Ways to Make A Woman Have Sex with You

Follow these 13 secret tips to get laid with the woman of your choice. Every guy in this world has the desire to get laid with the woman they feel like having sex. But, most of them find it difficult to do so because they use the wrong techniques to get laid with the woman. Getting laid with a lady is not so difficult if we apply proper tips and techniques. I will ask you not to hold back and follow these 13 secret tips written in the article below that will make a woman want to have sex with you.

1. Try to Build a Reputation

It is very much important to treat every woman in a right way. Make sure you show the passion when you get along with your partner. This will help you to build a reputation among them as a perfect and sensual lover. Make sure you don’t brag yourself much and let the woman do the necessary stuff when trying to get laid.

2. Dress Up Well

No woman would like to get laid with a man who is dirty, and he is not properly groomed. Try to keep yourself clean and dress up well so that you can easily attract your partner.

3. Make Sure the Woman Around You is Comfortable

It is seen that men are mostly interested in having a quick sex. But the matter of fact is, this usually makes the women feel uncomfortable about it. Try to avoid sexual topics and get your partner and yourself engaged in other subjects to discuss such as work, parties hobbies to name a few. This trick will work like magic as your partner would feel that you are trustworthy and she would very well know that you are a perfect lover and sex is perhaps the last thing he would want to have with you.

4. Use Your Charm

Charm is considered as an excellent art of letting someone around you know that you care and feel good about them without having any negative sought of feeling. Try to bring out the confidence that is beneath you and try to be Selfless without expecting anything in return. Avoid being sexual and rather try to overwhelming.

5. Try to be Honest

Cheating is the last thing that any lady expects from you. Make sure you make her feel that you don’t want a relationship with her, but perhaps you are looking for a long lasting company with an ideal woman. This will let her trust in you which would eventually lead your conversation to take to another level.

6. Show Your Sexual Appeal

Having high confidence and friendliness helps to emit sexual appeal, and that would eventually make any woman on this earth fall in love with you. Try to impress her by using statements such as “ You look hot.” This would work like magic, and this would let her come close to you.

7. Make Sure She Feels Sexy with You

Your partner might be a little fat, but make sure you don’t let her know that she is fat. Praise her by using statements such as “ she is sexy” or “ What is the secret behind your great figure. All these sentences will enlighten her mood, and she will make sure that you come close to her.

8. Try to Let her Know that ladies Like You

Make sure you let your female partner know that other ladies also like you and they are willing to have sensual experiences with you. This will make your partner jealous and eventually she would try to come close to you.

9. Try to be a Bit Flirty

Try to be a bit flirty and be confident in your approach.Try to be a bit mysterious in your activities and try to playful and fun loving in your action. Use your eyes to have direct contact with her while keeping the hands on her shoulder. Furthermore, try to smile a bit and listen carefully to whatever she speaks. Combine everything and make sure that you are interested in her.

10. Try Using Negative Hit

We are very much aware that it feels bad when a woman says that she likes you as a friend. Make sure you convey them that she is a perfect girl and you cannot take your relation past the flirting stage.

11. Reveal a Story to Her

Convey her story that you have met a lot of girls, and most of them have failed to impress. So, perhaps you are not going to get laid with any other girl unless you find a real woman who could satisfy you and probably gives the best out of her. Listening to this conversation, most of the women will rise to the occasion and would quickly get laid with you.

12. Tease Her

Most of the women across the globe love having surprises. Some of the biggest turn-ons of a woman are anticipation, excitement about the thing that she does not know. Make up a situation, and reveal that a surprise is waiting for her, but you will show it to her after ten days.

13. Try to Kiss Her

By various research and studies, it has been seen that having a perfect kiss can let you have a sexual deal with the woman you are dating. Try to be slow and steady while you kiss and try to look into her eyes. Push yourself away from her and again start kissing her. This entire climax will bring out the fire inside her body, and she will let you have a sexual drive with her.


You must be thinking that you can easily get laid with a woman if you let her know that you are perfect in bed or you can easily satisfy her.But the matter of fact is it is not the ideal way to get laid with a woman. Try to follow all the tips and tricks that have been mentioned in the article above and witness the magic that comes alongside it.