General Tips to Make a Woman Orgasm Faster

We have known from various research and surveys that sex is the backbone of any relationship. Sex acts as a fuel to feel the warm sensation in a relationship. We have also witnessed many relationships not working out simply because of the lack of sexual deprivation.  It has been seen that either one of the partners or both are not being satisfied or they are unable to make them cum.

In 8 out of 10 cases, it usually happens in women as men fail to satisfy them and thus make them sexually deprived. Now, let us have a look at the top 10 ways by which we can make women orgasm faster.

Breasts Stimulation

It has been seen that the breasts and the nipples in women are full of sensation and thus you should be aware of how you could stimulate the breasts so that she would be able to orgasm quickly. You need to suck the breasts and lick the nipples in a way that gives them the sexual carving, and they are unable to bear the pleasure. You can easily know by the reaction that she would give and this would also add to lots of stimulation.

Focus on the Clitoris

The clitoris of a woman plays a very vital role in the orgasm and men should know how they would be able to drive the women to stimulate. Give your woman the out of the world pleasure by licking her clit just like the breasts, which would eventually turn a lot of orgasms. Your women would experience vaginal fluid and then she would be able to reach a constant rhythm once the clits are licked.

Find the G-spot

The G-spot is the area in women, which has a lot of nerve endings, which helps them to achieve a great sexual experience and most importantly quick orgasm. You as a man would need to do a lot of practice to find the g-spot, and once it is done, you would be able to witness a great response from your women. Once the g spot has been found trying to stay over there for as long as possible so that your women achieve once in a lifetime experience and she gets an orgasm easily.

Try to Take Deep Breaths

Deep breaths awake a lot of anticipation in women, and thus it develops a process that helps the women to orgasm quickly and also making her feel romantic. Also, it also throws an impression that you are interested in her and you have genuine feelings for her. This will help to achieve a longer lasting sex and make her orgasm harder than she ever had before.

Add Foreplay to Your List

Foreplay is an essential aspect as it turns the mood on for sex and it is quite a pleasant experience. Foreplay would range from kissing her on the lips and the neck, licking her thighs and backs and giving the sensation of her nipple of the breast. A secret trick of foreplay is to whisper in her ears and put your body on her such that the horny contact of the flesh is aroused. Try to repeat these activities again so that the experience is never ending and is durable. This would help your women to come harder and thus get her ready for the sexual encounter.

Try to Be Vocal

It has been seen that a lot of women like men to be silent while having intercourse with them. To make your women orgasm, you have to be a quiet man. If you find this difficult then try to, say, something that impresses your women like you would give the best orgasm she had ever witnessed or you are the best women in the world. This will help to develop a positive mindset in your women, and thus she would be more proactive during sex.

Handle the Psychological Aspect

The mental side of the mind plays a very critical role in having a very happening intercourse. This could be by making her proactive and setting her mind to give a perfect orgasm. The negative thoughts that must be driving in you or your woman should be removed, and the atmosphere should be enlightened such that her mood is turned on. Make sure you assure her that you would make her scream with pleasure and she would bank on you to give another sexual ride. Manipulating her mind is the key to success of achieving a better orgasm.

Manage Pre-ejaculation

It has also been noticed that men come faster as compared to women and till the time women would achieve full orgasm men would have already come for 2-3 times making the sexual experience for women unpleasing. This might be due to the pre-ejaculation in men, and it should be rightfully treated using meditation and pills. This would help to keep the penis erect for a longer period and would drive more pleasure to the women, which would ultimately result in better orgasm in women.

Sex Positions

Sex positions play a very vital role in making a girl come in seconds. Different sex positions help them to come better thus providing them a pleasing experience. You should fu*k in a way such that it stimulates the sensitivity of your women. The best sex positions that you should try is Double doggy style, the missionary magician, and the cowgirl position.

Right Atmosphere

The appropriate environment is critical to have an excellent intercourse. The ideal environment should have a cold temperature, dim light, slow romantic songs and most importantly a good quality bed. This can help your girl turn on and enjoy the pleasure of sex.