some sexy seducing lingeries and watch the jaw-dropping mood of your partner. Try to show some moves and flexibility of the body. Tease him by walking around in a doggy style and ask him to ride you. It will possibly make him cry out or yell in boxers.

Try to be Little Naughty in Public

Waiting for the bed-game is the best formula to increase the desire and excitement. It can be prevailed by teasing and letting your partner know that how badly you want him; Being in public, he won’t be able to react much and listening such thoughts in public will make him crazy to have you. So it will be the best trick to build a sensual tension.

Talk a bit About Your Ex

It is quite a risky trick but if it goes in the right direction will make your partner’s mind blow and mad to give you the immense pleasure. It will make him reach beyond his potential and energy level. He could be in little anger, but the situation will be rememberable. It is an opinion to not to talk every time about your ex. It may result in negativeness and lack of confidence in your partner.

Dirty Chat

By sending a non-veg and straightforward thought during the regular working day to your men, you can make him want you more passionately. You can also turn him on by sending a scaled nude picture of yours which will make him more flattered by seeing your trust on him.

Dance on and for Him

Women must have a little command on few sexy dance steps because it can make your relation more spicy and naughty. Dancing for your men by wearing some sassy stuff such as lingeries or nighties will make him more intimated to hover over you.

Give Sexy Looks

Sometimes avoiding your men can also spice up the tension between you. To apply the trick try to avoid him by not speaking to him and whenever he asks you for a conversation repel back by giving a provocative glance at him. You will receive an astounding reaction from him for sure.

Make Him Hard and Run

A bunch of activities above will possibly make your men more intimated and sexually attracted towards you. Isolate all your mocking efforts with a sensual a juicy lip kiss.

Running away from him to chase you back can turn your relation more alive and delightful. Still, it is a better start for a sexual activity which precedes intercourse.