The Main Rules of Fast Sex: How to Catch her Signal

The girl’s desire is the law. And the desire of a girl, albeit unfamiliar, to receive a portion of quick sex is a legal injunction. This variant is an excellent way to diversify sex life and strengthen relationships. Usually, those, who think that they don’t have to prepare for fast sex, are deeply mistaken. Although this is spontaneous, it doesn’t mean that it can be done anywhere, without having prepared beforehand. These important rules were provided by experts from

How to Understand that She Wants You

There are eight such signs in total:

  • Special Look

If a girl looks at your lips and eyes, often unconsciously licking her lips, then she is certainly ready to share a bed with you;

  • Her Neck

When, a lady slightly tilts her head back and touches it during a sweet conversation, barely noticeably playing with the curl of her hair — this is a clear sign of her readiness for intimacy. At the same time, lips can be slightly opened;

  • Kiss with Desire

It is easy to understand the degree of female willingness to have sex noticing how a potential partner behaves during kissing. If she willingly joins in a game, gives a return affection to a man, slightly moaning — then you can safely go to the bedroom;

  • She Touches Herself

The desire for intimacy is indicated by the unconscious and uncontrollable touches during an ordinary conversation. She can touch or gently massage the palm, knee, and thigh;

  • She Mentions the Topic of Intimacy

Many ladies discuss sex openly and without embarrassment. Here can hide a definite hint;

  • Messages with Spice

An intimate photo that a girl can occasionally send to her chosen one is an unambiguous allusion to the need to turn relations into a new level. Especially if indiscreet pictures come before bedtime with a good night’s wish;

  • The Desire to “Drink Tea.”

When a girl hints that there will be no one at home next week or invites you to come “to drink tea” somehow, then it is high time to move on to active actions. Sometimes girls just get courage and take the initiative inviting guys to themselves and saying that the apartment is completely at their disposal. If it brings pleasure to both, then why not?

How to do Everything Tight

  • Prepare in Advance

The limit for fast sex is 7-10 minutes. So you can skip the prelude and do what you came for. Let sex be quick, but it’s important to think carefully about the nuances in order everything to go right. For example, you should have comfortable clothes that can be quickly taken off in the throes of passion.

Also, don’t forget about condoms, especially if you are engaged in fast sex with a non-regular partner. Lubricant at your fingertip will be useful as well. This is because fast sex doesn’t imply preludes and a girl maybe not excited enough. Take care of these things in advance so as not to spoil the impression.

  • Right Mood

Both partners must be in a good mood. If someone is not in the mood for such experiments, then there is no need to insist — nothing good will come. And it’s important to take care of the partner’s satisfaction. But still, you have to spend two or three minutes on stimulation of erogenous zones.

  • Choose a Comfortable Position

The best position for spontaneous sex (especially if you are a rookie in this) is to stand face to face, leaning on some surface. A more advanced position is when a man is behind. In this position, a person can move more vigorously, controlling the angle and depth of penetration.

  • Don’t Forget About Hygiene

Never forget about hygiene, especially if the passion has taken you out on the street, in a public place. Take wipes with you, preferably special for intimate hygiene. You can get clean immediately after an intimate affinity thereby protecting your genitals from infections.