Love Quotes for Him

Love has always been the purest of all the feelings alive. No matter how beautiful and sacred, it has always been next to impossible for anyone in love to put in into words. How ironic it is that the most common and lovable feelings are often indescribable. However, if confessed properly, love welcomes anyone with wide open arms to a happy and satisfactory life.

If you’re also the one who is lucky enough to have found the man of your dreams, but the only thing coming in your way is to tell him, then we have hacked your life right here! Love isn’t always about exclusive dates and expensive gifts; you may have the attention of your man just by choosing the correct words at the correct time.

Here, we have compiled a list of few lovable quotes for your Boyfriend/Crush/Husband to let him feel special and loved. Say it all with these quotes coming directly from the heart! All you have to do is now select the ones which best match your feelings for him.

love quotes for him

1. My fingers entangled in yours and my head buried in your chest is my favorite thing to do when I am with you.

2. Every other time when I confessed my love for you, my world paused within; my heart skipped a beat or two, and I said it loud and cleared every time to tell you that I am yours.

3. Once with you, I wanted to live in a world with no ifs and buts. A world where everything is right and nothing goes wrong. A world where I would surrender all my love for you and find solace in return.

4. There’s no substitute for the kind of love in which you don’t look each other with butterflies and happiness. You look each other with truth and reality, but at the same time, a fairy-tale is awaiting you.

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5. I want my every night to be spent cuddling with you, sleeping in your arms heading towards a beautiful tomorrow.

6. Many times I don’t understand what my stupid heart wants. It just keeps taking your name and goes completely blank.

7. I am no poet to cease the love you give me in words, neither am I an artist to still the moment of love, I am just someone deeply in your love, longing for a soul and warmth.

8. I was barely breathing the happiness back then, but now when I have you, I breathe you, and that’s what is keeping me alive.

9. You’re the one I have always dreamt of, sweet and straightforward, naive but bold. You’re the one I was looking for, the imperfect you and still means the world to me.

love need no direction

10. Love needs no direction to flow; all it needs is two hearts willing to beat for each other.

11. To be honest, I don’t even remember falling for you in the first place. I just found myself sitting in an odd place, laughing and blushing out of nowhere, and that’s when I knew either I am getting blessed or screwed.

12. I wanted to find you, to tell you that I need you, to tell you that I may be a mess, and I am sorry for that, I really am, But I have loved you with all my heart, and will continue to do so till my last breath.

13. It was the very first time when you planted a kiss on my forehead; I had known that I don’t have to try to be happy anymore.

i feel you again

14. I fell for you, again, the moment you looked at me like I look at sunsets.

15. I now know how wrong I was, to look for the reasons to love. How could have I known without you that true love isn’t about logic, all it breeds is madness.

16. I truly and fairly never considered myself capable of love until love found me in the face of you.

17. You’re my sunshine and the rain, for without you everything is vague.

18. You rescued me when I was in a mess, you cared for me when I was in pain, you have hugged my wounds like they are yours, what else should I call you if not my knight in shining armor.

19. I never knew what am I stepping into until I get to touch you as mine.

20. I don’t know if I would ever be able to thank you for having loved me the ways I couldn’t love myself.

21. I had left a part of me in every other dimension I once lived and loved. However, you not only discovered every bit of me but decorated all those pieces in your own heart.

cute love quotes for him

22. Love isn’t just some limited stock of feelings; I could have it for everyone that crosses my way. I was, and I am allowed to love everyone I meet, but that love will be different. The kind of love which belongs to you will always be inseparable from you. While everyone else might knock the doors; the one heart which has heritage over here is yours.

23. Nothing feels safer than having me buried in your arms. Nothing feels as magnificent as your gentle kiss on my forehead. Nothing beats the comfort which comes from just being your side.

24. Anything which will ever come with the intention of keeping us apart will never leave without being smashed down by our love.

25. You kissed my scars with grace, and they began trusting you more than my cruel fate.

26. Maybe Love has no horizons, and maybe that is exactly why when you told me that you love me to the moon and back, I didn’t only believed you but lived a lie happily.

can't spend love quote for him

27. I can’t spend a single day without having heard you. Your voice is the fuel to my happiness.

28. Even in my wildest dreams me without you is the worst nightmare.

29. One morning when the sun will be high, and we’ll wake up next to each other to live a beautiful day, I promise I’ll serve you tea and love, both plated together wishing your every morning to be the same.

30. I am no more afraid to face the truth, no matter whatever happened in the past, when I see my reflection in your eyes, all I see is our future, together.

31. I was never like one of those wordsmiths, but when it came to you, I jotted down the entire library in my heart, of which only you have access to.

if i were to choose

32. If I were to choose between you and my love for you, I would still prefer you, every single time!

33. Do you remember all those times, when we craved even for a sight of each other? We prayed to destiny to hold us together, while we were falling apart without each other. Only if I knew at that time that you’re mine, I would have grabbed you in my arms and told you, how much I love you.

34. Who says that love is only an emotion? It’s a sacrifice of someone for someone just to see them happy without having expectations in return.

35. I have always been such a mess, and I know, I am one of the kinds who are hard to love, but every time you didn’t give up on me felt like I can do better than this.

36. I want everybody to be jealous of us for ending up together, whenever they expected us to divert our paths.

intimacy of our relationship

37. The intimacy of our relationship is built on the love, trust, and our passion for each other.

38. At first, I thought I was lucky, as I have as my dearest friend. Then I thought I am loved, for having you as the love of my life. It was only when I realized that I am too blessed for having a friend as my lover.

39. When we’ll be done living our lives, when all this will be gone, and our signs from the world will erase, and we’ll head to heaven, I promise I’ll still fight with the Almighty to keep us together.

40. You made me smile even when I didn’t want to; you had kept me going when I wanted to give up; if that doesn’t make me fall for you, again and again, nothing will.

41. Whether you believe it or not, you’re the one fine love who has forced me to be a better person. You’re one of the best things in my life which can never be rationed.

42. I was so much curious to be in your arms, to discover the kind of passion the true love has. Your love took me to the places where no one else can.

43. When I am with you, I feel anew. Like the first love affair, or the first summer kiss. Your presence makes me feel fresh and alive.

44. Most of the nights I leave myself to sleep dreaming of you and wishing to wake up to you in the morning. My innocent hearts just want to have you, and can’t wait to be yours forever.