Seduce Someone Only Using Eyes

In the fair play of attraction, your eyes is a flawless and the powerful weapon to draw someone’s’ attention. Staring is an ultimate way of showing your interest to the next person. Making a direct eye contact can evoke the intense emotions and love, and is the pleasant way to have a beginning of something wonderful.

You never know how powerful your eyes are when it comes to seduction. If used well, this magical pair of eyes can seductively attract anyone and hook them in your love nest. You don’t have to be rich and hot to impress anyone if you know how to seduce someone using only eyes, you are richer than 80% people who are only familiar  – how to attract someone through a body.

If you are scared or feel shy of chatting with a stranger then surely this post is not for you, WAIT!! Good news is that we have brought up a new solution for you! Chatting up is an old trick anyway, the snazzy way to allure anyone is through EYES, using them to express your feelings than no words can.

So, here’s an ultimate guide to help you seduce someone only using eyes.

1. Through Initial Eye-Contact

Be the First to Make an Eye Contact

Take an initiative to make the eye contact. Being the first to start with an eye conversation displays your confidence which looks attractive. Look for the hints that whether he/she is interested in you. A girl may slowly run her fingers through her hair to catch your attention. May be your crush is also noticing you with other directions. Eye contact is a useful tool to grasp the attention of an unknown hot person.

Pay Attention

Now that you have initiated the eye contact, it’s time to proceed to step two. Though, you can’t keep staring some person forever, maintaining an eye contact for a longer time may do wonders. It’s been researched that people normally stare for 3 seconds, but if you want to attract someone extends this time for 5-7 seconds. It will look like you are seriously interested in their conversation. Don’t you think it is a joint effect? You will become more seducing and attractive in their eyes. Your work is DONE here.

Match with Body Language

While initiating a conversation through eye contact is powerful, accompanying it with body nourishes your action. Just make sure that you don’t send any negative signals and uninviting gestures. In between, you might have to add a smile (obviously not fake) to make the nonverbal signals more enticing and strong to start a conversation. Keeping control over the body language makes you look confident and positive like anyone wants to see in their bae.

2. Make Someone to Approach you Through Eyes

Wait for a two way Conversation

If you grin at someone, don’t just quickly start getting flirty in public, hold on, till they smile back. When he/she replies to your smile, start flirting, i.e., give him/her a sexy look. Eyes are the perfect tool to show anyone about your sexual desires. Use them to exhibit your venereal interest.

Check their Body

Gaze the person completely (up and down). This hints the next person that you are reviewing their figure and analyzing how much they score in ’attraction.’ After checking, offer another quick smile.

Occasionally Eye Contact

Don’t just stare the person continuously, take a break, after all; you don’t want to embarrass someone right? Just continue with your work what you are doing, like talk with your friends, engage yourself in a conversation, etc. However, after a short break look back to him/her. Occasional eye contact is a great way to make someone approach you.

Flirt With Your Eyes To Hint Sexual Interest

Even after someone approached you, keeping the eye contact continue is important. Seducing someone only through eyes demands some are flirting too. Maintain your eye contact, flirt through eyes; this will help to express your sexual interest.

Eye contact is quite a useful tool if you know how to make the best use of it. Moreover, it is one of the possible signs of seduction. The rule is to pay more focus to the cues and also using the effective eye contact strategies to impress anyone in no time.

Now that you have learned the techniques what you are waiting for, it’s time for implementation.