Love Poems for Wife

There Is Only You – Poem #1

Thoughts of you dance through my head all day and all through the night,
There is nowhere I would rather be than in your loving arms tonight,
No one is lovelier, or as funny, for me you are more than right,
My shining star and my savior, you are my only guiding light.

You are the most beautiful of all,
I stare at my phone just waiting for your calls,
feelings for you hitting me so hard, I am afraid I may fall,
I only think of you my dear; there is nothing else in the world at all.

I am stuck here like I am frozen, all I see is you,
you are all that is good in my life; there is only you,
I can barely function at all; this much is more than true,
If you disappeared tomorrow, my every tomorrow would be blue.

My Heart, My Soul – Poem #2

You are my heart; you are my soul, my life lies bare in your hands,
I believe in you, I believe in us, and I always will, until the very end,
If ever I were to lose you, my entire life would entirely lose all sense,
just to think about you makes my insides come to life, to sing, to dance,
It seems like it was another lifetime when we first met, nothing but friends,
it was the best day of my entire life, the day that you decided to give us a chance,
my love for you is now eternal; you’re forever my lover, my very closest and most faithful friend.

You are the most magnificent one, as radiant as ten thousand burning suns,
you are the very embodiment of divinity; forever, always you are my number one,
there could never be a single memory of us I would ever regret, no never, not even one,
everything is done by us together, every journey, adventure, is the best thing I have ever done.

You Are The Thing That Completes Me – Poem #3

When I am with you is the only time that I ever feel fine,
every single moment away from you feels as if it were a crime.
There is nothing more spectacular, my darling one, my lover,
you are the thing that completes me, my sweetheart; you are divine.

I could greedily drink of your essence forever,
as if it were a never-ending glass of the most excellent wine,
every day when I look upon you, it is with amazement,
as when my eyes fell upon your face for the very first time.

My sweet darling, you make me feel more than my words could ever say,
the love I keep for you only increases, tenfold times tenfold, every single day.
Before your presence in my life blessed me, the sunshine had all but gone away,
each day that passed me by was a day in which the sky turned to darker shades of grey.

Now that you have come and found me, by your side is where I will forever stay,
there is nothing, not one person or thing, but death itself that could ever pry me away.
No mountainside in the world to high a climb, no price could be too steep for me to pay,
my sweet darling, I am forever yours, until this body crumbles and the soul inside fades away.

You are the one and only thing of importance, you have given meaning to my life,
I am so glad to become your husband, so much more than proud for you to be my wife,
if I had never met you, my love, I would be waiting, lonely and broken, for all of my life.
Into the deepest abyss, to find you, to bring you home, I would more than gladly blindly dive,
without you here, my heart, my soul, my one and only lover, I surely could not have survived.

Open Your Heart For Me – Poem #4

Open wide for me the windows of your heart,
You are the one and only whom I am dreaming of,
our souls have always known one another,
let no wishes be unanswered between us,
our love will be infinite; forever it will be flowing,
your heart is the only one I have ever wanted to touch.

Forever – Poem #5

We are far from too young, maybe it is true, yet too old to be waiting,
There is still time love, yet let us waste not another single minute debating.
The feelings have for you are so strong, yet like melted butter, so very soft,
The mere mention of your name, and I am lost in thoughts that carry me aloft.
It feels like forever since we became one, yet the dreams in my heart have just begun,
There is not even a single shred of doubt in my mind; you are my only love, the only one.
When I think of you and all that you are, it is like the most intricate music to my ears,
I see your face in the eye of my mind, and all worries fall away, you destroy all of my fears,
You are like a rare and precious flower, always in bloom, yet untouched by the rhythm of life.
You are the silky moon peaking through clouds, the stars shining through the darkness of night,
I never wished for a single thing more than for you to take me by my hand, never leave me,
We have time, and it feels like forever, these hours spent with you will be felt for eternity.

Swallow My Pride – Poem #6

I will swallow my pride, telling you what I feel inside.
How much I miss you every day, these feelings only grow, never fade.
Even when you are not with me, your face is the only thing I see.
I will swallow my pride, telling you what I feel inside.
When you are gone away from me, I feel lost like driftwood in the sea.
Bobbing up and down in waters of uncertainty.
I will swallow my pride, telling you what I feel inside.
I can not imagine you not in my life, I have never wanted another as my wife.
You are my one and only real weakness, I am addicted to your love, to your sweetness.
I will swallow my pride, telling you what I feel inside.
I would slay any demon or beast, fight off your enemies, to say the least,
I would set the entire world on fire, I would cut off my tongue if I ever lied.
I will swallow my pride, telling you what I feel inside.
I will never let you go, I love you more than you know.
Every word is true, I swear this,
you are my world, God is my witness.

You Are My Everything – Poem #7

You are my everything when it comes to the matter of love,
surely you are an angel of God in disguise, sent from on high, from above.
I have made a place for you in my heart for you to dwell for all our days,
it is here my sweetheart, my lover, that I hope you decide always to stay.

I never had even half a clue what love was until you came into my life,
I thank the highest powers on a regular everyday basis for you, my wife.
The way in which you love me despite my faults is something like magic,
a phenomenon to live a day without you,
would be a life that felt utterly wholly incomplete and wrong.

I have pledged to you every single piece of me; I freely give to you of myself,
give my all for you, my darling, my sweet love, is the only good thing in this life
my eyes have ever seen like the brightest fire which lights the dark paths of the night and illuminating the way,
the love you forever selflessly bestow upon me is the same as that eternal flame.

You are like the stars shining clearly in the most extended hours of the night,
light that never wanes, our love is like unto an undefeatable warrior, immortal, something which cannot be slain.
wild and free as a beast in the trees of the forest, something so pure yet never to be tamed
there is nothing I would not do to protect you and this love, to keep you free from all pain

No ecstasy has been higher for any man than that felt by the love you have for me,
not a single earthly pleasure could ever compare or ever do so much to set my soul free.
Surely you are an angel of God in disguise, sent from on high, from above,
You are my everything when it comes to the matter of love.

Answered Prayer – Poem #8

 The intimate moments shared between us are something more than unique, something so much more than being simply rare.

The magic felt between us, something like a direct response from God, the closest thing I have known to an answered prayer.

The beauty of your love forever has completed me, eternally, the only substance which I would ever in my entire life need.

Internal bliss inside of me, a garden in bloom, you were the seed, the only air these lungs of mine even care to fathom to breathe.