Things to Keep in Mind While Having Sex During Periods

What jumps to mind when you hear of sex during periods? Messy? Exciting? Avant-garde? Sex during periods is not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not just as titillating. If anything, it is more pleasurable because of its unconventional nature. It feels more like the forbidden fruit!

There are plenty of questions surrounding this subject. A majority of people cannot decide how they feel about it. Is it safe? Should I use protection? What are the dos and don’ts? Well, we will cover everything there is to know about period sex.

Is it Safe?

Sex is a normal part of life. That time of the month does not change this fact. Sex during menstruation is safe. All you have to do is be open to it. In fact, studies have shown that sexual intercourse lessens period-related discomforts such as migraines, cramps, and diarrhea and cluster pains.

As far as safety during period sex is concerned, here are a few points to note:

  • You must practice safe sex even during your menses. Many people think sex during periods is a chance to coast without protection. You can still contract and transmit STIs like HIV and Hepatitis during period sex. Any bodily fluid can transport HIV or any other STIs. This is especially risky during your menses because your cervix is slightly open which can allow viruses to pass through.
  • Having sexual intercourse close to your menses increases the chances of getting a yeast infection. Normally, the vagina has a PH of 3.8-4.5. During menstruation, the PH rises significantly due to the presence of blood. Yeast thrives in high PH. That being said, actual evidence that sex during periods causes yeast infection is lacking.
  • Under normal circumstances, UTIs commonly present after sex. This is linked more to the ease with which bacteria can journey up the urethra during intercourse than to the actual sex during periods. The risk of developing a UTI after intercourse on menses is the same as intercourse without menses.
  • Pregnancy from love making during that time of the month is rare but not unheard of. There have been cases of conception during menses especially for women with short menstrual cycles (21-24 days). This is all the more reason you shouldn’t skimp on protection.

Advantages of Sex During Periods

The upside of having intercourse during your menses outweighs the downside. In fact, when you think about it, there is very little to no downside. The restrictions and “hell no!” is all in your head. Here are the advantages of period sex.

  • Whether or not you are the kind of woman who is dry down there, lubrication during menstruation will not be a problem. A natural lubricant is always better than anything you buy from the store.
  • Orgasms are natural pain relievers. You know all those period-related pains and cramps that you can’t stand? Gone! An orgasm releases endorphins like oxytocin and dopamine that stimulate the feel-good receptors in your brain leaving you feeling relaxed and happy.
  • That time of the month is very emotional. At the beginning of your periods, estrogen is pretty low but as the week progresses, estrogen and testosterone levels rise. This rollercoaster of hormones comes with a range of emotions from sensitive to downright horny. If you wake up feeling up to it, then why not?
  • Sex during periods shortens your cycle. Yeah, you heard right! Contractions caused by an orgasm cause the blood to flow faster hence reducing your cycle by 1-2 days.
  • Intercourse during the monthlies is a huge confidence booster. The fact is there is a stigma around period sex. The woman is made to feel unclean and gross. Sex during this time replaces those feelings with feelings of confidence and self-love.
  • Sex during periods brings a couple closer together. Most women feel very emotionally vulnerable during menses. Having a partner who wants to share your body despite the biological processes going on is very validating. Having sexual intercourse during this time takes your intimacy to another level.
  • Keeping in mind that sex does not have to involve penetration; that time of the month may lead to a willingness to discuss and try new ways of pleasuring each other.

How to Have Sex During Periods

Now that we have discovered that period sex is safe and beneficial, we are left with one question; how. The leading reason for the reluctance to have sex on your menses is the mess. Here are a few pointers on how to deal with that.

  • It’s not that messy! Naturally, the amount of blood lost during a cycle is 30-40 ml equivalent to 4-12 spoons. If you spread this amount over the length of a period, it isn’t much blood, is it? Depending on the length of your lovemaking session, all you are going to lose is just a few drops.
  • Lay down a towel or an old blanket down before you begin if you find yourself freaking out about your crystal white sheets. Once you are done, throw everything in the wash; it’s not a big deal.
  • Have sex in the shower. Now, this checks all the buttons, doesn’t it? Sex in the shower in sensual, there will be no mess or clean-up later, and you can still reach your coitus interruptus.
  • Avoid getting too much vagina fore-play. In order to avoid feeling “icky” foreplay should go anywhere but down there. If you are the kind of person who needs tons of traction before getting “there,” there are plenty of other places on your body your partner can concentrate on.
  • Stick to missionary style. This is for the first timers who feel nervous about exploring different positions. The missionary position will ensure the least possible mess as well as lots of body and eye contact.
  • In case it’s your man who is fussy about getting it on, remind him that it’s not the apocalypse; It’s just uterine lining with a bit of blood! Besides men ejaculate, and that is messy as well. All sexual activities are messy; deal with it!