Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

There is no other more comfortable way of winning a woman than choosing your words wisely. Ladies long to be loved and are always looking forward to meeting that man who will love them just as they deserve and not only in deeds but also in words.

Words are compelling, and if you choose them wisely, they will definitely turn into your favor. There are different occasions in your girlfriend’s life when she longs to hear sweet words from you. However, they should not only be spoken occasionally but also on a regular basis. Is it your girlfriend’s college graduation day, your birthday, or your anniversary? Whatever the occasion may be, let the power of your words in her heart.

The challenge with many men however is, they don’t know how to go about. Many of them are always wishing they had just the right words to speak to their girls, but they don’t know what to say. Below is a list of some of the most romantic phrases you can write to your girl to make her soar high like an eagle.

#1. I can’t explain how tired I feel right now. I had a long night trying o match the stars with the reasons why I love. Unfortunately, it dawned even before I could finish.

#2. My life without you is like a broken pencil- no matter how beautiful it looks, it is useless.

#3. All I need in life is your love, and no mountain will be too high for me to climb.

#4. God’s best way of expressing his undying love for me was to place you in my hands. He gave me a reason to walk with my shoulders held high.

#5. You deserve the best in life. For that reason, I will give you my world to rule.

#6. If you gave me the right of owning you, I would never let you go.

#7. Sometimes it might feel like I am repeating myself because of telling you how much I love, but it is only because I want your life to be filled with nothing else except love.

#8. You not only make me complete, but you also add meaning to my life.

#9. Even though you stole my heart away, my prayer and wish are that you may keep it for the longest time both of us are alive.

#10. I have read about love in books, watched it on television shows, but I never knew what it meant to be in love until the day I met you.

#11. Sometimes life is full of many ups and downs. Often than not, I feel like giving up, but the thought of having you by my side gives me the strength to keep moving.

#12. Sometimes when I think about your beauty, it seems more of a dream than a reality to me.

#13. Having you by my side has made me who I am today.

#14. I jumped out of bed with so much excitement today, just because of the thought of having some quality time with you.

#15. I am very grateful for the tough times we’ve gone through in life, for they have made our lives fun and our bonds stronger.

#16. If I were given an opportunity of starting things over again, you would still be my number one choice.

#17. The one ingredient that always appears in my imagination of a happy future is you.

#18. You are not only my sun, moon, and star. You are my universe.

#19. Having you in my life has made my life worth living.

#20. A day without the one I love by my side would be the worst in my life.

#21. A single smile from you makes me feel like I have conquered the world.

#22. My love for you grows stronger and deeper by day.

#23. Having you by my side is a constant reminder that dreams are valid. You are not only an answered prayer but also a dream come true and I promise to keep following my dream of eternity.

#24. Every day by your side is a brand new opportunity to love and appreciate that one person that means the world to me.

#25. Even if the world looks at you and sees your weaknesses and shortcomings. Every time I look at you, I see a perfect and unique gift from God.

#26. If I were given only one wish, I would wish to have you by my side forever for nothing pains me than waving you goodbye.

#27. The bonds between us are so strong that I am tempted to think, we must have been one being in a past life.

#28. Although many say life is all about chances, our meeting was destined from the creation of the world.

#29. You always have a unique way of making me smile even in the worst situation.

#30. You were the best gift I ever received in my life.

#31. Nothing made me happy and fulfilled than seeing a smile on your beautiful face. It is worth more than millions of dollars.

#32. Nothing else brings me satisfaction than knowing the most beautiful woman in the universe belongs to me.

#33. You are the deal breaker in my life. If you smile I smile and when you cry I cry. This is how tight my heart is knit to yours.

#34. I promised never to let you cry because every tear you shed makes me feel like I’m losing you.

#35. My greatest achievement in life is when I make you smile. This makes me feel like I am in control of the universe.

#36. Please promise me that you will never walk out of use, for there is no us without you.

#37. I would give anything including my life just to see you smile again.

#38. I promise never to hurt your feelings intentionally. And how I pray that every misunderstanding we have will draw us closer and not create a wall between us.

#39. I know that I hurt you, but it wasn’t intentional. Please find it in your heart to forgive me and give me another chance.

#40. Nothing hurts me more than seeing a drop of tear run down your beautiful cheeks. Please smile at me and take this agony out of me.

#41. When you’re upset, everything else comes to a standstill. The stars stop shining; the flowers start dying, and my heart crumples from inside.

#42. You are everything I have in life. This is the reason why I handle you with so much care for fear of breaking your heart.

#43. You’ve brought so much joy in my heart that I barely remember what it feels like to be sad.

#44. When I found you, my heart found a haven where it can rest and enjoy its safe ambiance. I feel happy and secure in your hand’s girl.

#45. You are my sunshine, and my sunset as my whole life revolves around you.

#46. They say no human is perfect, but when I found you, I counted myself among the lucky few because you are not only perfect but unique as well.

#47. I have met many people in my life since I was born, but none was able to win my heart until I met you. You are the queen of my heart.

#48. Thank you for coming into my life when I desperately needed a friend I could rely on. The best thing is, you did not only come to visit, but you came and found a soft place to dwell in.

#49. Life is a mystery that if well unveiled it leaves you with a brighter side always. When you came into my life, everything changed. I promise to love you with my last breath.

#50. Thank you for teaching me what it means to be happy in life.

#51. You make my life feel complete and wonderful. complete me uniquely and wonderfully.

#52. I can win every battle with a single hand provided the other one is in your arms.

#53. God decided to surprise the universe by creating a perfect and unique creation like you. No other woman can match your beauty.

#54. If I had control of time, I would bring it to a halt every time we are together to ensure there is no sunset until I get enough of you.

#55. When I was growing up, I was taught to agree with everything my teacher taught me. However, when I met you, I was forced to disagree with her. She taught me happiness starts with an H, but I have come to learn it begins with ‘U’ because you are everything in my life.

#56. I thought angels only exist in heaven, but when I met you, I knew there are a few who live on earth.

#57. Although I never really understood what it meant with ‘love at first sight’ it became obvious to me the moment I met you.

#58. If love were a crime, I would be imprisoned for life for I can’t stop loving you.

#59. You are one woman whose existence cannot be ignored however much one tried to. Your beauty is unique, and your smile glows like the sun.

#60. Your love is as beautiful as a rose; the only difference is that it has no thorns.