Things You Should Never Say in A Relationship

We are well aware of the fact that fights and arguments are part and parcel of life, but we should remember that in the heat of an argument, we should never say any bad things to our partner. There are times when your partner will understand that you were angry, but there are several things that can lead to an adverse effect on your relationship. So, I am presenting you a list of 14 things that you should never say in a relationship.

We Should Break Up


Using this sentence to your partner can be a very bad thing, and you should perhaps avoid this. Threatening to move out of the relationship on some arguments can be very painful, immature and childish. You should stop treating in this particular form if you want to stay with your partner for lifelong. You should take up things like an adult without making threats to your partner.

You are So Boring

This sentence is indeed hurtful and perhaps very mean. Anyone who has said this to their respective partner might feel guilty about it as it is excruciating. Any form of negative criticism, judgment or the comparison like the same can create a very dreadful situation and further create harmful division in the relationship.

You are not Aware of Anything

Saying this sentence to your partner is considered as the same thing as calling them dumb. Do you wish to make your partner feel that she is worthless by making yourself feel superior? So, remember disagreeing rightfully rather than insulting your partner.

You are Such a..

Using this sentence can be demeaning or disrespectful to your partner as this sentence just means that you are trying to upset your partner. So, avoid such kind of conversation. Moreover, you can apologize for your mistakes, but remember one thing that our partner would never be able to forget these hurtful words from you.

You are Being So Crazy


We understand very well that no one like to be called as crazy. One thing that you should keep in mind is that your partner can never be same all the time and at times the emotion may come out. You should be aware of this and avoid telling them crazy. If you feel that your partner is upset, then ask calmly about why your partner is angry, instead of bursting out at your partner.

You have Let me Down

If in any case, your partner has let you down, then there is a better way to convey your message rather than telling them straight. Tell your partner the exact reason why you are very upset and what has been wrong. If you wish to develop a healthy relationship with your partner, then you should better avoid any sought of conflict. Furthermore, seeing the current situation, make plans to rectify the wrongdoing so that it doesn’t happen in the future again.

I wish the things were the same that used to be before

When your relationship is going through a very hard time or a rough patch, then it is very hard to reminisce about the good time that you may have spent together. You can never come back in the past or relive the moment that you may have spent before and hence this kind of statement is not valid at all. In addition, it can curtail the positive feeling that you may be having in your relationship, and further doesn’t help you in your future growth.

Why are you not like…?

If you wish to have a healthy relationship, then it is recommended that you should never compare your partner intimately with someone else. Even if you are looking to boost the relationship, these statements may not work, and it will create a wound that may be very difficult to fill.

I wish you were….

You can add anything at last and complete the sentence related to your partner, but this will not help your cause any bit. If you are trying to change your partner, then you should be ready for a disaster that you may face in a relationship.

Never mind, I will handle it

It is advised that you don’t say anything negative once you into a conversation to avoid talking about stuff that you may feel is very uncomfortable. If you drop a conversation in the middle, then your partner may feel that you are not giving the importance and hence it won’t be healthy for your relationship.

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You can’t do any stuff in a right way

If you are making your partner feel that they are worthless, then the core value of the concerned person can be lost. Also, it can make the person spiritually and emotionally violent, and the self-worth of the person can be lost. So, it is advised so stop saying these hurtful words to your partner and hence avoid any conflict in your relationship.

It’s fine

It is seen that people use this in the form of reflex rather than saying what they want. If you or the situation is not fine, then better don’t use it. Using the word can leave the things unfinished and hence it can worsen the situation. It can also prevent the problems in the relationship and further create a solid foundation.


If you are generalizing your partner in various aspects, then it can give a headache to both of you. Whenever you shout out, it can damage your relationship and further take the clock in the wrong direction. Also, these words can make your partner defensive, and there exists a great chance that a small argument might turn into a very big fight.

You have changed

If you complain that your partner has changed, then you can indeed put your relationship in a wrong spot. It would be similar to raising a finger to the character of your partner which could incorrectly highlight her.