Getting A Penis Piercing? Things You Need To Know!

Getting a Piercing done can be a lot painful, especially if it is done on a sexual part such as the penis. The pain of piercing can take some time to heal, and it can even months if the piercing had caught the infection. You can quickly battle the pain of Piercing by taking proper medication. Now, let us go ahead to the main aspect of this article, i.e., 10 things that you shoulder remember before having a penis piercing.

  • The Two Most Common Penis Piercings are Frenum and Prince Albert

There are a lot of male genitals piercing available, but the most common piercing that is available in the market is frenum and Prince Albert. The frenum piercing comes in the form of a small curved barbell which is inserted in the horizontal direction through the underside of the penis While the Prince Albert piercings come in the shape of a ring that reaches the urethra and then to the bottom of the penis.

  • The Penis Piercing that is Most Painful is Apadravya

The apadravya piercing is available in the form of a vertical barbell which goes through the urethra and then through the top of the penis to the bottom. This is indeed considered as the most painful piercing.

  • Often Men take Penis Piercing Along with Their Partner

It is often known that a lot of men come alongside their partner and then have the piercing done altogether with their respective partner. This step is undertaken as they feel that getting genital piercing together can create a form of bonding between both of them and it eventually helps to increase the love between them.

  • No Intra-penile G-spot Exists Where the Piercing Would Hit

Many people have a misconception that having a penis Piercing can help to satisfy the women better but this doesn’t exist at all. Further, it doesn’t provide any significant pleasure or sensitivity to the man. Most of the men undertake the penis piercing because of various aesthetic reasons.

  • Avoid Getting a Penis Piercing If You Want to Please Your Better Half in Bed

To have great sex, you would need to have a higher quality of erection and quality of erection depends on various factors such as hardness, endurance, and rigidity. But, many people have the misconception that getting a penis piercing can satisfy their partner. The very reason of this is Piercing cannot make up if quality erection doesn’t occur or even the penis is not hard enough.

  • Before Having a Penile Piercing, Consult a Professional Piercer

If you are not aware, then penile piercing varies from person to person, and the type of piercing used also ranges from piercing to piercing. The best way to what would be the best choice for your piercing would be consulting a professional piercer and then know about his opinion. This is indeed the best option as the Internet doesn’t have everything covered. The professional piercer would be able to understand your requirement, and as per your need, he would recommend you a penile piercing.

  • Getting in Touch with a Legit Piercer

If you are willing to have a penis piercing, then it is recommended to have a legit piercer is because there are certain things that you should look out for. The list of things is:-

  • Implant grade material should only be implemented
  • If you wish to show case jewelry at the shopping counter, then avoid using it with the bare hand.
  • Make sure your piercer provides you with the list of instructions that you should follow without fail.
  • You can use sterile wound if you wish to remove the discharge that has been formed around the piercing.
  • Penile Piercing Can be Costly

You must be very much aware that you are going to get the quality of the material regarding on the price that you would pay. You may experience that a penis Piercing price may cost you more than $120. Furthermore, another thing that you need to take care is that the material used in piercing should be sterilized, packaged and it should be opened in front of the customer, and the piercer uses only one needle as per one hole.

  • Wait Time for Sex Would be Around Eight Weeks

Make sure you keep in mind that it would take around four months to heal the Penile Piercing completely and it would take around eight weeks to have sex again with your partner.

  • Penis Piercing Can Lead to Certain Infections

After you are done with the Penis Piercing, you may experience mild fever, chill, pain and swell in the area nearby the penis piercing. Furthermore, you will witness that the pain and swell would decrease from the day of Piercing.