Questions to Ask A Girl

Knowing a girl better is every mans desire whenever they meet a new lady. For this to happen, a number of questions that portray the real image are usually asked. With these questions, it is effortless to start up a conversation and gain the girl’s trust.

#1. Have you ever met a stranger that has made numerous changes to your life?

It is one of the hardest questions a lady can be asked, and it may take her a very long time to give back a response. With this question, a lady can open up on stories that happened during her past and what impact it has on her current life. For a more productive conversation, one should always remember to ask for a detailed explanation of the story.

#2. Of all your achievements, which one sounds silly to people yet it makes you feel proud?

With this question, it is straightforward to find out her true nature and the things that make her very happy. Regardless of the response to this question, a new and exciting fact will be unraveled.

#3. What weird or funny thing makes you feel terrified?

This question gives you the chance to arouse her fears and discover what she does not like. To make it funnier, it is better to ask if any funny happenings have occurred when faced with the fear.

#4. Which period of your life had the best fashion?

A good number of girls are into fashion, and therefore this is a very entertaining topic of discussion. Whether she is into fashion or not, a well-explained answer will be given back. To take the conversation a bit longer, it will be wise to ask what impact the period had on her current fashion style.

#5. What aspect of your culture makes you proud of it?

For every human being, culture is responsible for making part of who we are today. For a good conversation, this question is crucial since it gets deeper into her background and personal life. From this question, one can be able to know the standard things shared by their different culture and any contrast.

#6. What thing have you not started that makes you regret?

With this question, you will get to know whether she keeps her time or does things late. It will also enable one to discover the goals that she has and essential things in her life.

#7. What lesson has life taught\ you that you always think of?

An earnest question but can lead to an exciting conversation. It will also give you a chance to learn about her current personality and what made her change or maintain it.

#8. If given an opportunity, which is the last place you would dream of visiting?

Many girls like traveling a lot and have their own areas that they like or dislike. This question will make you understand the type of places that make her mad and the kind of environment that she most enjoys.

#9. Which person have you not talked to for a very period of time and really hope to meet them again?

This question also wakes up old memories that may have been forgotten. Since it is a person that you may not know, it is good to keep up and engage in the conversation. This will also give her the courage to reveal all the details concerning the person.

#10. What thing are you more passionate about and how has it contributed to your current lifestyle?

This question allows you to discover how the girl feels about herself and what wishes she has for life With this question you can find out her real identity and who she admires most. It can also tell you the things she wants to do in the future in order for her life to become better.

#11. Of all your experiences in life, which one do you keep reminding yourself?

This question is quite perfect when you want to find out more about her. Regardless of the response to this question, you will be able to enter her world and find out the things that will always stick in her mind. You should be keen on how to find more details about the memory since she may decide to share an unfortunate memory.

#12. What character of a movie or book best describes your personality?

This question gives you a chance to find out how she looks at herself and who she wants to be in the future. This is a very fascinating question as it involves the good things about her life. This question can be asked based on two different situations. The first on can focus on the character she thinks they share the same behavior and the second question can be on a movie character she wants to become. Based on the character selected, it is easy to know the movies and books she is into.

#13. Of all the people that have visited your house who is the worst and what made you think that way?

This question starts a hilarious conversation as it will remind her of an incidence she had with a given person. It will act as a source of encouragement as she will get the chance to share her funny moments and worst experience she has had with people. To get more from her, questions that focus on key details of the event should be asked.

#14. What do you want people to stop asking you?

People will always receive questions during their entire lifetime. There are a number of questions that prove to be irritating, and one may not need to hear. To make it more interesting, you should not ask too many details about the question as it may end up irritating her again.

#15. Which TV show have you never missed?

This question is mostly asked as almost every girl is into a given TV show. It can be an exciting conversation if you know about the show as you can talk about the best episodes of the show. If you have never seen it, it will act as a source of motivation to watch it. She will also enjoy telling you about the show if you have no clue on what it deals with.

#16. Which is the most annoying thing that has happened to you?

Everyone gets annoyed, and this question will give you a chance to know about the things that mostly irritate her. It is good to avoid doing the things that make her mad in order to maintain a good relationship. It will not be surprising if you find out that you both share the things that make the both of you be annoyed.

#17. Who is your favorite actress or actor?

This question gives you the chance to find out more about the type of movies she is into and how many she has watched. If you know more about the actor or actress, a good conversation can set in since it is easier to focus on the same movies you have watched. It can also be turned into a question of movies that the both of you have attended and would like to attend.

#18. Are there any photos or paintings that have made an impact in your life?

This question may have come up when she was talking with her friends and may be quickly answered. It is an interesting question as one will discover the type of paintings and pictures that she is into. Looking into the images on the phone can also bring about a lively conversation.

#19. If you were to invent something, what would it be?

This question allows her to think creatively as it creates imaginations that do not exist and can be a good topic. A discussion on the issues that are currently affecting the world can also be started and how the new invention will solve this challenges from happening again.

#20. What is the most used app on your phone?

Everyone has an app that excites them and is used on a regular basis. It may range from inspirational apps to educational apps. A question on the most used app will let you know what she does during her free time and when there is no one to talk to except the phone.

#21. What fact about you most people not familiar with/?

Knowing a new fact concerning a person makes one very happy as it tends to strengthen their bond. This question will give you the chance to find out a thing or two that may make her proud. Learning a new fact uncovers a new idea that may not be known to everyone.

#22. Which is your favorite pet?

Asking this question will make you know whether she is into animals or not. If she has a pet, you can ask her to explain the best and worst experiences she has had with the pet. Knowing more about the pet can also bring out a lively conversation as you can also explain what you know about your particular animal.

#23. What makes you like and hate being female?

This topic her a chance to talk more about herself and fellow female. You will even get a chance to learn new things concerning the opposite the sex that you may have never heard before. When given an opportunity, you can also tell her things that make you love being a guy.

#24. What thing or behavior are you done with entirely?

With this question, some answers may be given thus making it difficult to predict what she intends to tell you. It is a very open question, and one should be ready to hear any response that might be given back. Whatever her choice is, it will be a great conversation because most people like to talk about to talk about things that most annoy them.

#25. What is the lamest excuse a person has given you after making a mistake?

Excuses tend to annoy or appease the feelings one has towards a wrongdoer. It will be an exciting topic as you will get a chance to hear the funniest excuses she has ever received. Sharing your previous experiences will also enlighten the conversation.

#26. Which thing have you never accomplished?

Through the sharing of failures, a powerful bond is created. To ensure a smooth conversation, it is important to encourage her so that she may learn to trust you. Making fun of the failure will only make things worse, and this should be avoided.

#27. Which is the worst day of your life?

This question brings back a memory that she may not want to share with you openly. Asking it in a very polite manner will make her gain trust in you and thus be free on all the events that occurred during that particular day. You should not make fun of what happened but instead be a source of inspiration.

#28. What comes to your mind when taking a shower?

This may be a very interesting or annoying topic depending on how she looks at the question. Many things occur when taking a shower and sharing this piece of information means that she has total trust in you. When taken positively, it will be an amusing topic as there are some things that one might think of while in the shower. To make it more interesting, you should also open up on the things you do and think of while in the shower.

#29. Which is the decision you have made n your life?

When a conversation is all about the positive things that one has done in life, it will take a longer time for both parties a chance to open up. Everyone loves talking about the achievements made, and this makes one feel appreciated in life. You should congratulate her for the decision she made while also encouraging her to make more choices in the future.

#30. During which particular moments does time go by very fast and when does it pass the slowest?

Through this question, you will be able to find out the things that she enjoys doing and those that make her feel bored. To know more about this things, you should ask to follow up questions that will give her the chance to provide examples of the things she loves and hates doing. It will, therefore, be more comfortable to notice whether she enjoys your company in the future since you will do the things that she finds amusing. You should also tell her about what you enjoy to create a strong bond.

Some More Amazing Questions to Ask A Girl

#31. When around your crush, which is the most embarrassing thing you have said or done?

#32. Which moment of your life do you wish to live again if given the chance?

#33. During your childhood, which thing did you enjoy doing during most of your free time?

#34. If choosing a husband depending on a given question, what question would you ask?

#35. Is there any weird smell that you enjoy?

#36. What piece of information do you wish you knew earlier while still young?

#37. Of all your friends, whom do you consider to be the funniest?

#38. If you happen to wake up and find out that everyone has disappeared, what will be your first reaction?

#39. How do you make new friends?

#40. Of all your outfits, which one will you wear for your entire life?

#41. When were you a kid, which book did you read on a regular basis?

#42. If you were to be the president for a day, what change would you bring?

#43. When you become old, what type of person would you want to be?

#44. Which topic can you talk about freely for an entire day?

#45. Would run away with me if daddy still told me no?

#46. Have you ever prevented any disaster from taking place?

#47. Who is the most powerful person you have met in your life?

#48. If chocolate is your favorite snack, do you eat the color or the taste?

#49. Are there any jokes that come into your mind when you think about your boyfriend?

#50. Which car makes you hate owning one?

#51. Who is the most overambitious person you have ever met?

#52. Would I rather shave my beard or just trim it?

#53. Which is the weirdest job that you have been forced to do?

#54. Who is the most competitive person you have encountered?

#55. Which country people have the best fashion designs that you only dream of?

#56. If people could be formatted, who is the first person that you will format/

#57. During your childhood, what was your favorite toy?

#58. What is the best gift that someone has given to you?

#59. Which is your childhood dream career that you still want to be?

#60. Does your heart jump whenever you receive an unknown call?

#61. What lesson did you learn from your previous relationship that will always be in your mind?

#62. If you were stuck in an elevator with your ex-boyfriend, what thoughts would come to your mind?

#63. While in school, which was your favorite subject?

#64. Given a chance to date any person in the world, who would it be and why?

#65. When with your friends, which restaurant do you most enjoy your meals?

#66. Do you believe that mermaids exist? Do you believe in people who have seen them?

#67. What qualities should your ideal guy possess?

#68. If you were a celebrity, which field would best suite you?

#69 If you found your house on fire, which is the first thing you would save?

#70. If you could change anything about this world what would it be?

#71. If you are given $1000000 what is the first thing you will buy?

#72. When faced with any problem, who is the first person you share it with?

#73. Which is the best superpower that you dream of having?

#74. Have you ever met any celebrity and if not whom do you wish to meet?

#75. Imagine me; do you still believe in love and wonders?

#76. What aspect of your personality would you erase completely in your next life?

#77. If you were to die in one week time, what thing would you do to change the remaining lifespan?

#78. Which is the worst punishment given to you by your parents?

#79. Which book has changed how you view fellow human beings?

#80. If you were to make four wishes, what would they be and why?

#81. Have you ever fallen for any musician or movie actor?

#82. If you were to dedicate a song to your parent, which one would it be?

#83. What do you see when you look into my eyes?

#84. What is the furthest place you have traveled for your holidays?

#85. Which rule do you think should never exist and can make you happy if made extinct?

#86. Would you mind going on a date with me?

#87. If you were to have a photo shoot, which is the ideal place?

#88. In which situation do you see yourself 20 years from now?

#89. Would you rather have fun on the beach or in a Porsche?

#90. According to your opinion, what aspects of a man makes him a gentleman?

#91. Since we are friends, would you add me to your diary?

#92. If you are stranded in an elevator, what action would you take to save yourself?

#93. Between text messages and phone calls, which one makes you more nervous?

#94. I like how you move your waist; would you mind dance with me?

#95. Do you remember the first time you felt something towards the opposite sex?

#96. Has anyone ever cheated on you before?

#97. What went across your mind when you first saw me?

#98. If I was a drug, then what drug would you compare me to?

#99. Does waking up next to me make you a lucky bird?

#100. Would you rather kiss a yacht or a helicopter?

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#101. Would you like to catch breakfast in Paris, France or Tokyo, Japan?

#102. If you could go out with your favorite musician, where would you take him?

#103. Among your ten favorite things, which position best fits our friendship?

#104. Have you ever dreamt of waking up next to me in your 80s?

#105. Did your grandma ever narrate to you a story about a boy like me?

#106. If I was the only bird in the sky, then which bird will I be?

#107. Of all the dates you have gone, which is the most memorable one?

#108. Has any of your friend said a good compliment concerning me?

#109. Between my aggression and my ambition which one do you like more?

#110. Do I ever inspire you in any way?

#111. Do you like it when I court your attention?

#112. Do you ever think of me when am not close to you?

#113. Would you imagine a moment without me?

#114. When it comes to friendship, which value do you highly rank?

#115. By any chance, would you leave me for another?

#116. Of all your friends, who knows you better than the rest?

#117. Which is the craziest place you have been to with your parents?

#118. Which foreign language do you wish to learn one day?

#119. During your free time, what do you like to do mostly?

#120. When is your birthday?

#121. Have you ever been treated with such tender, love, and care before?

#122. Do you ever think of me whenever you lie down in your bed?

#123. Do you prefer sweet lies or sweet lines?

#124. Would you be willing to go against the law just to save your family members?

#125. Would you mind being poor and attractive or very rich but less attractive?

#126. If you catch your boyfriend cheating, what will be your first reaction?

#127. Tell me of what you dreamt about last night?

#128. Do you have any nicknames? If yes what are they?

#129. Which is the worst injury you have ever had?

#130. Do you cherish all the moments we have shared together?

#131. Which type of drug have you ever used before while in college?

#132. If you were to have one type of drink during your entire lifetime, what would it be?

#133. Which sporting activity do you find to be very enjoyable/

#134. Do you ever feel goosebumps whenever you are closer to me/

#135. What source of inspiration made you choose the current job that you have?

#136. Is it hard to admit that you still have strong feelings for me?

#137. Who is your greatest female role model?

#138. Would you mind doing this again?

#139. Was I too ambitious to beg for your love?

#140. If you were locked up in prison for one week, who will you go with?

#141. When you are feeling low and stressed, which place do you go to?

#142. Do you think you fell in love with me too fast?

#143. Do you think I talk too much?

#144. If you have too much class, would you do me like assignments?

#145. Do you still with anyone who has insulted you before?

#146. Have you ever been in a food fight before?

#147. Do you like people who ask for permission before doing anything or those that apologize after doing it?

#148. While in school, have you ever cheated during an exam session?

#149. When was the last time someone slapped you for a joke you cracked/

#150. If you were a politician, what would you change to make the economy more stable?

#151. Between your mother and father, who do you think best displays your character?

#152. Would you like to accompany me to the party this Friday?

#153. If you given the chance to skip some classes in schools, which ones will they be?

#154. Giving a chance, would you go on a shopping spree or a vacation?

#155. Where do you wish to carry out your dream wedding?

#156. If you do not mind, can I pour you some wine?

#157. Given the opportunity, which body part will you get rid of?

#158. Which is your favorite month of the year?

#159. Before we start eating, can I propose a toast to such a lovely date?

#160. Where would you like a man to propose to you?

#161. Which event of the past would you like to be part of when given a chance?

#162. Who is your favorite male comedian of all time?

#163. Do you spend too much time at the parlor putting on mak?

#164. It seems you spend a lot of time dancing in the mirror. Don’t you?

#165. What names would you like to give to your future son and daughter?

#166. How old were you when you went for your first date?

#167. Of all the pickup lines you have heard, which one do you rate as the best?

#168. According to you, which mistake will you never forgive anyone for doing to you?

#169. How often do you pray for your enemies when you wake up?

#170. Does your mother think that am the best choice for you?

#171. Which is the longest period you have gone without getting the chance to see your best friend?

#172. Would you prefer enrolling in a swimming competition or a dancing competition?

#173 Do you think your ex-boyfriend had feelings for what you felt for him?

#174. What is the most favorite piece of technology that you currently own?

#175. Which is the most expensive type of dress that is currently in your wardrobe?

#176. Which novel best explains the type of life that you are currently living?

#177. If you were a female artist, who would you be?

#178. Which role do you play with your group of friends?

#179. If you were told to change your name, what would you change it to?

#180. Which is the most horrible thing that you think should be tried by everyone?

#181. Do you find it difficult to walk when wearing those tight jeans?

#182. If you were only allowed to keep three things that you own, what will they be and why?

#183. Which movie world do you dream of living in?

#184. What type of food will you choose for your last meal?

#185. Why are you taking too long to respond to my messages?

#186. Do you communicate with friends that have moved out of your neighborhood or doing simply forget about them?

#187. Is it the responsibility of a man or woman to keep things romantic in a relationship?

#188. When is the last time you bought something expensive for your friend or parent?

#189. If you were to record a video of one memorable event in your life, which one would it be?

#190.Which encounter of your life made you change how you feel about your parents?

#200. What are the most important things that you want to accomplish before you retire from your job?

#201. What are some of the strangest beliefs that people of your culture still perform?

#202. Did you imagine I would come crawling back to you after breaking your heart on a full moon?

#203. Do you think that there will be religion after the world ceases to exist?

#204. Does settling with any man regardless mean you will get along with any of them?

#205. What are you afraid people might notice about you when they look into your eyes in the streets?

#206. Of all these previous encounters, do you ever regret being in any relationship?

#207. Given a chance, what would you do to impact positively on the life of drug addicts?

#208. Do you ever imagine what a lie could cost to all that you have built in a relationship?

#209. If you were given an opportunity to come up with one rule, what would it be?

#210. How many of these cunning boyfriends ever betrayed and you still gave them a second chance because of the love you had?

#211. Do you believe in life after death?

#212.Do you have a clue of what it costs for a man to lose everything he possesses for the only girl he has always dreamt of?

#213. If you to steal something from your best friends house, what would it be and why?

#214. Do you think that there is that one person who has never had more than one lover in their entire lifetime?

#215. What would you do if you found out that your best friend is dating your boyfriend?

#216. Which is the best month of the year to go on a long vacation?

#217. Which is the best song that you have heard?

#218. What are the three things that you will always have in your handbag when moving around?

#219. Have you ever fallen for someone who is way older than you?

#220. If possible, would you like to change the color of your hair? If yes, what color would you want it to be?

#221. If you had the power of reading people’s minds, whose mind would you start with?

#222. When looking for a soulmate, do you believe in a rich guy or one that makes you very happy?

#223. If you could ever imitate a cartoon character, which one would it be?

#224. According to your personal life, what reason do you think you were born to serve?

#225. Have you ever lost a shoe or piece of cloth while in a fight?

#226. What is the most interesting part of being the only girl in the family?

#227 Is there a time that a person has really annoyed you yet you are forced to remain cool?

#228. If you were to break up with your boyfriend, which is the best break up line?

#229. Of all your family members, who do think is closest to you?

#230. How many children do you intend on having after getting married?

#231. How long do you think couples should date before deciding to start a family together?

#232. Which bad habit do you intend on changing before settling down with your spouse?

#233. Do you like people who are problem solvers of problem creators?

#234. According to you, what makes up a perfect date?

#235. Do you like socializing with people or living a very private life away from disturbance?

#236. Can you be able to cope with a husband who snores in bed?

#237. If you wake up and discover that you are overweight, what will be your first reaction?

#238. Is it possible for you to date your best friend?

#239. How often do you wait for a person’s call during the wee hours of the night?

#240. Which family incident do you term as the funniest and why is it so?

#241. How long will it take you to have a new boyfriend after being heartbroken?

#242. Would you ever date a person who is younger than you?

#243.Which mission do you think every man should serve?

#244. How many brothers do you have?

#245. Did you still sleep with your teddy bear?

#246. Can you date your brothers best friend?

#247. Between a man who chases his dreams and one that pursues his job, whom would you date?

#248. What is the meaning of your name?

#249. Who is your role model?

#250. What will you always have in your pocket?