Inspirational Life Quotes & Sayings

The Powers of Words

It’s amazing how many people admit that thoughts are material, but they do not use it in their daily life. More than that–only a few of us take seriously the words they use every day. And meanwhile, we create our experience and ourselves on four levels simultaneously: actions, thoughts, states, and words that literally paint reality in those or other colors.

Only one single word can bring unspeakable happiness and ignite a deep passion, while another word, can give birth to total darkness and chaos. Just one word can bring tremendous opportunities into your life and even fulfill your desires. But it also happens that only one word is enough to destroy a life forever. We need to remember this and use the power of words to make life better. Just think positive and read positive lines every day, and in a while, you will notice the needed positive changes. Inspirational life quotes can become your starting point in learning to use the power of words. Read them from time to time and charge yourself with energy, confidence, and inspiration.

Motivational Quotes for Life

At some point, many people understand that it’s time to change a life–it can’t go on like this. But too often they find out that there is not enough energy, strength, and motivation to achieve the goals. Sometimes they feel unable to do anything. Feeling like a squeezed lemon. Feeling this way? Inspirational quotes can significantly help to gain energy and inspiration. Choose those that best suit your situation and your mental state, read them when you feel low, and you will see that it really works!

Motivational quotes help to believe in oneself and achieve the goals. They give forces not to give up and move forward, not to stop halfway and seek no excuses. If you know what you want to achieve, that’s good. If you take certain steps to do this, it’s already fantastic. But, sometimes it happens that inner forces leave. Of course, failures occur to everyone; it’s life. Just remember that the black stripe is always followed by the white one, the night–by the dawn and the disease–by recovery. Always find the strength to overcome obstacles. Motivational quotes like the following can help you with this.

#1. You can do everything if you believe in this!

#2. If people realized that fears have no connection with reality, everyone would have lived much better.

#3. We create our own problems, obstacles, and frames, free yourself–breathe in life and realize that you can do everything!

#4. The moment of making a decision is truly magical. As soon as you firmly decide to do something, the magic starts and gives you hints and unexpected forces to finish it.

#5. Do everything possible yourself, everything impossible will be done by God.

#6. Most people are much stronger than they think, they just forget to believe it sometimes.

#7. It is essential for any person to find something to strive for and to fight for regardless of the circumstances. After you set the right goal for yourself, making decisions will be easy and fun. What used to be a painful duty before, will turn into a pleasant occupation.

#8. If it worked out for others, it would work for you too.

#9. The only thing in this world that you can really control is your thoughts.

#10. The highest pleasure is to do what other people think you cannot do.

#11. You can get everything you need, if only you truly need it.

#12. Just remember one thing – any falls prepare us for new ups.

#13. No matter how many times you fall, the trick is to be able to get up again.

#14. Every morning is the time when you can start new life.

#15. Don’t wait for the right moment, just create it!

#16. If you do not take actions today, tomorrow will be the same as yesterday.

Quotes Inspiring People for Actions

Words make us think, make us believe, make us want. The following quotes can make you start acting. They can increase your belief that it is not as difficult as it may seem to reach your goals. Just read the lines below, and you will see that all it takes you is to make the first step. Then it will move on more comfortable.

#17. Take a step, and the road will appear by itself.

#18. Only actions can bring changes. If there are no actions, then everything remains the same.

#19. Never tell people about your plans. Just do it. Let them be surprised by the results, not by words.

#20. Inaction gives rise to anxiety and fear. Action gives confidence and courage. If you want to fight fear, do not think about it. Get up and act.

#21. Wake up with the thought “what should I do today?” and go to bed thinking over what you have done.

#22. Our idea of ​​opportunities is determined by how we perceive the situation. What do we see in it: a test or a threat? Are we concentrating on the prospect of using it or on failure? Such opportunities (some large, some very tiny) occur every day. Some people notice them; others do not. Someone grabs them; someone pushes them away. And what do you do?

#23. Problems are inevitable; the question is how we perceive them or cope with them.

#24. Many people fail only because they give up a couple of steps from success.

#25. Get rid of something that hurts your life, to receive more room for what you love.

#26. Raise the bar. Do what you seem to be incapable of doing. Do not think about the limit of your possibilities. Just do it.

Quotes giving Confidence and Success

The morning of each person begins with a thought. These thoughts influence the whole mood. That’s why the inspirational quotes and motivating phrases are so important in the morning. Well, if the first thing that you see is a smile of a loved one or images that inspire it is excellent. But even if there is no such luxury, just hang several inspiring quotes you like on the wall or stick with a magnet to your fridge, and you will get the necessary charge of self-belief and energy when you happen to see and read them. They can brighten your day, give you strength and tune you for success.

#27. Success comes only to those who dare to try.

#28. People succeed if they enjoy what they do.

#29. To be successful, you must accept any challenges that stand in your way. You cannot allow only those that you like.

#30. Success is when you love yourself, what you do, and how you do it.

#31. Getting together is the beginning. Being together is in development. Working together is success.

#32. If you want to achieve success, do not think about it, just do what you love, and believe – success will come on its own.

#33. The size of your success is determined by the strength of your desire, the depth of your dream and how you cope with disappointments on your path.

#34. The question is not who will allow me, but who will stop me.

#35. Success is a state of mind if you want to succeed, start thinking of yourself as a successful person.

#36. Correct your thinking and the problem be corrected automatically.

#37. The main thing is to believe. If you truly believe in this – everything will work out fine, and even better than you can imagine!

Inspirational Quotes About Happiness

Each of us has his idea of what happiness is. For someone, happiness is quiet and calm family life, someone is looking for an opportunity to realize themselves in creativity or business, and someone feels happy to help a homeless animal. For the sick, happiness is to be healthy. For the hungry, it is about a piece of bread, and for the homeless, it is a roof over his head. Whatever it takes to make you happy, there is no doubt that you will enjoy the quotes about happiness and will agree with most of them. And maybe you will even find the key to your happiness door? Check it out!

#38. There is only one way to live life happily: to engage in what is not only exciting but also makes sense.

#39. People are like pencils that draw their destiny. One pencil breaks, another comes blunt, and some pencil sharpens and brings the masterpiece to an end.

#40. How many people know how to live! How few people live happily!

#41. Do not teach children to be rich. Teach them to be happy. When they grow up, they will know the value of things, not their price.

#42. People are delighted not because they have everything, but because they have each other.

#43. Happiness is the state when in the morning you go to work with joy, and in the evening you come back home with joy again.

#44. Delight is capricious and unpredictable, like a butterfly: when you try to catch it, it slips away from you, but when you forget about it and do something else – it lands on your shoulder.

#45. Life is short … So, love your life. Be happy. And smile.

#46. The happiest people do not have all the best. But they extract all the best from what they have. The happiness is to want what you have.

#47. If each of us manages to make another person happy, at least one, everyone will be happy on Earth.

#48. Already the very existence of goals can make us happier and more confident in ourselves. Our goals show who we are and who we want to become.

#49. If you appreciate what you already have in life, you will always get more. If you think only about what you do not have – everything will never be enough.

#50. Life is measured not by the number of our breaths, but by the number of moments which make it difficult to breathe.

#51. When one door for happiness is closed, another opens. But we often look too long at the closed door to see that another door has opened up.

Funny Quotes to Make You Smile and Feel Good

Everyday life confronts us with recurrent problems, which are sometimes difficult to solve without a sense of humor. Sometimes the mood goes to the very bottom, but you can always lift it with an exciting, funny phrase. After all, in a company of a cheerful, witty person, you want to smile and laugh. Laughter and joy prolong life and youth. That is why people who know how to joke in a kind way and brighten anyone’s day with laughter have undoubted success. Here are some funny quotes you may share with friends and colleagues when you feel mood is coming down.

#52. Strong people are not those who are doing fine, but those who are doing fine notwithstanding anything!

#53. Drinking water from the tap is harmful, but the apple, washed this way is immediate without any bacteria.

#54. Two things needed to enjoy life – live and enjoy!

#55. It is good to dream of something that it is forbidden even to think about.

#56. Always keep going to your dream. Tired of going? Crawl. No strength to crawl? At least lie in the direction of your dream.

#57. Quitting smoking is easy! I did it a hundred times!

#58. Do not take anything negative. While you do not accept it, it belongs to the one who brought it.

#59. While a person does not give up, he is stronger than his fate.

#60. I got infected with a good mood. I don’t want any treatment, let everyone be affected.

#61. The black stripe of my life will be made only from the best chocolate.

#62. If life is a series of black and white stripes, then I intend to stay on white one and go along it.

#63. The one who does not lie to the question “How are you?” is truly happy.

#64. If a man leaves, do not hold him, but ask him to throw out the garbage on the way.

#65. Previously, if a girl got acquainted with a guy on a steep car, she knew that he had money, and now she just knows he has a loan.

#66. Dad, I beg you, when he asks for my hand, just say that you do not mind. Do not hug him and call him your savior!

#67. Look for a positive side in everything. If a fire started in the apartment, isn’t it a chance to arrange a foam party?

#68. Even if you are bored, sad or just lazy – get up and do something positive!

#69. Dream in a way as if you are going to live forever, and live in a way as if you are to die today.


Words carry particular positive or negative charge of energy and therefore have a powerful influence on us. There are no doubts that your mood was affected by the phrases you’ve just read above. And most probably it was a good effect. But if you are not able to read all of them every day, you can find a few minutes to read these short summing-up lines or print them and stick to the fridge, so you see them every day:

Smile to the world!

Hug a lot!

Choose peace!

Be spontaneous!

Make new friends!

Laugh often!

Understand different points of view!

Walk barefoot!

Enjoy nature!

Get excited about everything!

Have fun!

Don’t be afraid to cry!

Be a free spirit!


Make a difference!

Touch someone’s life!

Dream. Aspire. Achieve!