What is Daddy Dom?

Once a taboo, the BDSM is now a favourite sexual subject which everyone wants to try out. The traditional dominant in a BDSM relationship has now got a new modified version of Daddydom. It is rapidly getting popular these days. Women are even referring their boyfriends as Daddy on social media as well as in real life. So, what kind of affair is it? Perhaps, it might be puzzling you, especially if you have never come across with this term before. Well, the answer is not straight-forward. But you don’t need to worry about because we will simplify it in this article.

What does the DD/LG or CG/L mean?

In D/S, there are different titles of Doms and Subs via which they refer each other. It can be dynamic or as per the comfort between the partners. In BDSM, it is Master/pet or Master/slave. Well, it sounds harsh. Isn’t it? While in this kind of relationship, Subs enjoys a bit respectful and softer options. It is DD/LG. The full-forms are Daddy Dom and little girl. Besides, some also refer it as Daddy Dom and baby girl.

Not a Gender-Specific

By the name, you may have assumed that the dominant or the Daddy Dom is always the male. No, it can happen between a female Doms and a male Subs as well. It also has little boys and mommies. The CG/L stand for Caregiver and Little. Its other name is big and little.

Main Features of this Foreplay

The features of Doms are similar to that of real Daddy. It includes devotion, protection, guidance, and training. Of course, it got derived from the Master/Slave. However, the significant difference is the role of Subs. Their age play and inner-child side make them distinctive from a Slave. The expectations and etiquette’s are also different and way more relaxed for little. The Daddy has some characteristics of Master. He may play a nurturing and caring role similar to parents. Still, he won’t wholly play as a birth father. He may have incest sex with the Sub. There shouldn’t be any criticism for that.

More About Daddy Dom or Mommy Domme

It is a being a dominant partner. Now, this dominant partner can belong to any gender and age. It is a hoax that Daddy has to be a significantly older. Age isn’t the decisive factor here to be a Dom. Another myth is Daddy is liberal. Well, it entirely depends on the Daddy’s character? He may be lenient or strict as hell. Additionally, understanding and power exchange can also play a role in his behavior towards the Subs. The Daddies guide, care, and nurture are little more than Doms.

It is not just about having sex and manipulating Subs. It’s way more than spankings. In fact, it is like taking responsibilities of little. He may act like a parent. But at the same time, he can involve in intercourse. However, it is not incestuous at all.

Apart from that, he can teach the little the right path whenever she acts out of line. For this, he may punish her as well. There are vast ranges of punishments. They are writing assignments, loss of privileges to even physical torture. Although, the Daddy hates punishing his Little, Unlike Sadist Doms. Unlike the BDSM relationship, the Daddy punishes not to grant pleasure via pain. He does it to take her on the right path. After some time, he has to behave better. Also, it is his responsibility to make the Little understand that the issue is over.

More About Little

The little is a variation of Submissive, but she plays more of her childish nature. What makes them distinctive from Subs is they need more care, guidance, protection, and attention. The Doms usually acts like her parent or caregiver. Every little is unique with her interests. It is the Daddy’s responsibility to play as per her need and age. The Daddy may set some behavioral rules. She has to follow those rules. He may also set up some reward system. For good behavior, she may receive a reward. For breaking rules, she may face spanking and even loss of privileges.

Some Salient Facts

  • The DD/LG relationship is nor for anyone under the age of 18 years.
  • It is not limited to or fits for any specific race and sexuality. Even the LGBT group can also be in it.
  • It isn’t necessary that women who call their boyfriend or hubby as Daddy in bed are in a DD/LG relationship.
  • The relationship of sugar daddies and sugar babies is not the same as DD/LG.
  • It is not a tool for Subs to control their Doms.
  • It is not a suicidal method of spoiling yourself and getting nothing in return.


[tab title=”1″]I want to try this out but from where to get started?

Well, if you are serious about it, then the best way to find Daddy or Little is via social media networks. You may join Fetlife and Tumblr. You have to enter DD/LG groups there. [/tab]
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Is it necessary for the Daddies or Mommies to be significantly older than Little?

There are no age criteria to play Daddy or Mommy. You won’t disqualify due to your age. However, most of the Littles choose older individual.


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Is it necessary to call the Dom as Daddy or Mommy?

No, it is not essential to refer your Dom as Daddy or Mommy. You can discuss and decide a title with your Dom that makes both of you comfortable.

It may look controversial, but it is a just a kind of relationship. DD/LG has no relation with Pedophilia. In fact, only people over 18 years old can involve in such affair. It opposes the involvement of minors in it. It doesn’t matter how taboo it is. But the fact is it’s harmless. To sum up, it is a safe, sensible and consensual practice between two adults that may involve sex.