9 Techniques that Can Help You Last Longer in Bed

Do you fail to satisfy your partner? Does it end very early? If, Yes then we have ways that can help you last longer in bed. No guy on the planet wants to fall apart first in the bedroom. This makes him insecure about his sexual shortcoming. Need not to worry as there as numerous ways which we can use effectively to increase the time spent in bed. Let us have a look at the ways:-

Slow the Pace

Many men are fond of having fast paced sex, but they intend to do this wrong. It should be done at a slower pace so that both the partner are connected with each other. It will perhaps act more sensual as you get to explore all the parts of the body. Try doing sex along with a combination of foreplay such as whispering her ear, kissing her neck, etc.

Try the 7 and 9 Method

It is an excellent method which can help you last longer in bed. In this way, the term 7 refers to having faster in/out strokes where 9 refers to slow in/out strokes. It is a good technique for the ladies as well as it helps in the orgasm and establishes a good rhythm with their respective partner.

Avoid Going Deep

Going too deep can lead to a quick orgasm and thus should avoid going deep. Try out penetrating in the lower portion of the women, or you can even try out ways such as deep and shallow trust which will help you last longer as well as make your experience on the bed even more enjoyable.

Try Changing Things

Look out for new things. Try changing your speed or sex position. Consider having more foreplay. Stop dominating her and try to tease her along the journey. Try out places that have a lot of nerve endings. Be sensual enough!

Try Using Squeeze Technique

You should consider exploring the squeeze technique as it can be quite helpful for you to last long. It largely has 3 areas to consider in the men penis that can help to stop early ejaculation. These three areas are the base of the shaft, the underside of the penis and spot between the anus and testicles. Squeezing these areas can help you last longer in bed and maintain the ejaculation.

Do a Particular Exercise

There is specific training available that can help you last longer on the bed. You need to squeeze and contract the PC muscles. The idea is to stop urinating in the middle when you are perhaps peeing. Doing 15 repetitions a day can help a lot of blood flow to the penis and thus can help you last longer on the bed.

Try Out Duration Spray

If you are failing to last long, try considering using the duration spray. Duration sprays add more time to your sexual journey and thus help you to last longer. It desensitizes the nerves that flow to the penis and thus stop early ejaculation.

Try Studying Kama Sutra

There is a particular technique that is mentioned in the Kama Sutra that tries applying 1 sex stroke every 3 seconds. Slowly and gradually after a period of 4 to 5 minutes try taking 1 stroke per second. The moment when you feel you are going to ejaculate try holding yourself inside your partner and start the journey again once you are in control.

Try Taking Long Deep Breaths

Performing well in bed is not an easy task and lot of people fail in this. You need to take out from your mind the fear of failing. Try taking deep breaths when you are performing a sexual journey. It will help you to last long.