I Love You Mom Quotes

There is absolutely no overstatement in saying that mother is the most significant gift of all. From the day a child is born to the day the mother takes her last breath, she showers her children with unconditional love. So, it is only viable that kids should express their love in a way that is heart touching. As a matter of fact, everyone does not have a way with words. So to ease it out for you, we have prepared a list of “I love you mom” quotes so that you can make your mother feel special.

# Dear mom, you can be a loving friend, a caring sister, an understanding counselor and a stern coach, but none of these four could ever match up to you. Thank you for being my guiding light.

# Someone has rightly said that God can’t be everywhere, so he made mothers. Thanks to you, my life has been like a trip to paradise. I love you.

# I am thankful for all times when you sacrificed your desires for my sake. Thanks for being a powerful influence in my life. Love you mom, always and forever!

# No matter how many people I come across for the rest of my life, you will always be my first love, and I will always be your little girl.

i love you mom quotes

# No one is perfect! Well, you are the astonishing exception as you defy this rule of nature. Perfection seems like an understatement when it comes to you!

# I don’t know what good deeds I did in my past life to deserve the boon of being your child. You are the luckiest thing that has ever happened to me, mom!

# I adore the way you look at me, I cherish your smile when you see me happy, but I love your heart for the unconditional affection it has for me.

# Every power has an end, and so does yours. Even though you can do so many things, you can never teach me how to live without you.

# May God add a hundred healthy years to your life just like you added meaning and luster to mine. I hope you realize how much you mean to me.

dear mom i love you

# Even when you are not around me, I can feel you walking by my side, holding my hand just like you did when I was little. Always be my companion down the roads of life.

# Thank you for making me realize that there is always a silver lining whenever there are dark clouds. No matter how low I fall, I know you will always be there to pick me up.

# Unlike most people in this world, I believe in love at first sight as I have loved you since the day I opened my eyes.

# The moment I saw an ocean of love in your eyes for me, I knew that true love exists, the one that is selfless and has no boundaries whatsoever.

# Even if someone comes up with a million ways to express love, I’ll easily exhaust them because nothing is enough to show how much I love you.

love you mom quote

# Your smile has the power to brighten every moment and fill it with immense joy. The way you have touched my life in a precious way is something I’ll cherish forever.

# Even though I may not say this a lot or my actions might not express my true feelings, but I love you more each day, each moment.

# No matter how big of a problem I am in. I see your vibrant face shining among the rest of the crowd, and I know that I can get out of any misery.

# For the billion things you gave me, and for all the tears you shed for me, hats off to such a pure heart! Be the shining light in my life always.

# Mom, you have always been my treasure chest filled with dreams and hopes. Amongst everybody else out there, you are truly the one for me.

# A mother’s unconditional love and affection is the best reward a child can ever ask for. Thank you so much for being my gift box full of joy and happiness.

# From the time you picked me up till the time you gave me wisdom, thank you for being by my side always. I hope you realize that what you have done for me will never be forgotten.

# You loved me when I least deserved it, you believed in me when no one did, you supported me when I was wrecked, and no one else seemed to care. Thank you for all the love and support.

# I couldn’t have been what I am if it weren’t for you. Thank you so much for making me take the steps I was so terrified to take.

# Dear mom, thank you for making me the top priority of your life. I will never find words to express my gratitude, but you should know that my appreciation for your deeds is timeless.

love you mom messages

# I don’t know whether you realize how your tender smile had the immense power to spread sunshine and brighten up my day. Stay by my side always and forever.

# Thank you for teaching me how to be sensitive and brave at the same time. I don’t know how I would have balanced out my life if it weren’t for you.

# Whenever my heart trembled with fear, I always found you by my side, holding on to me. The reassurance that you gave me is the only thing that gave me the courage to keep going.

# The way you hold me, the way you talk to me, the little gestures you do that make me realize how much you care about me are all steeped in your love.

# Thank you for teaching me how to untangle every complication of life calmly. I will always love you and be grateful for the power you ignited in me. I would consider myself truly lucky if I could be even half as strong as you.

mother love quotes

# On every mother’s day, I thank you for the things I know you did for me. This time, I wish to acknowledge and be grateful for the things I don’t know that you’ve done for me over all these years.

# From the time I held your finger for the first time until the time you helped me stand tall, thank you for your constant encouragement.

# Thank you for always turning my frowns upside down and balancing me when I stumbled across the paths of life. I am grateful to you for being with me through it all!

# Since the day I was born you have enriched my life more times than I can count and in ways, I can’t even imagine. Thank you for all the beautiful love that you showered upon me.

# I didn’t realize that you kept me in a protective shell until I faced the real world. I wish I could go back to being the little kid who got to travel the whole world holding your finger.

# Even though I had years to know you fully, but it took me just a second to realize that I love you with all my heart.

love you mother quote

# You are the only person in this world who made me realized that no matter what I do, there is someone who will always love me without any conditions, and that person is you!

# It felt like a wonderful blessing from above when I landed in your lap for the first time. That was the day when I got to see what true love meant.

# You gave me the strength to fight my battles and wisdom to make my life’s choices. You taught me how to listen to my hear along with giving heed to the warnings given to me by my mind.

# No matter how many heights I reach, how many achievements I make, and how many books I read, I will never be able to understand how someone can love another human being the way you loved me.

# I wish you could stay by my side through all eternity as I still get clueless like I did when I was a little kid. Walk with me always for we still have a long way to go!

# No one could have helped me cover the rocky terrain of life without a map in my hand like you did. Thank you for making me break through the shells.

you are my friend mom

# Overall this time, I have realized that you have been my stepping stone towards success. The fact that your love for me has no bars has made me what I am today.

# Unlike other kids, I was never afraid of the monsters under my bed as I knew that the fairy in whose embrace I slept would chase them off and protect me, no matter what.

# You chased off the inner demons that I never thought I could beat. You were always the ray of hope that kept me going when all I felt was emptiness. Thank you for being the sunshine of my darkest days.

# Since the day things started to make sense, there was one I knew for sure- your love for me can never fall short. You’re the god gifted angel of my life. Thank you for binding all my senses with your immense love and care.