Wedding Wishes & Quotes

For the longest time you can remember, you have always been dreaming of how happy you will be when your best friend, son, daughter or even workmate will finally be saying I do. Now that you have finally heard the wedding bells, you spend so much time looking for the best card to send to them. As if that is not enough, you are as well expected to write something sweet, unique and relevant on the card.

I agree it is challenging to find the right words to convey your congratulatory message to the soon-to-be-married couple. For that reason, I decided to lift up this burden from your shoulders and finally give you some peace of mind. Below is a collection of some of the best wedding quotes and messages. Read and chose the one that suits your relationship with the couple.

#1. The best life you’ve known how to live was a life of independence. However, today you are embarking on a journey of teamwork. Always keep in mind that you are no longer alone but a team!

#2. One thing that is paramount in every marriage is change. May your marriage bring a positive and love filled changes.

#3. I believed in love at first sight when I received your wedding invitation card. Congratulations on your wedding!

#4. Today is a day of honor and respect. You have entered into the list of the few young men who walked their wives down the aisle in your generation. Congratulations buddy!

#5. Love shines bright even in the darkest room. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to quench its thirst. Happy marriage to the unique lovebirds!

#6. Today you are entering a new phase of your relationship. A stage of being a husband and wife, although it’s full of new challenges, it is also full of fun if well handled. Congratulations!

#7. Words can’t be enough to describe how happy I am to see you exchange your vows to live together till death do you part. May the romance keep on burning brightly in your hearts until your last day on earth. Congratulations!

#8. Nothing thrills me than being part of the witnesses who have come to witness as your two souls are being knitted together. What a perfect team!

#9. A friend is a treasure to be valued, a treasure that can never be thrown away no matter how old it grows. I am the happiest girl in the world today not only because I have witnessed you become one but also because, I know I now have a family I can call my own. Congratulations my best friends!

#10. A marriage is a journey and an indicator of a road of a union that will be traveled by two souls that are knit together by love. May this journey be full of love and fun!

#11. Wishing you the best life can offer in your union as a couple!

#12. Celebrate your wedding and understand it has marked the beginning of your life together as man and wife.

#13. Everything about this day is sweet and beautiful because it has been created with love and out of love. May this love continue shining in your hearts forever!

#14. Wishing you the sweetest moments in life!

#15. Never forget this day but most of all, never forget the promises you have made to each other. Congratulations!

#16. Like a candle placed in the darkest room, May both of you bring light to each other.
Never give up and always work things out with a heart full of love and understanding.
Congratulations for both of you!

#17. May your joining together be a source of much joy than you can imagine.

#18. May today mark the beginning of a happy and long, life together.

#19. Thank you for letting me share joyful day with you. I pray that you find peace and happiness in this journey you’ve embarked on today.

#20. You are actually the very best people I have ever known in my life. Always true to each other with your hearts knit together with love. May this life bring fulfillment and lead you to a brighter destiny ahead!

#21. I’ve always heard people call you love birds but, I understood it deeper the moment I met both of you. Congrats on a beautiful wedding!

#22. The day I received your wedding invitation card, I knew there is a great power in true love. You have endured a lot together. May this be the beginning of better days ahead!

#23. May your life together be full of endless tenderness and unforgettable moments.

#24. The main goal of any love relationship is pleasure and fulfillment. Remember it. Congratulations on the wedding!

#25. Wishing you much love—and much of makeup sex!

#26. Our marriage advice: Love, honor, romance and… scrub the toilet. This is your day of happiness.

#27. Thanks very much for all the free food and the champagne! Oh, and better still congratulations on your marriage.

#28. Danny, enjoy the last day of your freedom. Oops, sorry I meant, enjoy the cake? P.S. Congratulations on your wedding, guys!

#29. What do parties, freedom and fun, have in common? They’re all things you’re waving goodbye to, today!

#30. Welcome to a life of always confusing yes when what you really meant was no. In simple terms, welcome to married life, buddy! Just kidding—congratulations on your marriage!

#31. Love is all you need… stick with each other and you’ll do great!

#32. As the seasons’ change and as you move from the cycle of coldness to warmth, may this continue throughout the years. May your love grow stronger and your household grow bigger,

#33. I have been to many weddings before, but none has ever gotten me fascinated as this one has. Feeling proud to call both of you my family from today. Congratulations!

#34. I feel very honored and privileged to be among the few who will witness your union as your exchange your wedding vows today. Congratulations!

#35. A young family is full of challenges as well as plans and dreams for their future. I wish that all your dreams would come true. Congratulations!

#36. The success of your relationship is a true confirmation that true love exists. I pray that the unity and love you have for one another will never waver no matter what you face in life. You are wired for greatness. Congratulations!

#37. All glory I give to God who united you and brought you together. For sure he is a true matchmaker who makes no mistakes. You perfectly complement each other. Congratulations!

#38. I am happy that upon being given a single chance to choose a life partner, you chose the best. You are truly meant for each other and I am here to wish you all the best that life can offer. Congratulations guys!

#39. I am not sure why they removed the portion of allowing protesters like me, bring it to the sky. But I guess that’s why wedding cards were printed before! Congratulations friends!

#40. I wish you a lifelong commitment to each other that will never be wavered by the challenges of life. It takes two tangle and unity to excel. May this be your portion in all you do together!

#41. It is a good thing that you have decided to cross over at such a young age. There is a lot awaiting you, go grab what you can and enjoy life as you look forward to getting the best in life. Congratulations!

#42. Life is all about choice, you can choose to make this day a memorable one by the way you handle what lies ahead of you. Never be too selfish but always be ready to let the other get their way. That’s the secret of a successful marriage!

#43. You can cover much, but you will never be able to cover true love because no matter how much you try, it will still pop out its head. You are meant for greatness because that is what you deserve.

#44. I have never been this happy in life. All the best on your wedding day my dear girl!

#45. Do you know what the secret of a happy marriage is? Mhhh! Sorry it is still a mystery to me too!

#46. “‘God has finally poured out His love into your hearts.’ – Romans 5:5

#47. “‘Love is kind, Love is patient … Love never fails.’ – 1 Corinthians 13:4-13

#48. I pray that this day will be the best for you. I send you my congratulations from the utmost part of my heart. Congratulations guys!

#49. I believe that the world exists only through true love and loving people. And you are both the most perfect example of it. Congratulations on the wedding!

#50. Though time flies and things change, I pray that your love and commitment for each other will remain unchangeable. Congratulations!

#51. We are/I am very proud to welcome a new and beautiful family member. Best wishes to you both!

#52. We’re/I’m so happy you have finally found ‘the one.’ Welcome to the family!

#53. We’re more than delighted to witness this day with you both.

#54. I learned to love you the moment you came into my life, I have watched you grow since your first day as a tiny bouncing baby girl, and I can’t believe that I am now finally handing you over to your husband as a fully grown bride. You’ve made me proud, and every time I look at you I see a successful mom. Congratulations daughter!

#55. My prayer for you is that your love for each other will grow by day and your bonds stronger. Happy marriage life!

#56. I am among the most blessed moms in the world to witness my daughter say I do. You’ve met a great and committed man and as you call him prince charming today, may he always hold a special place in your heart. Wishing you a happy and prosperous marriage.

#57. You came into this world, and won our hearts, and today someone has won yours! May he love and treasure you more than we ever did! I wish the best to both of you throughout your life!

#58. What a breathtaking day for our family, and particularly for the two of you. May the joy and love you feel today never see the exit door of your lives.

#59. I wish you a life that will be full of love and happiness and may you never experience sorrow or pain as long as you live. Congratulation buddy!

#60. I have always dreamt of this day. The day you will say “I do” to your prince charming. And not that the day is here, I feel overwhelmed with joy. All the best my best friend. I love you the most!

#61. Although you are fully grown now, it feels like yesterday when you were born. I have always prayed for you to see you celebrate your wedding day and enter into a solemn and sacred marriage with your prince charming. Though I feel lonely, I count it a blessing that I will witness it today. Happy marriage my little girl!

#62. A wedding ceremony is an advance celebration of the life ahead. Celebrate it today and maintain its beauty for a lifetime.

#63. My life’s dream has always been to see you do well in life. Now that you have finally found a man who respects and loves you. Nothing else matters to me! I wish you true happiness forever!

#64. Today is the best day in my life. Seeing my best sister adorned in love and beauty as she prepares to enter into a solemn agreement with her prince charming is breathtaking. I wish you the best my beautiful bride!

#65. It has always been your dream to walk down the aisle with the man of your dream Now that it has come to reality, I see you as a victor in everything. Happy marriage life my best friend!

#66. Although we are all so proud of you, we can’t help shed tears as we remember the fun days we have had together and the loneliness you have left in our house. Congratulations big sister!

#67. I’m so delighted to celebrate this amazing day with you both.

#68. Best wishes for a happy and long life together.

#69. May this day be the beginning of true happiness to both of you. Congratulations!

#70. We’ve had so many fun moments together! May you always enjoy each other’s company as well!