Top 12 Sexual Positions for Better Pleasure

Not to understate it, but sex is the best thing that two people can do together. Sex is the epitome of sharing. It is how we show each other the ultimate love and how we connect on the deepest level. It is how we lay ourselves bare in front of each other physically and emotionally.

Needless to say, a lot of time and research goes into expounding this subject. With each dawn comes new ways, new styles, and toys, gadgets, and tools all geared towards making sex more pleasurable. If we were to cover every single sexual position, we would be here all day. Instead, here are the top 12 sexual positions that guarantee peak pleasure.

The Spider


the spider sex positions

The spider is positively yummy. It starts with the both of you in a crab posture. Inch towards each other until penetration is achieved.  The woman’s hips should be between your legs; her legs should be spread so that her feet are outside your hips. Leaning back your elbows, rock back and forth. A slight variation of the spider would involve the woman’s legs draped over your shoulders. Using her hands and legs for support, she would grind her pelvis on yours.

The Wheelbarrow

t/he wheelbarrow sex positions

The wheelbarrow is not for the faint hearted or headed for that matter. It is a playful sexercise that should only be attempted if you are fit enough. The wheelbarrow begins with the woman bend at the waist with elbows propped at the edge of the bed or on the floor. The man should then stand behind her and raise her by the hips until they are aligned pelvis to pelvis. For additional stability, the woman should wrap her legs around the man’s waist.

The Spoon

the spoon

The spoon is one of the most familiar and emotional love making techniques. It starts with the both of you laying on your sides with her facing away from you. Have her raise her top leg for easy penetration. Once that is achieved, and the back and forth begins, she should press her thighs together. This heightens sensation for both of you. You can prop yourself on the elbow to allow for kissing or/and massaging her breasts. This technique is perfect for an extended lovemaking session since it is not exhausting.

The Kneel Together

The Kneel Together

The Kneel Together is a modified version of doggy-style. Some people prefer this style because it feels more intimate and it leaves the hands to free to stimulate your partner or yourself. In the Kneel Together, the man enters the woman from behind as he would in doggy style, then they both sit back up straight. Intercourse can be thrust from the man or gyrates from the woman. A combination of both is a sure fire way to make both of you speak in tongues!

Standing Up

Standing Up Sex Positions

The standing up is also known as the ballet dancer. This position is commonly used for quickies in tight quarters or outdoors. Stand to face each other. The woman should raise one leg to drape it around your waist or buttock. She will be in control raising herself up and down by the leg that’s standing. You can hold her raised leg if you feel her getting tired or if she’s super light lift her off the ground entirely and have both her legs wrapped around your waist.

The Lap Dance

The Lap Dance

The lap dance is one of a unique love making techniques there is. It begins with the guy sitting comfortably on a chair or couch with his legs wide apart. The woman then lowers herself onto his erection either facing him or facing away from him depending on the level of intimacy they want the session to have. She can then begin to grind on him or bounce up and down, her choice.

The Stopperage

the stopperage sex position

The Stopperage is also referred to as The Deckchair position. This style allows for super deep thrusting with loads of eye contact. It is without a doubt one of the “I’m in love with you” positions. With the woman on her back, place a pillow under her buttocks to elevate her pelvic area. Kneel between her legs with your hands under her arms and have her pull up her knees to her breasts. This style gently folds the lady which shortens and tightens her vagina. Immerse yourself in her and go to town!

The Speed Bump

the speed bump sex position

The Speed Bump is pretty simple but fascinating in its achievements. The woman lays on her tummy with her back arched and hips slightly raised. If raising her hips is challenging or tiring, she can place a cushion under her pelvic area to achieve the rise. The man hovers over her with his hands on either side of her shoulders. Thrusting up and down rather than in and out is likely to quicken orgasms for both partners.

Tight Squeeze

Tight Squeeze sex position

The Tight Squeeze is often a quickie method of lovemaking. It is spontaneous and exciting and often the go to for steamy TV shows. It happens on the kitchen table, on the office table, desk or nearly any nearby flat surface. The woman sat on top of the flat surface, legs apart and wrapped around her partner’s waist drawing him to her. The man’s hands should be on her buttocks to control his thrusts. This method is hot and passionate and something everyone should try at least once.

The WaterFall

The WaterFall Sex Position

The Waterfall is a super sexy variation of the Woman on Top technique. It offers a great view of the man, and all he has to do is just lay there. This technique is done on a couch. Lie on your back with your legs draped over the back of the sofa like reverse sitting. Your head should be where your feet ought to be if you were in a normal sitting stance. Your partner should then straddle you linking your nether regions. Just like the Woman on Top style, the woman controls the depth, speed, and intensity of the session. Sit back and enjoy the ride and the view.

The Cradle

The Cradle Sex Position

The cradle is incredibly sensual. It is suitable for a love-filled long shagging session full of body contact, eye contact and lots of kissing. Begin by facing each other in a sitting position. Scoot towards each other with the woman in between the man’s legs. Wrap both your legs around each other and pull together until you attain a nice snug fit. There will not be much in and out, just a slow sensual rocking back, forth and round and round. The build-up to orgasm for this style is jam-packed with decadence, a lot of tenderness and ultimately a soul-shattering orgasm.

The Super Hero

The Superhero

As the name suggests, this method is titillating. It is for when you’re feeling playful. Start by bending your partner over the desk, table or bed. To make sure she’s comfortable, she should prop herself on her elbows and stand with her legs apart. Stand between her legs and put your hands under her hips. Lift her up gently until her feet are off the ground and have her wrap her legs around your buttocks for added support. Move in and rock her world! This position is perfect for added clitoral stimulation, and it doesn’t hurt that you have a great view of her behind.