11 Encouraging Bible Verses About Healing Scriptures

Jehovah Rapha- God, the Healer!

From the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation, the Bible describes the wondrous works of the Almighty God and defines His several names in the Scriptures. One of the most used names of God is the Hebrew YHWH or Jehovah Rapha, which means God, the Healer. It is the promise and the very assurance of the believers in God that He heals us from all our diseases. He is not just our Peace and comfort, shelter and the Rock, but he is the God who heals and breaks the bondage of disease and sickness.

Those who put their trusts in Him and wait upon Him are the ones who have tasted of His Love and Goodness. Every day becomes a testimony unto God of His many works in each of our lives. When life throws an obstacle in your way, remember these verses and restore your Faith in Him. For He is the Creator, and there is nothing impossible to Him. He is the ‘Balm of the Gilead’, and the ‘Physician to our sickness.’ The Bible repeatedly reminds us of the Jehovah Rapha who is unchanging forever and so are his promises in Christ yes and Amen!

Let us go through the following verses and humble ourselves for the mighty miracles of God in your life:

Exodus 15:6


It is in Exodus when God reveals another one of His names to the people of Israel as Jehovah or YHWH Rapha. When God delivered the Israelites from their bondage of slavery, none of the pestilence and sickness that plagued the Egyptians affected the people of God. In their massive Exodus and deliverance, they witnessed the Most High’s promises and healing power. He is your Healer, the Jehovah Rapha who will fulfill his promises to you.

Jeremiah 30: 17


To the prophet Jeremiah, it is God’s prophetic covenant that during the restoration of Israel, the people of God and the children of God in Christ shall be restored to health. For He shall keep you safe and sound, protected under God’s wings. The verse further explains that this promise is unto all those people who have no one to look after them and care for. To those bunch of nobodies, God will bring health and healing.

Isaiah 58:8


In this chapter, God warns the religious hypocrites and the rebellious Israelites to confess their sin and fast unto God with a humble heart in Holiness. And then, God shall send forth your healing quickly. In the next chapter, God states the obvious rhetoric that His hand is not too short to save and nor his ears too dull to hear (Is 60:1). What all one should know is to confess their sins before him to whom nothing is hidden.

2 Chronicle 7:14

2 Chronicle

It is the verse considered by many as prophetic for this generation. Here, the healing is not just for the individuals but also for their land and nation. For the deliverance from cultural and curses over the generations, one has to have a repenting and sincere heart before God. It is then that God will give His ears to His people and heal not just them and their family, and all their belongings, but He will heal their land and bless their nation.

Isaiah 53:5


Hallelujah! That’s is such a powerful verse in the whole Bible. The verse was prophetically written by Isaiah over seven hundred years before the birth and crucifixion of Christ. The chapter refers to the sufferings of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Now declare with faith to every sickness that is ruling over your life and rebukes it in Jesus name. With every lash on His back that the devil inflicted upon, Christ has set us free, and free indeed!

James 5:15


That is the responsibility of the Church and each of its believers to pray for the sick amongst us. When you lift up your voice unto the heaven and call out to the Lord and in faith speak healing over the sick person, they will become well. It is not some heresy or predilection, it is the Word of God that says so, and not one of the words shall pass away without fulfilling its promise. Believe in the One who has called you, for he is faithful to walk you to the eternity.

Jeremiah 8:22


The reason why we call Jehovah as the balm of Gilead because the worldly ointments and remedies are limited in their effect. But, the Rock of Ages is the physician that Israel and the believers need the most in their lives. Do not lose hope even when science and medicine fail to restore you. God further asks the rhetorical question in this verse that even after having the best physicians and the balm from the infamous Gilead, why can one still see wounds and no healing. The simple answer is to put your trust in God foremost.

Psalms 103:3

Psalms 103

A very pleasant psalm that speaks from a thankful heart and describes the greatness of the merciful Lord. The verse shows that God is merciful and a forgiving father who will not withhold the deliverance of its people. Sin and healing have an inversely proportional relation. That is why God initially forgives your sins and then sends forth His healing.

When the paralyzed man was lowered into the room from the rooftop of the house where Jesus was preaching, He answered to the sick man saying, “Your sins are forgiven.” And the man got up from his bed and began to walk. The paralyzed man got healed not because of his faith but by the forgiveness of Christ of his sins. What a mighty God we serve!

Psalms 23:4

The most famous Psalms that from our childhood we learn by heart speaks of the glorious promise and assurance of God. King David who himself was a shepherd as a young boy, calls God as his Shepherd. Of the many valleys mentioned in the Bible, the Valley of death is also an inevitable one. But, the Psalmists sings that he fears not the death because even in his darkest times, God is there with Him. The God who has called you is faithful and just to lead you out through all your problems. You are the temple of God and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against you for the God is with you as his rod and staff shall comfort you all the time.

Jeremiah 17:14

Jeremiah 17

That is the prayer for healing and the belief that God will heal and save His people and answer all our prayers. The prophet further says in the verse that because he praises the God, he will be delivered from all his sickness. Do not forget to praise the Almighty God and worship Him. He is an unchanging God, and none of his words returns empty. May Jehovah Rapha hear your prayers!

Luke 4:18

Luke 4

And that is Jesus quoting the verses about Him from the Book of Isaiah and fulfilling it in its literal sense during His earthly life. Jesus came to seek and save the lost and the poor and the needy. There is no cure or remedy for the grieving souls and the brokenhearted people. But, to them is peace and comfort of the Lord who knows us from the inside out. He is our Abba Father who will fulfill all our needs.

Let these words rejuvenate you and strengthen you more in Lord and transform your life. The miracle and healing from God be upon your lives, in the name of Jesus! God bless you all! Amen!