Racist Quotes & Text Messages

The word racism has been thrown around by people of color as well as whites alike. The use of this term has become so common in our society today. New terms like “horizontal racism,” “reverse racism” and “internalized racism” has been spun off this term.

Racism can simply be defined as prejudice or discrimination based on race. It is the belief that race credits for differences in human ability or character. It is also a belief that a particular race is superior to the other.

Although many people perceive racism as a negative attitude, we can as well get some fun out of it. This can be done by listing down some funny quotes, jokes and text messages. Below are a few examples.

“Racism is with and will remain with us until the day we will willingly choose to bring it to an end. Let us prepare our young generation from a young age to accept and embrace each other in their different races.”

“How do black girls tell if they are pregnant? When they pull the tampon out, and they find all the cotton is picked.”

“What is the similarity between tornadoes and black people? Ruining a good and decent neighborhood only takes one.”

“An Asian girl went into labor and delivered a black baby. When she was asked whether she had picked a name for her newborn, she answered, “Yes, Som Ting Wong!” (Something is wrong).”

“We only have one race in the world, the human race.”

“I wish the only labels that existed in the world were those on cereal boxes.”

“White people tan to get darker while black people wear weaves to look like white people. We are all confused. Deep down we have high regard for each other, so why can’t we admit it? “

“We all have some prejudice in us, but only the respectful and the strong care to hide it.”

“Black people are human and are made of bones, blood, and organs. They can all smile, have brains, have respect and have black skin. White people are human and are made of bones, blood, and organs. They can all smile, have brains, have respect and have white skin.”

“Human beings are all equal and the same, the only difference is their skin. God’s intention of creating us the same was so that we would be able to treat one another the same and with equal respect. We should therefore not judge one another by the skin color. Racism is nonsense, disgusting and terrible.”

“We can all learn from the crayons: Some are beautiful, some are sharp, some have weird names, and they all have different colors. However, they have all learned to live inside the same box. The world is our box; let us learn to live in it with mutual respect as well.”

“Pandas are the best animals to teach us about living together with respect because they are the least racist. They are white, black and Asian.”

“Don’t be racist, instead be like Mario. He is an Italian, Made by the Japanese, who speaks English but looks like a Mexican.”

“Racism is when a white iPhone overheads a black one.”

“Have any of you ever wondered how the world would look like if we all had the same skin color? Wah! It would be so boring. Our creator is a God of diversity. I think the problem isn’t with the least accomplished race or anything like that. It has everything to do with the lack of understanding of the fundamental significance of diversity of skin color or races. I am so amazed every time I contemplate about the splendor of skin color diversity. And I honestly think that it is stupid to be a racist.”

“Racism is something we learn not something we are born with.”

“I refuse to embrace the perspective that humanity is tragically connected to the starless night of war and racism that the bright, peaceful daybreak of love and unity can never have a chance. I believe that unconditional love and the unarmed truth will one day have the final word.”

“Racism is not automatic; it is taught in our culture. It is a learned behavior towards people with different physical characteristics.”

“Racism is man’s greatest threat to man- it is the maximum of abhorrence for a minimum or no reason.”

“The woman power of any society can be the power needed to make us whole. It can heal the rotten community that is so shattered by poverty, war, and racism. I have a lot of faith in the power of a woman who will dedicate herself wholeheartedly to the mission of remarking our society.”

“The problem is that this generation has been pacified into deeming that racism only existed in our history books.”

“Racism is like a cigarette; you can’t delete it.” You can never stop smoking if you are not willing to. In the same way, it is not possible to stop racism if people are not willing to.”

“You cannot fight racism by being a racist. The best way of fighting it is with solidarity.”

“The holocaust illustrates the cost of racism, stereotyping and prejudice on a society. It forces us to scrutinize the tasks of citizenship and face the important ramification of inaction and indifference.”

“The stains and scars of racism are still fresh and deeply embedded in our society.”

“Weakness is what brings cheapness, ignorance, homophobia, racism, cruelty, brutality, desperation and many other vices that keep a community chained to the ground. One foot is always nailed to the floor.”

“People know about the overt racism and the Klan, but the killing of someone’s soul bit by bit, day after the other, is much worse than someone coming to launch you in your house.”

“Excellence is the best restraint to racism or sexism.”

Racism originates from the lie that particular people are less than human. It is a selfish falsehood, and it corrupts our mind into thinking it is okay to treat other people with disrespect and prejudice.”

“Racism is more of a clandestine and a hidden kind of phenomenon. At the same time, racism is perhaps far more horrible than it has ever been.”

“The fact that we are living in the 21st century, we would all wish to think racism is dead. However, that is not the case. We still have racial issues cropping up across the countries. Therefore, as compassionate citizens, despite of our ethnic group, we have a responsibility of confronting these issues whenever they arise.”

“Just as Eminem said, he feels like rap music is the key to stopping racism, let us all stand and look for a lasting solution from our point of view.”

“The American Negro can never be held responsible for his racial animosities. He is only responding to over 300yrs of the conscious racism acts of the American whites.”

“The most damaging thing is when people don’t recognize the racism within them. This is because; they will never deal with it.”

“We are going to fight this vice of racism not by being racist but will do it with solidarity. We can never fight capitalism by promoting black capitalism but by fighting for socialism.”

“Schools and parents should enjoy emphasis greatly on the idea that being different makes us unique in our own way. Racism and any other ‘isms’ develop from primitive tribalism and the instinctive hostility against other races, tribes, nationalities, religions, class and many more. Any child who has been taught to accept and embrace diversity is lucky because he’ll fit anywhere.”

“Although we have come from very far from the slavery days, inequality and discrimination still saturate our modern day society. Though racism has become less blatant in many cases now, its existence is undeniable.”

“One of the worst effects of racism is what it turns the young people too.”

“The word ‘racism’ can be compared to ketchup. It can be added to practically anything, and when you try to demand evidence, you are called a racist.”

“I was raised to consider excellence as the finest deterrent to sexism and racism. And up to today that is how I operate.”

“Don’t be a racist; be like Mario.  Mario is an Italian plumber who speaks English, was made in Japan, jumps like a black boy, looks like a Mexican and grabs coins just like a Jew!”

“A black Jewish boy ran home from school one afternoon and asked his dad” Daddy, am I more black or more Jewish?” The dad replied, “Why do you ask that, son?’ “Because my schoolmate is selling his bike for $70 so I wanted to know if I should buy it at $50 or just steal it!”

“What made so many black people get killed in Vietnam? When the generals yelled “Get down!” they would all embark on dancing.”

“The reason why Mexico does not win Olympic medals is that all the best jumpers, swimmers and runners are in America.”