I Love You Quotes for Husband

#1. I know I don’t say this enough but I am always short of words to express such an immense feeling. I love you.

#2. We don’t grow apart when we fight, but, when we make up after a fight, I get to know you better every time. I love you.

#3. It’s not the vows that keep us together. It’s the immense love we have for each other that grows every single day.

#4. Before I married you I heard different opinions about marriage except one- it’s a heaven. Thanks for the tour of paradise. I love you.

#5. I always knew that people are supposed to recite certain vows during their wedding. Thanks for showing me that wasn’t just a ritual. I love you.

#6. Thank you for being the strongest one among all the pillars that keep our home intact. I love you and I always will.

#7. The excitement before our wedding doesn’t even compare to how I feel when I know I’ll wake up next to you every day for the rest of our lives. I love you.

#8. I would love to tell my beautiful fairy tale to our children someday. Thanks for being the prince charming of my life. I love you.

#9. Your care and love made very difficult times a little easier for me. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you.

#10. I can count on you. You can rely on me. I don’t care what dictionary defines love as, but this is more than love for me. I love you.

#11. The day I married you I found my knight in shining armor. Thank you for protecting me from harsh realities. I know you will continue to do so. I love you.

#12. Just like every dark cloud has a silver lining, you have been a ray of hope in the moments when I felt dark and alone. I love you.

#13. You’re my sunshine in the rain and you are the reality of my dreams. I am enchanted by the bond we share, I love you.

#14. Getting you all for myself was a moment of satisfaction at least that is what I thought. What I didn’t know was how much I would want you more and more every day. I love you.

#15. The day I married you was the time I finally stopped fearing the monsters under my bed. Thanks for making me feel so secure. I love you.

#16. People say that in marriage passion decreases with time. But your ever-increasing charm has proved them all wrong. I love you.

#17. I was overwhelmed with joy when I finally got you for seven lifetimes. But knowing that it was only seven got me sad. I want to be with you for eternity. I love you.

#18. Until the end of time do us part, I promise to love you and care for you more and more as days pass. I love you.

#19. People say that diamond is the most precious thing on this Earth. Clearly, they haven’t met you. I love you.

#20. Even after so many years of our marriage, my heart skips a beat when I see your face every morning. I love you.

#21. In life, lots of people come and go, but the real wellwishers always find a reason to stay. You mean the world to me. I love you.

#22. Through all this time we have stayed with each other through thick and thin. May we stay together always and forever. I love you, my beloved husband.

#23. Whenever I am tired of walking through life, I always tend to go an extra mile holding your hand. I love you and I will till my last breath.

#24. A magical, colorful, beautiful and perfect future is what I see when I look into your eyes. I wish I could get lost in the depth. I love you hubby.

#25. The destination is not all that matters. I consider my journey with you the best part of my life. Thank you for being there by my side. I love you.

#26. Look how far we made it together! Even though they said we wouldn’t get past the ugly moments but we did. I love you.

#27. Even though we took a long way, we are right where we need to be, with each other. I love to the moon and the stars.

#28. Just looking at us going on together, going strong, holding each other’s hand. You’re always going to be the one for me. I love you man.

#29. I belong to you. You’re the one I want for my entire life, day and night, and for all four seasons. I love you, partner.

#30. You’re the one I dream of every single night even though you are right beside me. I love you, my dear.

#31. Seeing you in my dreams makes my day. You will always be the one that I love from the bottom of my heart.

#32. From the moment we got married my life begun. I belong right beside you for the rest of our lives. I love you.

#33. I didn’t believe in fairy tales unless I started to feel the magic dispersed in the air when I married you. I love you my Shona.

#34. When you are with me, time slows down. I want to savor that moment through eternity. I love you.

#35. Whenever I close my eyes I go down the memory lane thinking about the time I first saw you. From that time till time stops, I love you, my dear husband.

#36. You’re the one person I prayed upon the shooting star and now I have you for the rest of my life. I love you.

#37. I didn’t believe in God until he gave me the best present anyone could possibly get- you. I love you a lot you are my man.

#38. From the very moment I saw you, I knew that it was the beginning of an era. I’ll love you forever.

#39. The sails of the ship that is our love take us on a beautiful journey every day. I love to be your partner in this adventure. I love you.

#40. The day I married you was the day two souls became one. Thank you, for being my soulmate. I love you.

#41. I handed over my life to you with all my heart and soul. Thank you for making it worthwhile. I love you.

#42. The assurance that someone is always there to love you back is the best. Thanks for assuring me every single day. I love you.

#43. Your impeccable commitment is what has kept me going on through all phases of life. I love you.

#44. There is absolutely no way to express how grateful I am to have you by my side through eternity. I love you.

#45. I am not afraid of falling anymore because I know you’re always there to catch me. I can trust you with my life. I love you.

#46. When life gets suffocating, you are my cool breeze of fresh air that helps me breathe through the tough times. I love you.

#47. My heart still flutters like a high-school girl when you hold me in your arms and whisper in my ear. I love you more than you can possibly imagine.

#48. I don’t love you till death because deep down, we both know, a love like ours lasts through the end of time and beyond. I love you.

#49. The moment I start my day and the moment I go to sleep, you reside in my mind. I love you every single minute each day.

#50. I sleep peacefully at night because I look forward to meeting you in my dreams. And I wake up peacefully, knowing that I am going to see your face every morning. I love you.

#51. Our love has bound our hearts together, still, I can never have enough of you. I always keep longing for more. I love you.

#52. All I cared about is my happiness before I first saw you. Ever since you have been the top priority. I love you.

#53. We share an enchanted bond of passion that consumes me in your love. The cozy love is what makes us different from the rest out there. I love you.

#54. For all those who say, all men are the same, they clearly don’t know the definition of charming as they haven’t met you. I love you.

#55. Even after so many years, yours is the only smile that takes my breath away. I may not say this to you very often but I love you.

#56. I still remember the blessing I got from above when you came into my life. You are indeed my one true love. I love you.

#57. You are like the endless sky in my life and your love is like the depths of the ocean that engulfs me. I love you so much.

#58. No matter what happens, there is something you need to know. My selfless love for you comes without a price. I love you.

#59. I though devotion is only for deities that we can never see unless I found you. My love and devotion to you have no boundaries. I love you.

#60. I’m really grateful to you for being at my constant beck and call when I needed you. Thank you for always sticking up for me. I love you.

#61. Thunder and rain never scared me. Do you know why? Because you were always there as reassuring rays of sunshine. I love you.

#62. In the scary black night, you are like the brightest shining star, guiding me even through the darkest pathways I have to cross. I love you.

#63. How you capture my heart and soul is what makes our love one of a kind and absolutely magnificent. I love you, my hero.

#64. What we have got is something that people search for their entire life and don’t find. Cheers to the special bond we share as lovers! I love you, my superman.

#65. People come and go, barely leaving an impression. But you are the only one who has made me feel my own worth. Thank you and I love you.

#66. There was a day when we were just random strangers to each other and now we exist for one another. I love you.

#67. If God had made me an artist, you would reside in all my art. Our love would have been my painting. I love you.

#68. You are the inspiration behind the poem of my life, my most prized possession in the entire universe. I love you.

#69. Sometimes I get confused as to what to cherish in you the most. Well, I guess that’s the beauty of perfection. I love you.

#70. I treasure every quality of yours as I have always cherished our unbreakable bond and I always will. I love you.

#71. I know you’re not around me always but when you are, I feel like the world should freeze for the moment when it’s just you and me. I love you.

#72. The time we spend apart is tough. But hearing your voice makes it easier and makes me fall in love with you over and over again. I love you.

#73. I am well aware that I am not the most beautiful woman, but I always intend to make our lives together beautiful with my love and care for you. I love you.

#74. To all the promises you kept, to all the presents you gave me, to all the times you had my back, I am grateful to you. I love you.

#75. You’re there with me to multiply my joys and you’re there with me to divide my sorrows. Thank you for the times you handled me when all I could feel was nothingness. I love you.

#76. I can’t express how much I love you in words. So, take my heart. It’s yours, forever. I want to show you how much I love you by giving my life in your hands.